Morocco is a bordering country between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, located at the edge of North West of Africa. It is a half African half European country with different climates such as beaches, snow mountain, or desert. That's why people from all over the world are dreaming to come once in their life. Today I will introduce you all to this amazing country. Let's go>>>>

13 days and programs as follow:

Day 1 : Bangkok - Hong Kong By Airasia

Day 2 : Hong Kong – Abu Dhabi – Casablanca By ETIHAD Airline

Day 3 : Casablanca – Rabat

Day 4 : Meknes – Fes

Day 5 : Fes

Day 6 : Merzouga

Day 7 : Ouarzazate

Day 8 : Ait Benhaddou – Marrakesh

Day 9 : Marrakesh

Day 10 : Casablanca

Day 11 : El Jadida

Day 12 : Casablanca

Day 13 : Casablanca – Abu Dhabi –Bangkok โดย ETIHAD Airline

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My companion in this trip are Kie, Nut, Tum and myself

Starting from Hong Kong by ETIHAD Airline

It is a finest airline that has good service and equipment. (we can charge our phone on board by USB)

After take off, start first service with snacks and drinks including beer wine and whisky then following by dinner.

Appetiser is bamee noodles with soy dressing, Warm bread

Main course is Chicken with black bean sauce steamed rice, Jade melon wedges and wolfberries

Another Main course choice, Beef tagine seasonal vegetables and tagging rice and Caramel mousse for dessert.

Before landing, the airline serves noodle cup or chicken pie. I choose chicken pie so that I can keep it.

It takes about 8 hrs. to arrive at Abu Dhabi.

Waiting for transfer flight for more than 3 hours and departure for the next destination.

After take off, I cannot sleep so I check on LCD. There is one program that I am so impressed which is Chat Program between passenger. You can talk to you friends in different seat by entering seat number.

Breakfast is served when the first light is shining.

From the menu, appetiser is seasonal fruits, yogurt, warm bread. Main Course is Omelette chicken sausage, marinated tomato and hash brown.

As each country that we have passed, has different time zone. It makes a night period longer than ever.

From Abu Dhabi to Casablanca takes about 8.40 hrs.

At the immigration, please make sure that the office has stamps immigration check on your passport because in some hotels they need that number for check-in. (Kie and Tum did not get a stamped so the hotel suggested that they reports to the police. I am not quite sure of that is going to be any problems later just make sure for your safety).

After the immigration check, we continue our journey to Rabat which is a capital of Morocco.

Many people are misunderstood that Casablanca is a capital but it is actually the biggest port city in Africa.

We travel to Rabat by train where we can take from airport under ground.

There is a train every hour from the airport to Rabat (Gare Rabat Ville 75 Dh). For you information, they do not allow to take any photos at the station.

Seats are very comfortable.

From Mohammed V International Airport, we will change the train at Casa Voyageurs and after that around 1.30 hrs. we arrive at Gare Rabat Ville.

One short before leaving the station (Gare Rabat Ville)

Then we take taxi to the hotel. There are 2 sizes of taxi, Grand Taxi (1 driver with 6 passengers) and Petit Taxi (1 driver with 3 passengers). Due to the law, a taxi cannot accommodate passenger more than the law required. For my group, we have to pay for 2 petit taxis for 20 Dh each to the hotel.

The taxi cannot go in side the old town so we have to get off and walk in.

We walk to the hotel and leave all bags here before go out.

This is the hotel that we stay, Riad Sakina. When we arrive, we have to knock on the door or ring a bell to call staff.

Inside the hotel separates into many rooms.

Above is the centre of the hotel.

Living corner

Outdoor balcony

As our room is not ready yet, the hotel provides us with a cup of coffee and cake. Then we go out to discover the town.

Rabat is the forth capital of Morocco, house designs are quite similar to France, and a city plan is quite tidy and clean. It is a combination of French colonial period and ancient Muslim that has been conserved and registered as World Heritage Site in 2012.

We are walking around the city and passing Medina (Old town) which both side of the road are full of souvenir shops, grocery shops and restaurants.

While walking, do not forget to remember the way back, otherwise you might get loss ^^.

Colourful olive pickle shop

Sweet cactus

Sardine Burger which you should not miss, it is very delicious.

Dry dates

Leather shoes shop which is the famous items in Morocco.

Morocco architecture is very beautiful with all colours and designs.

From the end of Medina we will see Oudayas Fortress which is the big fortress that is surrounded by a high wall beside Atlantic Ocean. This fortress was built when Spain captured Morocco.

There is no entrance fee for the fortress. Behind the fortress is an old community that remains from Century 12 which looks like Santorini with white and blue colour.

This community was built two thousand year ago since Almohad Royal Family Period and used to capture by the pirate.

Hair dressing shop

Moroccans believe that photographing will make a short life. But this Hair dressing shop allows us to take a photo.

Atlantic Ocean is at the end of the fortress.

There are people coming for surfing.

The twin city of Rabat, Sale which we can see on the opposite of the fortress with Bou Regreg River in the middle. The long wall that you see is the graveyard.

On the other side is lighthouse which is not that far from the hotel.

Oudayas Fortress is located at the estuary of Bou Regreg River and beside Atlantic Ocean. It is the fortress that used to protect the country from colonial countries and pirates.

Fishermen in Bou Regreg River

There are also the service boat that tourists can take to cross the river.

There are many shops and cars for children, it must be a relaxing place for people here.

Get some drinks to refill our energy after a long flight, hot weather and a 7 KG camera that we have to take it with us all the time.

This calls "Royal", I thought that it is a kind of blend drink but it is actually a smoothie with three kinds of fruits. It also taste very good and value drink refreshing at 15 Dh.

After that we continue to Yacoub Al-Mansour Esplanade where Hassan Mosque is located.

There are two entrances with soldier riding a horse on both side and it has no entrance free

On the other side of the wall, colourfull balloons are selling by woman which normally most of women do not work.

Here is Hassan Mosque which built in century 12 by sultan who governed the land and expected to be the biggest mosque and Minaret Tower at the height of 60 metres which also expected to be the highest tower. After the death of sultan, Minaret Tower was not continue to build so it is only 44 metres high. After the earthquake, the height of the tower was left as you can see in the picture. It is under construction at that time that we visit.

On the other side is Mausoleum of Mohammed V where is the graveyard of King Mohammed 5.

There is soldier standby at all doors.

The design inside is very beautiful and there is 2 floors.

On the ground floor is the grave of King Mohammed V and his sons; Prince Hassan II and Price King Abdullah.

Next to Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Behind the fountain must be the important place because they do not allow tourists to entry.

From Yacoub Al-Mansour Esplanade, we head back to the hotel by walking due to taxis are occupied.

Rabat tram

Arriving to the hotel

My room is located near a living room on the first floor. We book a twin room that has only bed inside with share living and bathroom.

Living room

Staircase to the second floor

There is only the bed on the second floor.

See from the second floor

Inside the bathroom

The room rate is 100 EUR per night

Due to jet lag, we all wake up at 2.00 AM. and fall asleep again after using the Internet for a while. We wake up again at around 6.00AM, we decide to go out and has some walks then come back to the hotel for breakfast and shower (Breakfast starts at 8.00 AM.).

In morning, we walk to the city gate which is different direction from yesterday. We might see something different.

Out side the gate, we walk along the coastal and see the lighthouse that we saw yesterday from the fortress.

At the lighthouse, I am so impressed with the first light of the day shining to stones that cover by white bubble of waves.

And it is time for us to go back to take shower, have breakfast and continue to the next destination.

Behind the wall (both sides) is a graveyard.

Arrival to the hotel, breakfast is ready such as breads, eggs, jams, cheeses, butters as well as yogurts.

8.30 AM. is a time that taxi will come to pick us up.


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