“Koh Kret" is a renowned water community of Nonthaburi province. Many people might have heard about this place, however, still might not have a chance to visit.

Some people might think that this island looks pretty ordinary. But actually they don't know that this place has an extraordinary signification to our history. Traveling to Koh Kret is not difficult at all, you could either take a bus or drive here, and it's very convenient.

Upon arriving, you could take the ferry to cross the river at Wat Sanam Nua. Then for those who drive here, you could park around the temple area which the parking fee is 30 baht. Moreover, the ferry to Koh Kret costs 2 baht per person which is quiet cheap and it takes only 4-5 minutes to the island.

Apart from the delicious food in Koh Kret, there are many temples for tourists to pay a respect such as Wat Poramai Yikawat (or Wat Pak Ao), Wat Sao Thong, Wat Phai Lom or the Mutao Pagoda which is the reclined Mon style pagoda located by the river and it is regarded as the unique identity of Koh Kret.

Most of local people in Koh Kret's community are Mon people who are good at handicraft works. Thus, the island is well-known for its exquisite local handicraft. In short, the island is all set with the temple, authentic Thai style food and local handicraft for tourists to watch and buy.

Besides, for those who love to bike around the island, there is the bicycle rental service as well. The bike rental costs 40 baht per day per bicycle. There are 2 rental service points which are at Wat Poramai Yikawat pier and Wat Pa Fai pier. The riding is quiet chill with a blissful wind but on the way back, the ride might get a little bit tired as the basket in front of the bike might full with food and snack back home. Lol. Well, there is also a boat service around the island which opens from 09.00am-17.00pm and it takes around one hour and half to ride around the island.

Thai desserts here are not second to other places as well. During the hot weather like this, if you could have one bowl of either Thai dessert or ancient style dessert here, it could certainly cool down the heat in your body. Especially, Soon Aunt Thai dessert shop is the adorable dessert shop serving tasty desserts with the atmosphere of Thai oldies songs that makes you feel like you turn back into those old times.

Additionally, there is a lot of food to taste which include the interesting unusual food that I just have a chance to taste here and it is unexpectedly tasty such as flowers and leaves, battered, deep-fried until crispy and eat with a dipping sauce which goes along very well.

For those who has only few days off from work and would like to travel to riverside trip in the outskirts area which is not far from Bangkok, one day trip at Koh Kret is precisely a good choice for you. The travel expense is not high and you could take a lot of delicious food back home and more importantly, you could make a merit to full up your mind. In short, if you come to Nonthaburi but then have not visit Koh Kret, that mean you haven't really got to Nonthatburi yet.

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 Monday, May 23, 2016 11:50 AM