Hi to All! I am still at Pattaya.

If you ask me how often I come to Pattaya, I would say I come to here almost every months.

I usually visit the restaurants on the shore of Pattaya because of its nice atmosphere. Once I mention the name of this restaurant, I am sure that most of you have already known it.

It is The Glass House Pattaya

Someone has ever said that if people miss visiting to this restaurant, it means they have not reached Pattaya yet. There are various type of customers which are new travelers, loyal customer, non - loyal customer who come to this restaurant.
This is the popular restaurant of Pattaya, you can already be noticed by the wonderful atmosphere as per below photo.

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The Glass House Pattaya
Location: 5/22 Moo. 2 Soi Na Chom Thian 10 Sukhumvit Rd. Tambon Na Chom Thian Sattahip District

Chon Buri Province
Tel. 098-9309800

How to get there: It is opposite of Thai Alangkarn Theater.

You drive the car along Sukhumvit Rd. passing through North Pattaya, Middle Pattaya and South Pattaya. To continue driving till you find The 4 -Region Floating Market, you will see the end of Pattaya territory sign. Then, you pass the intersection, continue driving a bit further till you see Shell Gas Station on the right hand sign. To turn right then,u - turn and continue driving. You will see the sign indicating The Glass House. Please be noticed, once you pass Shell Gas Station, please turn into Soi Na Chom Thian 10 and continue driving about 500 meters, you are now at The Glass House. The parking car is available here.

After stepping into the restaurant, you will see the lovely corner for taking the photo.

I have ever gone to The Glass House Pattaya various time a day.

The restaurant is very crowded on weekend, it is necessary to wait for the queue. I have ever gone before the restaurant is renovated to have 2 floors, it is changed a lot.

It can accommodate many customers now.

I go to The Glass House Pattaya in the late afternoon on weekday.

It is not necessary to book in advance, I am able to choose the table as per my preference.
However, as the weather is quite hot, hence selecting the table on the shore might not be a good option. Hence, I choose to sit inside the restaurant at the open air zone.

Please discover this restaurant together, the 2nd floor is now open.

There are vacant tables on the 2nd floor where you can chill out seeing the wonderful view over here.

For those who have ever come to this restaurant and sat on the 1st floor, please try to sit on the 2nd floor then you will know how nice it is especially in the evening.

It is not necessary to sit separated table no matter you will come as the couple, group family because all zones are nicely arranged with convenient purpose and matched with customer preference. If I come with friends, I will surely choose this zone.

As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere is specially nice in the evening where we can see the sunset twilight at The Glass House Pattaya.

After choosing the table, it is the time to have a look at the menu. I firstly order for some drinks, I will go for cold drink to refresh from hot weather.

Cocktail is also available with the indicated price.

The person who joins the table with me, he has ordered a big glass of beer. I could not distinguish the difference of the flower pot and this glass of beer because they have the same size.

Here it is, the drink which I have ordered, the coconut juice.

I have not only ordered for coconut juice but I have also ordered a bottle of water. The bottle design is suitable for collection.

For those who like to do bottle collection, please do not miss to try The Glass House drinking water with its unique design, it costs THB 35 per bottle.

To continue with the signature menus of The Glass House Pattaya as I am so hungry now. All look appetizing and spicy.

The first menu is Shrimp Marinated with Fish Sauce. Ladies should not miss this menu.

Another spicy dish is Payaya Salad mixed with Shrimp and Cashew Nuts. This is my favourite menu.

Furthermore, there are still many menus which are awaitng for your order. For those who are on diet, Mixed Fruit Salad is also a good option.

Or The Glass House Salad is also the choice of healthy menu.

According to the mentioned 3 menus, they arouse my appetizing grand a lot.

The next appetizing me is sculling crab.

I like this menu a lot, it goes very well with the dipping sauce. Please be advised that you may possibly miss the chance to try this menu if you come at the restaurant too late because this menu will be sold out.

Stir fried squid with cashew nut is so delicious because it is full of Thai herbs.

To continue with the big dish, it is deep fried Sea Bass

3 Flavoured Sea Bass - it is very crispy seasoning with cashew nut.

Let's take a break from the appetizing menus and I would like to explain more about other zones of The Glass Pattaya such as Beach Zone.

I have heard that many customers call to reserve the tables on the beach for dinner. However, I still see some customers who sit on the tables on the beach even in the late afternoon.

Above photo is the corner where you can sit and enjoy seeing beautiful sunset.

It is the table which is the most popular and been reserved for the dinner.

Have I ever got this table previously? Yes, I have but only in morning because I do not reserve in advance for the evening.

It is time to continue explaining more about the rest menus.

It is Tom Yum Kung (Spicy Shrimp Chowder Soup), it is one of the popular menu. I personally like Tom Yum Kung clear soup. I will order the clear soup for next time.

The next menu is served in clay pot. It is Roasted Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood. It is normally served in pineapple shell. But, it is served in clay pot because it is better for maintaining the temperature.

The next menu is Steamed Curry Fish, Shrimp and Squid in Coconut, it is one of favourite menu which is ordered by many customers.

We have talked a lot about seafood, so I will tell more about Thai authentic dish like Red Curry Chicken on top of Steamed Rice. It is so nice.

Customers are more likely to sit at the restaurant longer time than normal as they would like to see sunset. Meanwhile, I have been informed by the staffs that Signature Cake and Bakery of The Glass House Pattaya are well known. Hence, I am not reluctant to try it.

New York Cheese Cake @ THB 120.-

Mango Cheese Cake @ THB 120.- Since it is mango season, I have ever tried mango with sticky rice. It will be nice to experience the new taste of Mango Cheese Cake.

The next menu of dessert which I am going to mention, it is the signature dessert of The Glass House Pattaya. This menu is recommended by the staff as well. Of course, I will not miss it.

It is Chocolate Fondant, it is served with vanilla ice cream. It is so nice. I need to eat it quickly because it melts so fast.

After finishing the meal, it is time to take a walk along Na Chom Thian beach.

The table on the beach are being crowded in the evening

There is no doubt why there are many customers come to The Glass House Pattaya, I truely understand it now.

It is such the happy moment to look at the sea during the sunset. I think most of you will also like it.

I personally like seafod and Thai authentic dish, I will come to this restaurant again.

The Glass House Pattaya

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 Friday, June 24, 2016 2:25 PM