Today I like to take you to relax in Koh Samed (This is my first time). I feel so lucky that have a chance to stay in a Luxury Resort on Koh Samed as Paradee Resort which I have got this opportunity from KTC Thailand Boutique Awards 2014 – 2015 for experiencing leisure here.

Paradee Resort is a 5 star resort in Samed Resort Chain. The distinctive point, it is the only one resort located on Kiw Bay, the famous bay of beautiful beach and sea. So Paradee Resort is very private. Before step in to the resort can you question yourself >>>

How many places that can make you impress since the first step?

How many places that can make you feel peaceful at all time of stay?

How many places that you can enjoy natural atmosphere all the time?

How many places that you can walk bare feet on the sand and in the sea with no worry?

And How many places that you can experience an over standard of leisure on the beautiful island which only take 15 minutes from pier?

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Before arrive to the resort, we stop by "Pa Jiw restaurant" for lunch.

Starting with Kanom Jeen Nam Ya (Rice noodle with fish curry)

Fried King mackerel in fish sauce with rice...Yummy Yummy

Fried Sator (Parkia) with shrimp paste and prawn, (less Sator)

Curry steamed King Mackerel (Recommended)

Direction to Pa Jiw restaurant is easy, from Ban Pa Intersection turn right to Ban Pa Market. The restaurant will be on you left around 50 meters before the market.

I have Coconut milk ice-cream with salted egg and dried shredded pork which I think it taste odd but my friend said I should not miss it.

Then we take Paradee Speedboat from Jadet Pier departure around 2.00pm to the resort. Speedboat from Paradee resort will pick up people from the pier twice a day at 2.00pm and 5.00pm only.

Guests of Paradee resort will check-in at Jadet Pier, and waiting at the lounge.

During check-in process, we have choose wine lists; White wine, Red wine and Sparkling wine

Moreover, we also have to choose smell of soaps and aroma oil in the room.

Only 20 minutes on speedboat we are now arriving at Paradee Resort.

At the time of arrival, you will become a special person, all staffs are lining up for welcoming you to the resort. They provide a temporally pier to dock on aside of speedboat so guests do not have to walk in the water.

Stop by the swimming pool like I am under spelled, it is so beautiful together with white beach and clear seawater.

Paradee Resort is located on the most beautiful beach and takes the least time to come here by boat.

Paradee means the 6th floor of Heaven >>> I will show you how beautiful is here to make your feel like you are resting in the heaven.

There are 40 villa rooms

- Garden Villa

- Garden Pool Villa

- Beach Front Pool Villa

- Beachfront Pool Villa (Room no. 101, 102)

- Suite Villa

Starting with Beachfront Pool Villa first

Private swimming pool with beautiful garden and small pavilion are for you to relax outside and get some sea breeze.

Or lay down in Jacuzzi in the pool also so relaxing

All villas design is the combination of Moroccan style and Mediterranean Style and build in harmony with nature.

Main color is golden and purple.

Romantic bedroom with princess style bed... white and comfortable

First step in, the room is already perfect with room temperature, smell of aroma oil and bossa style music. It really feels comfortable.

Wine that we choose before coming here is ready for you in the room.

Together with welcome fruit

Garden Pool Villa and Beachfront Pool Villa are mostly the same only outside view that is different. The main layout are divided to bedroom and living room.

Big bathroom, there are both indoor and outdoor.

And another different point of these two room is bathtub of Beachfront Pool Villa can see sea view and open air but Garden Pool Villa does not have the bathtub outside.

Beachfront Pool Villa No. 101 and No. 102 located at the end of the coast so you can see the curve of the beach.

The most luxury room is Suite Villa located at the end of Kiw Bay.

Suite Villa is a private land with good division and wide space.

Private pool out front

It is not strange that Suite villa 100 is the most luxury room of the resort because of wide space, well design and located in the best location where is the end of the curve of Kiw Bay.

Bed in this room is facing beachfront.

Big bathroom with sea view which is adding some pleasure to lay down in the bathtub.

The living room, as you can see that they build up a room but try to keep a tree. They try to keep the nature as much as they can.

Surrounding by greenery scene

Actually, I think we can just stay in the resort and enjoy a good view but because of the outside atmosphere of Paradee Resort is also very attractive so we should go out and have some walks.

The pool by the beach is another interesting point of the resort.

Sunbath bed is under a big white umbrella and facing the sea. Feeling no comment just enjoy!!!

I fall in love with Paradee Resort from this corner

The resort also provides other activities such as Kayaking, Scuba Diving and Sailing.

Even though we visit there during Rainy season but all natural around is still so beautiful and good weather everyday.

It is time for Afternoon tea set complimentary for guests

You can sit anywhere whether by the pool, in the restaurant or in the villa. This service is starting from 3.00pm to 5.00pm.

Moreover, there is Refreshment @ Pool Bar providing fruits and ice-cream.

White sand on the east coast of Paradee Resort, if you compare with Koh Ta Chai, Kiw bay is not less beautiful than anywhere else. Just likes a luxury resort on the beautiful island!!!

Here is a wonderland of sea lover, it is so impressive.

Let's go to the west coast>>>

There is the Sunset bar for impressive evening.

Waiting for sunset with good weather and sea breeze surrounding you^^

You can choose your welcome drink from here within 500 baht. Those juice and wine in the room are not a welcome drink, do not be confusing^^.

Good atmosphere and cold drink just make me feel so relax and very impressive.

Paradee is located in the location that best for both sunrise and sunset.

Inside the Sunset Bar

Fitness centre is also located on this side

There is no Villa on the west coast, there are only the Fitness center, the Sunset Bar and conference room.

Twilight at Paradee Resort!!!

Lobby where you can borrow a DVD to watch in your room.

Paradee spa (to be continued later)

The Restaurant is serving both Thai Food and International Food located near the pool.

Suite villa at night, WOW WOW WOW!!!

It does not matter whether it is during the day or at night if you have a pool with this great view, you can enjoy it anytime.

There is a roof-deck for laying down and watch stars at night.

Sea view at 180 degrees from the balcony

Living room of Suite villa at night

Laying down here and enjoy sea view

Comfortable bed make me feel sleepy

But before that I have to go for dinner first^^

Special dinner tonight is Private Dinner on the beach in Romance Package from Paradee Resort.

The best dinner ever for me^^

Starters: Gratinated New Zealand Mussels

This Salmon dish is very delicious.

Truffle Cream Soup is also the best.

Sherbet Mango

Main Course: Poached Tasmanian Salmon serve with spinach, mash potato and lemon cream sauce.

And another menu is Sautéed Tiger Prawns

Brownie Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert

The Restaurant is an All-day dining.

Dinner menu for the next day: Starting with Mix Paradee

Avocado Prawn Salad

Prawn with pepper and garlic

Fried crispy fish with chili ginger paste (Recommended)

Fresh Fruit Juice

There is set up table on the beach or by the pool in someday.

The most beautiful moment at the pool

It is an Infinity edge pool and there is a Pool Bar on aside for providing drinks.

The only thing that I regret to stay here is I cannot see the beautiful sunrise at the front beach because of cloud. And I have to be so sad again because it is time for me to leave the resort.

Breakfast buffet and A la Cart...Let's go

Salad Bar

Such a good quality of breakfast, many choices of A La Cart menu and other good quality items.

Starting with bread and homemade jam

There are many A La Carte menus which you can order unlimited such as American breakfast, Steak, etc.

Moreover, there is also Thai food menu such as boiled rice or fried rice if you like to order.

For breakfast you can choose to come to the restaurant or order a room service there is no charged.

Refreshing in the morning at Paradee Resort

Small Library

Relaxing at Paradee Spa

Paradee Massage is mainly design in each element style as well as spa rooms.

Red room is Fire

Four Elements Massage Signature of Paradee Spa, the massage that combine the technique of Thai Massage and Aroma Massage together by following element of each person for balancing your body and mind.

Thai Massage Pavilion

Happy family time at the pool

For lunch>>>

Noodle spicy salad

Fried Soft Shell Crab with Black Pepper

Fried King Mackerel with Mango Salad

Tom Yum Kung (Prawn in sour and spicy soup)

And Blueberry cheesecake for dessert

My friend came here before told me that the resort provide the best service ever. Until todayI know that I am going to say the same thing. Moreover, we have to thank you the GM that come down to take care of all guests and everything by himself all the time.

Everytime that the guests are leaving the resort, all staffs are lining up to say goodbye as when we arrive.

My first time in Samed is so great like I am under the spelled of Paradee. Even when I get back I still miss there. Staying at Paradee Resort, I try to find some weaknesses of the resort but it is really hard to find. There is only thing that might be a weakness is the location the resort. It is quite hard to travel to other island but it just like you are staying on a private island which is good for me. Other than that is about insect which there is a warning in every room already. So over all is great.

From Paradee to Suphattraland ...

This is another creative sight for you to enjoy. The ticket is 300 baht and you can enjoy fruit buffet at the entrance. For a tour in orchard, there is a car provided for discover Suphattraland.

Let's get starting

Enjoy fresh Rambutan from Rambutan trees, which opens specially in April to June

Next point is Mix fruits (Sum Kraton) such as Duriens, Dragon fruits, pineapples, etc. All fruits are seasonal fruits. Moreover, there are staffs to service you. All visitors can stay in the orchard as long as they wish, there is no time limit.

During April – June is the main season of fruits because it is a harvesting period.

Durian is the highlight If you like it !!!

In between the travel route we will see many kinds of fruit. Also if you like to stop anywhere, you can just tell the driver

Moreover, there is also a vineyard and it is a grape season.

You can try fresh grapes at "Sala A-Ngun"

Ready to serve a famous menu, Som Tum

Here also grows Hydroponic vegetables and use these vegetable to make salad for visitors.

Moreover, there is a demonstration of beekeeping and how to prove that which one is the real honey?

Direction to Suphattra

1. By Car:

- Take motor way (Sai 7) heading to Rayong. You can turn left to road 3138 Ban Beung – Ban Kai. When you arrive to Ban Kai turn right on Ban Kai hospital intersection. Passing the hospital and heading to Nikom Patthana District around 8 KM.

- From Rayong City, take road 3138 heading to Ban Ki District for 9 KM> then take the right division to Ban Beung and go straight to Ban Kai District. Passing the hospital and turn left for about 8 KM.

Supphattraland will be on your right

Lastly, review of Laem Charoen Seafood

The famous menu that everyone who comes order is Sea Brass in fish sauce

Fried dried squid is very delicious especially when it is hot.

Fried clams in chili paste

Another recommended menu is steamed horse crab together with rice and seafood sauce….Hmm Yummy.

And the last menu is grilled squid.

In the end we cannot finish all food but we really like it here because all ingredients are very fresh.

For the price, I think it is not that expensive, it is quite valuable to quality of food.

Thank you very for travelling together today.


 Sunday, May 3, 2015 8:04 PM