As much as I wanted to fly to another country, I felt like it's much safer, comfortable, stress-free, and easier if I just explore Thailand where I am currently residing. However, I only have a day to spend it with my friends, and I wanted a place where we can enjoy, have fun, do a lot of activities under the sun, and just close to Pattaya. Good thing Ramayana Waterpark the number 1 waterpark in Thailand, number 2 in Asia, and number 12 in the world is open.

Ramayana Waterpark is located in 9 Moo 7, Sub District of Na jomtien, Sattahip,Chonburi, Thailand. There is no public transportation going directly to the waterpark, however, they provide transfer from your hotel to the waterpark for only 120 THB, just book it through their website Ramayana Waterpark has lakes, islands, and green hills; 21 designed waterslides; 2 kid's zone; wave pool; lazy river with waves, caves, and water features. Aside from the astonishing activities and slides, they also have Cabanas where you can rent, price starts at 700 THB. Lockers are also available starting price at 120 THB. If you forgot your own towel, no need to freak out Ramayana waterpark offers a towel rental fresh and clean for only 99 THB. The waterpark is surrounded by different types and kinds of restaurants and food stalls from dessert to main dishes and to beverages with a huge selection of over 100 dishes from around the world. The waterpark has a shop if you need something from swimwear, sun cream, hats, shirts, flip-flops, towels, bags, toys, and many more. The waterpark source directly from the manufacturers that's why their prices are reasonable. Amidst the pandemic situation right now, the waterpark has 100 well-trained lifeguards to provide immediate first-aid and two fully qualified medics. We all love to share our moments in social media, that's why the waterpark also has Wifi throughout the entire park. Ramayana Waterpark is open from Friday to Sunday from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Now let's get to my personal experienced with Ramayana Waterpark. We have no problem locating the area since it was just a 30-minutes drive from Pattaya. When we get there I was amazed by how the management really takes seriously the "NEW NORMAL". Guests must wear a face mask while queuing in the ticketing booth. It makes sense, people are in one place so there's no way to avoid each other, and face mask is necessary. On the other hand, when you are already inside the waterpark, the face mask is not needed since the waterpark is so huge and open and you can literally avoid people. Once we get our tickets, we weighed ourselves in their weighing scale as their policy before entering the waterpark. After finding out how much I gained weight, LOL! we then proceed to the entrance, but before we get inside they checked our temperature first and sprayed our hands with sanitizing alcohol.

I was so shocked when I get inside it's really huge, I think I might get lost. Anyways, we handed our cabana receipt to the staff where the lockers are located as well, they assisted us and give us information about which Cabana we should go. It's not that far from the main entrance so it's easy to find. I was so surprised that our cabana is so cute, and guess what they have an electric socket where we can charge our phones and camera. You know, I appreciate small little things where people take consideration, like electric sockets inside the cabana. People nowadays are always on their phones, even if you say to have fun and just forget the internet but like me, as a content creator, I have to always update my social media with all the fuss and fun. So making sure that I don't run out of batteries is a must. During our visit to Ramayana Waterpark, some activities and slides are closed due to maintenance repair. We fully understand though, it's better to have safer slides than ignoring the situation that might take a serious accident in the future. So, we just played and enjoyed a few activities in the area. I am surprised that Ramayana Waterpark is not only about the adrenaline rush, but I also found spots that are so perfect for Instagram and a swimming pool where you can just hang-out, drink, and enjoy the music, cool!

After all the fun, relaxation, and exciting moments with my friends, we finally dig in and have a huge table with a lot of different kinds of foods, from appetizer to the main dish to pizza. Plus! I was also impressed that they give us an ice cooler full of ice where we can place our drinks and water, see? they never neglect small service details. Most waterparks or restaurant? they will just give you cold beverages and after a few hours, it's so pointless because it's not cold anymore. They really give so much attention to every small detail, which is the best. The foods are so great, fast service, and very welcoming staff.

We only tried a few activities inside, honestly speaking? Ramayana Waterpark is so huge and you can't play and try everything in just a day, so it's really worth it to come again and try other slides and activities, there's always something new to explore at Ramayana Waterpark. I highly recommend visiting Ramayana Waterpark if you are looking for a waterpark or a place to enjoy with your friends and family especially to those who have a short time. Ramayana Waterpark is also close to Bangkok, Pattaya, and other provinces, so it's not stressful at all for traveling, when it comes to health protocols, they are ready and really serious in implementing of face mask, checking temperature and hand sanitize.

I will surely come back to Ramayana Waterpark to bring some of my other friends and can't wait to try other activities that I haven't tried yet.


 Wednesday, September 30, 2020 11:11 PM