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Today we plan to go to Fes as we would like to travel to many places along the way there. Price for taxi is 1,800Dh.

08.30 hrs. Heading to Meknes which is 152 KM. away from Rabat (2 hours drive).

Meekness used to be a capital city of Morocco in 17th century for only 50 years and military base in 11th century.

We can see Moorish - Spainish Architecture as in Muslim Architecture of Southern Spain. Bad Mansour Gate is a sculpture gate with European Style.

Meekness Viewpoint

After that we are heading to the next destination.

Mouldy Idriss: a city on the top of the mountain

Mouldy Idriss is a small city and it is the most sacred city. We have stopped by Mouldy Idriss graveyard who is the first Arab Royal Family of Morocco.

Walking inside

They do not allow people from different religious other than Islamic to get in so we can only see outside. While we are going back, those guys offer to guild us to see panorama view of the graveyard.

So we accept their offer. It is quite confuse as we have walk through many small alleys. Finally we arrive, if not because of them we might not be able to get there.

Here we are!!! This point we can see the ancient Romance City which is the centre of sacred religious of Muslim people in Morocco same as Mecca of Saudi Arabia . The build with green roof is where people from other religious cannot go in.

After that we have to go down to our meeting point with taxi driver. We have to thank the guys that guild us to the view point and come down otherwise we might not get there or might be lost during the way down.

Then we are heading to Roman city of Volubilis which is not that far from Moulay Idriss.

The big earthquake in 1755 was destroyed the city, only ruins left. In 1997 Roman city of Volubilis was registered as World Heritage Site for Governed of Roman in a faraway land.

Entrance fee 10 Dh.

Inside is a museum of ancient building remains exhibition before seeing the real one.

From the picture, you will see the entrance is on the right, the museum is on the left and behind the those brushes you will see Moulay Idriss.

We can call Volubilis as Roman Empire because it is the sign of grandness and power of Roman that expand the kingdom to Africa.

Some area there are only ruins but some part we still can see structure of the building.

Even it is ruins but there are still some structures that we can see and Mosaic floor that still completed is the highlight.

This is the area that structure of the building is quite completed as the millstone that we see.

Mosaic floor

Volubilis is as ancient city that crated more than 300 years before Christ. Then it was governed by Roman and peak period of growth. As the side city of Roman, there were local people taken the city back but the Roman Empire did not care to take the city back.

After that period, Volublils was left unattended for almost a thousand year until the earthquake happened. And when the new governor would like to build Meknes as a new capital city, they came to take marble from Volubilis to build Meknes. So there were only a few left to see here.

This is might be a Victory Gate

For anyone who interested to visit the site, you may need to bring your sun protection equipment because there is no shadow of any tree.

After done with the Roman city, we are heading to Fes right the way>>>

View from both side of the road during the way to Fes.

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