Living in a city for almost 6 years, it's normal to crave mountains, waterfalls, nature, and beaches. However, due to the given situation right now we only have limited opportunities. Luckily! I discovered new cafes in Pattaya Thailand (where I am currently living) that really give you a vibe of nature, it feels like you are not in the city anymore, Somtavin Cafe and Mongchang cafe.

Somtavin Cafe

You can find their Facebook Page click HERE or search for สมถวิล คาเฟ่ Somtavin Cafe. The cafe is located at Pong, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150. We don't have a private vehicle so we choose to use an inDrive app, similar to Grab car but cheaper and you can actually huggle. Unfortunately, during the time we went to Somtavin cafe, it was raining, so most of their photo spots are close. But still, we enjoyed our visit to the cafe during the wet and rainy day. When we arrived at Somtavin cafe it really amazed me how wonderful the place is, it's huge and wide, I felt like I'm not in the city anymore, it feels like I'm in the North of Thailand specifically Chiang Mai. They have at least 3 spots where you can sit and relax, they have a spot where there's a swimming pool in front, but I think the pool is not for swimming. They have a restaurant with a view of the river, they also have this tea area that looks like you are in Bali and many more. We stayed in their restaurant with a river view and it's totally perfect for a coffee because of the weather and the perfect view. Their foods are affordable with big servings. The staffs are accomodating with our needs and very helpful when I lost my umbrella they really made an effort to look for it. There are a lot of photo spots in the area but due to the unfriendly weather, we only managed to take a few photos.

I've been seeing a lot of bubble room on Instagram and Pinterest, but when I see one in Somtavin Cafe, I realized this kind of accommodation "bubble room" is only suitable and comfortable for cold places and not to tropical countries, you know why? You will be fried inside if the sun is so high even though you have air-conditioned inside, still, the sun rays will try to cook you inside. And I was so shocked to learn that bubble rooms are made from plastic, LOL! I thought they are glass. Thank you Somtavin cafe for giving me this knowledge, LOL!

I would love to go back there especially when the weather is totally okay because I want to experience more the other photo spots of the place.

Mongchang Cafe

Mongchang Cafe is the new favorite cafe spot in Pattaya may be because of its famous Instagrammable spot, the famous birds-eye view shoot of the chair surrounded with leaves is the favorite part of Mongchang cafe. The cafe is located inside the Pattaya Elephant Village, they are open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. There is no entrance fee inside the Pattaya Elephant Village just inform the staff that you are visiting the Mongchang cafe. We went there exactly at 10:00 AM though they are still preparing for their opening, there are a few guests already taking photos around. The place is quite big, they are so many things to see in Mongchang cafe from the cafe itself, the elephants, the Bali style Instagrammable spots, and many more. Before we went up to the cafe, we ordered first from their cashier, it's very clever how they serve the orders to customers and it makes sense. If you like to move from one place to another, it will be very difficult for the staff to locate you and serve your order, instead what they do is to announce in a microphone your name informing to claim your order at the Cashier area. So clever!

I love elephants and I do not support elephant riding, that's why I only took photos of the area but I can't ignore my feelings not to have a picture with the God of the Jungle. So I asked the staff whose riding the elephant if I can take a photo with the magical animal without him riding on it. Luckily, he agreed and be able to touch the elephant, I wanted to get closer to the elephant but no matter how amazed I am with them, I still have little fear of them. Anyway, the important is I get the goods! Anyways loves, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO DO NOT ENGAGE WITH ELEPHANT SHOWS, RIDES, AND CIRCUS because most of these organization they hurt the elephants to the core mentally, physically and emotionally just to let the elephants follow them. If you are unaware you may educate your self with the video of Lost Le Blanc

Mongchang Cafe is indeed a very relaxing place, a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And that's it loves my two recommendations if you are looking for a cafe in Pattaya Thailand that makes you feel like you are in a Jungle. Keep safe everyone!


 Monday, December 14, 2020 9:26 AM