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The adventure at Brookside Valley Resort, Rayong Province

กินเพลิน เดินเที่ยว

Talking about Rayong, people are thinking about the eastern sea or orchard. But today we would like to introduce you to new way of travel to Rayong where you can enjoy and relax with the nature also adventure activities for you to do in one place. It is Brookside Valley Resort, Rayong....Let's go find out with me^^.

Direction to Brookside Valley Resort is easy, just take by pass road and heading to Rayong, passing Koh Loy and Baan Don intersection then turn left to Baan Laeng intersection for about 17 KM. to Road No. 3139 then you can just follow the sign to Brookside Valley Resort.

The first thing that we will see is the natural that surrounding us. The resort is located on the mountain with western style decoration. T้here is also beautiful lake in the middle of the resort. It is such a good place for relaxing... do not you think so?..^^..

Due to the resort is quite big, see the resort map as below photo...

The lobby is located beside the lake (No. 19)

After Check In, we stay in Lake View B building...This is our room.

There are amenities and facilities provided for your convenience. Room decoration is simple and well matched.

Swimming Pool

Another room type beside the lake

It is decorated with western style which is very beautiful like we are in Europe.

The room is suitable for couple and family for relaxing.

For Adventure Land, where everyone can enjoy the adventure activities.

Rock climbing with 10.50 metre high

Ziplining for 200 metre over the lake

Activities on the ropes 10 stations

Abseiling activities... If you are brave enough... For me, I just wait down here and see others ^^.

Sheep Farm

The adventure in Amazon hiking in the forest which the other side of resort area.

Strawberry Town, this is the highlight of Brookside Valley Resort which is a center of fun and happiness. It is Holland Simulation that decorates with all beautiful flowers and different colour. Moreover, there is a big strawberry in front of the town.

If you are the one who like to take photos, here is a place for you to run your shutter none stop.

You may see the rain bow across the Strawberry Town, if you are lucky. It is really beautiful^^.

After discover the area around the resort, it is time to boot up energy with food.

All menus here are very delicious with quality products and the price is not too expensive.

Ending with all beautiful pictures...

In my opinion, I think this can be a good choose for people who like nature and adventure. There are many exciting activities, beautiful corners for taking photos and food is very delicious and not to expensive. So conclude overall of the resort as below:

The advantages:

1. Acceptable price at 1,000 - 2,000 THB

2. Environment around the resort is quite good for relaxing

3. Many beautiful corner for photographing

4. Have more space that can accommodate a lot of customers

5. Food is not too expensive

The disadvantages:

1. It is quite old in some resort zone

2. No free WiFi

3. It is quite difficult to get here if you do not have your own car

At the end, thank you all for following and reading my review. If there are anything wrong please accept my apology. Give yourself an opportunity to relax with yourself, your family and the one you love, you will find happiness is all around you

Thank you and Sawaddee Krub