Diary of journey to find out the meaning of life

[ Tassanai...Travel by Heart during 5-7 September 2015]

For this trip, I would to conclude all useful information for all of you so that you can plan your next trip. I think many people also thinking of Malaysia as their destination but what we know about its tourist attraction place other than Petronas Twin Towers which is the Landmark of Malaysia. This trip can tell you more than that...

We are going to 2 main city which is Kula Lumper (Capital City) and Malacca (World Heritage Site) within 3 days. Let's go out to find your happiness in different culture>>>

Let's go…...

"I believe that everywhere have its charming depend on what we can see"

"Change your fear to excited"

Malaysia is located in the South East Asia, connect to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

" Malaysia this is Asia "

Capital : Kuala Lumpur

Currency : Ringgit

Government : Federation

Citizen and Religious : Mostly are Malay with Chinese and Indian. Islam is the main religious.

PS. Do not order pork in Muslim Restaurant

Weather : Located in the tropical zone and on the peninsula so they will have rain through out the year. Average temperature is 28 degree celsius.

PS. Please check weather condition before travel.

Time zone : UTC/GMT +8 hours

How to get there :

1. By Plane: Select airline as your preference

2. By Train: Express train from Bangkok or Express train from Langavi

3. By public bus between the city

For this trip, I choose to fly with Malindo Air (round trip 2,555/person plus free 20kg. luggage loading) which is quite cheap and there is LCD on every seat.

For hotel, I book with Kaligo Website which is website to find a cheap hotel. I choose Olympic Sports Hotel Kuala Lumpur located near Chinatown (1,388฿/Person/2nights including breakfast plus 6,000 point from Kailigo). So it is easier for us to find something to eat. Good Deal Good Location^^

Day 1 ......5/9/15

Departure from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur with flight time of 2 hours and landing at KLIA 2


Finger scan for Immigration Check both inbound and outbound passenger.

After that pick up our bags and heading to Kuala Lumpur City

Get in town

There are many transportation for you to choose such as Express Rail Link, Bus , Taxi but the cheapest way is by bus which I choose to take. Then we get off at KL SENTRAL and continue with Metro to the hotel.

Just follow the sign "Bus & Taxi"

Parking L1

L1 Ticket office

There are 2 bus companies you can choose as your preference. On the ticket, it tells you platform number and the bus will departure once it is full. It takes about one hour to arrive to KL SENTRAL.

Ticket Detail

Inside the bus

Note : KL Sentral is the central of public transportation. I would suggest you to come here for connecting transportation to other destination or city. The locker is also provided and price is various depend on the size of the locker. Moreover, there are restaurants and shops for you to enjoy shopping as per your convenience ^^.


Metro is separated into 8 lines and control by different company


KTM Line


Note: Check operation time of each line because they have different operation time. As the ticket is quite cheap so it helps us to save a lot of money.

From the hotel, I take the metro Line No. 5 (LRT) to Masjid Jamek of Line No. 3, 4 and get off at Plaza Rakyat. From this station, you can get to Chinatown.

For the hotel, it is not too bad (7/10); low WiFi signal, staff are nice and most of guests are Chinese tour group.

After check-in, it is time to go out for dinner^^

*** No hotel photo

China town

You also can see KL Tower from here

The atmosphere is quite similar to Thailand, there are selling souvenir, clothes and street food on both side of the road. The taste of food is quite nice but it is a little bit expensive.

For street food, there are many shops but most of them are selling the same item.

Day 2......6/9/15

We have to wake up early because we are going to Malacca. ฺBreakfast is including in the room rate, taste is quite salty.

Breakfast for today

Before going to Malacca, we plan to go to Batu Caves.

Batu Caves : It is a place of worship for Hindu. Every year, there are more than a thousand people who are coming to this place. There are Hindu God Statue located in front of the caves. You will see a better view when to go up to the staircase. Moreover, there is also a rock climbing where is very famous for tourists. The Batu Caves is a place that you should not miss.

Direction : You can take KTM Commuter (Line 2) from KL Sentral and get off at Batu Caves (Terminal station). But due to I stay in Chinatown so I have to take LRT from Plaza Rakyat to PWTC and change to Line 2 KTM Komuler at Putra station and get off at Batu Caves.

Note: If you will change the line at PWTC, when go out from the station turn left and walk to Putra Mall and you will see Putra station. It is about 5 minutes walk.

2 RM from Putra to Batu Caves

Make sure that you are on the right train

The train takes about 10-15 minutes to get there. From the station, you can walk to Batu Caves which is right next to the station and free entrance.

After that it is time to continue our journey to Malacca. From here I have to take the bus to Termiani Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) then take KTM train line 2 to Putra or you can also take line 1 to KL Sentral (There are so many people in both station). Then get off at Bandra Tasik Selatan station.

Just only 2.4 RM

From Bandra Tasik Selatan, we follow the sign to TBS building ^^.

Arriving at TBS

Then buy the ticket to Malacca for 10 RM (you can buy from any ticket office). You can check timetable on the departure/arrival board then select you preference bus. After paying, staff will inform us the gate number.

Tickets to all destinations

Ticket counter

Ticket detail

After 2 hours, we arrive at Melaka Sentral^^

Bus: Kuala Lumpur - Melaka

Finally arrive!!!...."Melaka Sentral"

Then we continue with the bus to the city center by Panorama Bus Red line No. 17 and destination to Dutch Square. The bus parks at platform No. 17.

Note: Get off when you see the red church where there are a lot of people. The bus is one way drive so it will come back to Melaka Sentral station.

Just follow the sign....BAS DOMESTIK

Near by McDonald

The Red Bus Panorama No. 17

Dutch Square

It is the historical site that Holland left behind for Malacca such as Christ Church Melaka, Stadthuys Building, Malaysia Youth Museum & Art Gallery, Tang Beng Swee Clocktower, Dutch windmills, Malacca Fort and Coney Statue which is meant to Prince Poramasuan who governed Temasek (Singapore) that moved to Malacca due to the flight with Javanese Army. The price saw this little coney was chasing by the wolf until stalled, the last chance to live is to fight back. So the price had decided to fight back and stay here.

After enjoying in the old town, it is time for us to go back to Kuala Lumper. So we have to go back to Melaka Sentral and buy the ticket to TBS. We can buy the ticket from the vending machine by selecting your preferred bus and time.

When we arrive to TBS, take the train back to KL Sentral then change to LRT line no. 5 and get off at KLCC as we are going to Petronas Twin Towers where is the landmark of Malaysia. The ticket from Bandra tasik Selatan to KL is only 1 RM.

Note: There are only line 1, 4 and 6 that pass this station

Walking along the hall, see the mall entrance then continue walking until the end and take escalator to go up to G floor then turn right and that is...we are finally here^^.

Just follow the sign

Petronas Twin Towers designed by Cesar Pelli which is located in the city centre and surrounded by malls, convention centre, Discovery museum and Aquaria.

Last day of the journey......7/9/15

For today, we will travel to tourist attraction place along the train rail before go to the airport which are Jamek Mosque and Putrajaya.

Jamek Mosque

It is the oldest mosque that built in 1909. The mosque is located in the area of the meeting point of the Klang and Gombak rivers, which is also the birthplace of Kuala Lumpur. The building was influenced by Northern Indian Culture. In 1965, Jamek Mosque was announced as the national mosque of Malaysia. Even though there is a new national mosque, Jamek Mosque is still an important place of the city because it is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Direction: You can take LRT line no. 5 from KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek. If you stay near Plaza Rakyat like me, you can take metro and get off at Masjid Jamek or you can walk there. The mosque is located next to the station.

Note: Free entrance but you have where casual dress. If you wear inappropriate, they also provide some cloth for you to get change before entry to the mosque.

Putrajaya : It is a new town of Malaysia where the government expects to be a centre of governance and management in the future in order to reduce traffic jam problem in Kuala Lumpur.

Direction : You can take metro KLIA line from KL Sentral and get of at Putrajaya Cyberjaya. Then continue with bus number J08 (1RM pay on board with no change). On the way back, we have to wait for the bus on the opposite side. Then take KLIA train to the airport (KLIA2) and heading home.

Expense conclusion

Plane ticket round trip = 2,555 THB/person

Hotel for 2 nights = 1,388 THB/person

Transportation fee and food = 1,257 THB/person

Total 5,200 THB/person

Overall conclusion :

If I give the point out of 10 it would be 7 for Kuala Lumpur because it is ordinary capital city, clean, fast growing city and have convenience public transportation. People are also very nice but they always telling the wrong direction when asking so you better ask the metro staffs. Food is is quite expensive or 7-11 if you would like to save some money. For Malacca, the World Heritage Site I give 8.5 because I like it here. The architecture that is a well-matched of local art and colony art become an interesting place that can attract tourists to come. All famous restaurants are located in Chinatown.

If you find a ticket promotion, you should not wait and I would suggest that you should stay in Malacca one night.

"You will always miss it when you have been there once"

Thank you very much and goodbye^^