Hi there. Meet me again with island trip. Today I'm bringing you to Koh Si Chang which is not far from Bangkok.

This trip I go with buddy from Fuji Club. May I call her "Pygmy" due to different height, haha.

Step off from old world and get started ...

Review By Adisak J

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Review By Adisak J.

Photo By Jittra N.

EP.1 "Koh Loy pier to Koh Si Chang"

The journey from Bangkok starts at Victory Monument. Grab a van parked at the same side of Century department store. The fare is THB100. The van departs within 15 minutes.

It takes 1.20 hours to arrive at Koh Loy pier, Sriracha.

Main Point : Since the pier is 12 years old already, it requires renovation. From 1 May 2016, you have to use Jakarin pier instead. It is not far from Koh Loy pier, located near Sriracha market.

Upon arriving at the pier, I stop by a shrine to take some photos.

Enjoy photographing till forget to look at the time.

The boat departs hourly. Now is 10.55AM.

We hurriedly run.

Ticket to Koh Si Chang is THB50 per person.

The boat is quite small, so look for life jacket for your own safety.

Sponsor this trip by Jolly Bear.

It's windy today. You can see lots of ships.

Nearly reach the island.


After arriving, we rent motorcycle at THB250 per day for traveling around island.

Refill energy with noodle soup.

EP.2 "Flower Blue Coffee"

Flower Blue Coffee is a chilling cafe. Due to hot weather, we decide to rest at cafe for a while.

A journey to get here is very easy. Go straight from the pier till you find junction with 7-11. Turn left and pay attention on your right hand side.

It is located next to noodle restaurant. There is northeast food near by.

Ambiance inside the shop.

Matcha green tea with whip cream and corn flake.

Italian soda blue lemon.

The shop provides separated room for dog lovers.

There are multiple cakes and sweets to eat with drinks.

EP.3 "Wachirawut Bridge (Chong Khao Khat)" Part 1

After relaxing at cafe, we move on. We ride to Wachirawut Bridge or locally called "Chong Khao Khat".

Pygmy!! Why are you standing there? Snap!

Yellow color contrast with blue plus national flag.

This angle, with the view and model, is beautiful.

The white contradicts with dark blue sea.

Is there anything up there??

Our sponsor M&M.

EP.4 "Wachirawut Bridge (Chong Khao Khat)" Part 2

The rock.

What are we standing for?

Somebody is setting up a tent.

I see. They are anglers.

Stand and look at unusual sky. Summer becomes strange without you.

This spot is our target for taking cool snapshots.

This angle is nice for portrait style.

Pygmy is not afraid of sunlight.

Raises 2 fingers to fight with the light.

A hipster photo.

Swig up.

And life is still charming.

Spread 2 arms out.

Get some refreshment.

EP.5 "Asdang Bridge" (Final Part)

Continue with Asdang Bridge. It is so called popular view point of Koh Si Chang.

Photographing and following the signs won't get lost.

Famous point.

Two ships faraway.

Fight with sunlight.

Delicate sand and clear sea.

My face tells how hot it is, haha.

Turn to another side then.

"I'm fine"

Wall ice-cream.

Yakku ice-cream too.

BYE KOH SI CHANG! We will definitely revisit multiple times.

Next review is at island too. Where is it? Stay tuned! Thank you.

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Adisak Jaidee

 Friday, May 27, 2016 3:27 PM