It is summer time, coming to the sea would be a good idea...let check it out at Lipe Island..Paradise on the beach.

Koh Lipe is located in Satun Province. The highlight of the island is beautiful corals which you cannot find in any island around here. Additionally, the beautiful beach with pure white sand also attractive tourists to visit. Most of people who have been here, have named the island as "Maldives Thailand".

Reflection of sunlight on the water...

There are 3 main beaches:

Pattaya Beach which is located on the southern part of Koh Lipe where is the most famous for tourist and it is quite similar to Pattaya.

Sunrise Beach which is located on the eastern side on Koh Lipe where is near to Chao Lea Village.

Sunset Beach which is located on the western side of Koh Lipe with peaceful atmosphere.

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How to get there

From Bangkok, the easiest way is to take the plan to Had Yai then take the blue bus to Kaset Market (30 THB). You can book a van and speed boat in advance but it is a little bit more expensive.

After get off the bus, you can walk directly to ticket office No. 9 and buy a ticket to Pak Bara Pier (110 THB).

Time to prepare yourself before embarking ^^

The front of Pak Bara Pier

This trip I go with Siam Speed Boat which is located right in front of the pier for round trip 1,000 THB. Then I also book a ticket to go to Hat Yai in advance because there is the last van in the afternoon. If you would like to catch the last van you have to get off from the island at 11.00 am.

There is also a ferry boat at around 350 - 400 THB which is suitable for anyone who are not in hurry.

It takes about 1.40 hrs. to get there so anyone who know that you will feel dizzy should prepare yourself and try to find the right spot for your seat ^^.

The atmosphere inside the boat

Finally, here we are... Koh Lipe...The Heaven On Earth. After disembarking, we have to buy the entrance ticket (40 THB) and long tail boat ticket (50 THB) from the pier to the walking street.

" The real heaven on earth"

Where to stay

I booked the hotel through Agoda, "Lipe Camping Zone"; there are a bungalow and tent. I choose a tent for 420 THB. It is comfortable to sleep and not too far from Pattaya Beach. This is depend on personal taste, you can find something better than this ^^.

Around camping area

shady and comfortable

The Bar in front of the beach

Leave everything in the tent and go out to discover the area as spend so much time to get here ^^.

"This is the vacation time"

After that come back to prepare ourselves for walking street and a good dinner.

Walking Street

There are many restaurants, souvenir shops, and bars on the island with nice atmosphere, so do not have to worry if you do not know where to go.

"Let's your minds fly away"

The seafood buffet with fresh seafood product 490 THB not including drink where you can chill out for dinner.

"Wake up early say hi to the sun"

An early morning at Pattaya Beach

Absorb the happiness as much as possible before go back...

Time to say good bye to Koh Lipe....

Over All of The Trip

In my opinion, Koh Lipe is the real heaven on earth paradise on the beach. I give 9.5 out of 10 as I believe that nothing is perfect. But I would say that it is really beautiful. You will never regret when you come here. If you have more time I would suggest you to stay at least 2 nights so that you can go for a tour on other island or scuba driving.

"All Places are ART but All Photos are our MEMORY"

Expense conclusion

Plan ticket = 437 ฿/person (Promotion ticket from Air Asian)

Minibus to Kaset Market = 30 ฿/person

Van from Hat Yai to Pak Bara Pier = 110 ฿/person

Speed boat = 1,000 ฿/person

Entrance fee at the pier = 20 ฿/person

Entrance fee at Lipe Island = 40 ฿/person

Long tail boat = 100 ฿/person

Minibus to hotel = 50฿/person

Camping at Lipe Island = 420฿//person/night

Van from Pak BAra Pier to Hat Yai = 150฿/person

Hotel in Hat Yai = 335฿/person/night

Mini bus from Kin yong Market to Airport = 30฿/person

Total = 2,722฿

This total expense is excluding Food and Beverage. Moreover, people may have different budget so you can adjust to your preference.

I hope that this review would be useful for everyone...Thank you very much for follow until the end.

Goodbye ... #Tassanai travel by heart