Spring in Europe is usually from April - May... Flowers and green grasses can be found everywhere and they are so pretty. The weather is also very nice... I am one of those people who fall in love with spring and I have been traveling during this time of the year to Europe for the last 4 years... I like to drive on the collector roads passing through all small towns where the tour companies don't normally take us. Apart from the natural beauty I have seen, I have always found small churches located on amazing spots.

This is a collection of 10 amazing churches located in the middle of beautiful nature in Germany, Austria, and Italy. I would like to introduce them to all of you, so you can list some of them down for your upcoming trip.

1. St Bartholomew's Church

Location : By the shore of the Königssee Lake in Berchtesgaden - Bavaria, Germany

GPS : 47.544596, 12.972077 (need to take the boat to get there)

This church is very unique with its onion domes located peacefully by the shore of the Königssee Lake with a huge mountain range in the background. You can also walk through a short trekking path here where it will lead you to the amazing scenery. This activity is best in spring and summer.

2. Church of St. Sebastian

Location : By the stream in Ramsau, Berchtesgaden - Bavaria, Germany

GPS: 47.607283, 12.895032

Church, stream, and wooden bridge in a hug of enormous mountain range have attracted thousands and thousands of travelers to come here. This church is the main attraction that people truly want to see it with their own eyes... This church is in Berchtesgaden as same as St. Bartholomew's church.

You can travel to Berchtesgaden from Salzburg because it is next to the border of Austria.

3. Judas-Thaddäus-Kapelle

Location : St. Margen - Black Forest, Germany

GPS : 48.002924, 8.083685

This is not the main church of the town. It is located on the way from St. Margen to St. Peter... Both St. Margen and St. Peter are in Black Forest, Germany... The winter in 2013 was longer than usual. It supposed to be spring already during this time but snow still covered all over Black Forest that year. It was beautiful though.

4. Katholische Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt

Location : Hallstatt, Austria

GPS : 47.563407, 13.648792

I believe that a lot of you is familiar with this church in Hallstatt because Hallstatt is known as one of the most romantic towns in Europe... Katholische Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt is located outstandingly by the lake shore surrounded by high mountains. It is not only spring and summer that this church looks incredibly beautiful but also all year round.

5. Johanniskapelle

Location : By the shore of the Traunsee Lake in Traunsee, Austria

GPS : 47.844588, 13.791178

Johanniskapelle is located on the collector road from Austria to Czech Republic. In other words, you would miss to see the beauty of this church if you choose to drive on the highway... If I am not mistaken, my friends and I stopped to enjoy our lunch boxes at the parking point by this lake. Apart from the beautiful scenery in front of you, there are also clean restrooms available for free here. I would like to give a big thump up for this and it is actually quite common to find in Europe, it is so good.

6. Chiesa di Ranui

Location : Ranui Village in Funes - Dolomites, Italy

GPS : 46.635466, 11.723710

The grasses around the church were all beautifully in bloom when I visited Chiesa di Ranui. However, it was a pity that the weather was not that nice with grey sky. The clouds also covered the peaks of Dolomites mostly. That's why I have promised to myself that I will be back here again on a clear sky day.

Notes: This area is not only beautiful in spring and summer but also in autumn.

7. Santa Maddalena Funes

Location : Funes - Dolomites, Italy

GPS : 46.644723, 11.719236

This is another beautiful church in Dolomites valley in Italy... The GPS given above is the exact location of the church but if you would like to take a photo of the church from this angle, you need to go up to the hill of the village... When I drive up there, I am very excited. You need to drive along the edge of the hill in some parts of the street. In addition, the street is very narrow. It should be fine for two small cars like those driven by Italians but not big enough for two big cars to drive through at the same time. So, if you accidentally find a van driving in the opposite direction, you need to drive back down reversely for quite a distance.

8. Chiesa di S. Lorenzo (it means the church of San Lorenzo town)

Location : Lorenzo near Cortina d'Ampezzo - Dolomites, Italy

GPS : 46.391422, 12.291140

Lorenzo is a small town where travelers rarely travel to... I drive here because the owner of my accommodation recommends. He said that I should go and see houses and buildings here. I would say that this is one of the charms while traveling by car.

9. Chiesa di San Martino (it means the church of San Martino town)

Location : San Martino - Dolomites, Italy

GPS : 46.412728, 12.327940

It is located on to way to Lake Misurina... I didn't intend to come here, I am on my way to the lake. However, its great location has attracted me. I can't help but stop at least to get one shot to keep it as a good memory... Actually, where I am right now overlooking Chiesa di San Martino is where another church of this town located.

10. Capella della Madona di Vitaleta

Location : Near San Quirico D' Orcia, Tuscany - Italy

GPS : 43.070876, 11.634349

Capella della Madona di Vitaleta is one of the highlights in Tuscany where all photographers shouldn't miss. The sunlight at the beginning and the end of the day has made the hills around the church look like a painting.

I would like to say goodbye to all of you with this photo and I hope that you like this travel review one way or another. I also hope that one day you will have a chance to visit these wonderful churches and then you could learn how beautiful they are by yourself... For those who love my photos, you can follow me on the Instagram @9mot or Facebook 9MOT-Photgraphy ... For travel reviews both in Thailand and abroad please visit www.9mot.com Lastly, I would like to thank you for all your kind supports ;)


 Monday, May 16, 2016 3:58 PM