This trip we plan for 2 days 1 night and we choose to spend a night at Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park and continue to Phu Lom Lo to see Sakura Thailand.

Phu Hin Rong Khla National Park is located in Pitsanulok Province. In the national park, there are bungalow, restaurant, and car to support all tourists.

If anyone would like to come, I would suggest that you book the bungalow in advance. For camping, you do not have to book in advance, just select your location when you arrive at the camping area. They also provide a place for camping people to charge their electronic devices (Free of charge)

For food, the price is quite high but still affordable. Or you can cook for yourself if you like.

Note: For camping people, there are pillows and sleeping bags for rental. The only thing to complain is toilets are not enough and not really clean.

Departure from Bangkok by bus to Pitsanulok and continue by another bus to Nakhon Thai District.

(FYI: The bus seems big but it is stuffed of many people)

Then find another connecting bus to Phu Hin Rong Khla national park.

There is no connecting bus to the national park but you can ask those staff in ticket office to help us to find a car rental with driver.

Arriving at Phu Hin Rong Khla national park

Lan Hin Pum (Protruded stone) (Upper photo)

Pha Chu Thong (A cliff with Thai flag) (Lower photo)

For a car with driver, the price depends on how we negotiate. We agree at 2,500 THB and the driver must drive us to the national park and take us back to Nakhon Thai District Bus Terminal.

Note: Our driver is Lung Yuth 081 3796345, he is nice and kind.

Arriving to the national park, we come for camping so we rent tent and sleeping equipment from the national park. The rental fee is quite cheap and do not forget the entrance fee that you also have to pay.

After prepare everything, we ask Lung Yuth to guild us where else to go? He give us the map and he suggest us to go to Lan Hin Pum (we have walk). Then continue to Pha Chu Thong, the air raid shelter, the State Power Office and end with Tomb Warriors.


After visit all places that Lung Yuth suggests, we walk back to him an continue to next destination which is School of Political and Military (If you are lucky, you will see red maple leaves) and water turbine. There are many souvenir shops, food and restroom for you to stop by.

Again he will let us walk around!!!

Before go to the School of Political and Military, Lung Yuth takes us to Royal Forest Development Project. It is very beautiful full of paper flowers as you can see.

Then continue as a plan

Note: Other than paper flowers field there is also strawberry field and coffee bean field as well but depend on its season.

The last destination today is Lan Hin Taek where we are waiting for beautiful sunset. Luckily, we arrive early because there are many people coming and waiting for sunset.

Ending of day 1

Day 2, heading to Phu Lom Lo Sakura Thailand

We are planning to see sunrise at Phu Lom Lo so we ask Lung Yuth to pick us up at 4.00 am. as he suggest. It is quite very cold up there in an early morning so prepare yourself for more clothes and do not forget to bring some food with you because there is nothing selling up there..

We wait for sunrise until 8.00am. the sun still does not come up because it is very foggy so we design to see Sakura Thailand instead.

(And it is very cold up here)

So we walk down to see Wild Himalayan Cherry field. As I said above that it is very foggy so we only get a closer photos otherwise you will see only fog.

Note: People are coming up here in the late morning, it is going to be harder to find a parking. Small car is not suggested to bring up here. Moreover, if it is raining, the national park will close because of slip road and it will be more dangerous.

There is a restroom provided up here and luckily that they build fireplace for tourists as today is very cold.

There are people who come up here the other day is see a beautiful view so it is really depend on the weather. And do not forget to bring more clothes when go up there. (Just be prepared of the weather change)

Then we ask Lung Yuth to take us to bus terminal at Nakhon Thai District and go to Pitsanulok bus terminal in order to go back to Bangkok.

Sakura Thailand is only blossom in December to January of every year for only 2 weeks. So you much plan your trip. There are 2 routes that I would suggest:

Route 1: From Pitsanulok pass Phu Hin Rong Khla National Park (150 KM.) or from Phetchaboon to Phu Tub Burg and to Phu Hin Rong Khla (120 KM). Then from Phu Hin Rong Khla to Phu Lom Lo (7 KM.). All tourists can bring their own car to the national park. The national park is provided a bus tour for 800 THB per car for 10 people. If you would like to go to Phu Kee Tao the price will be 1,200 THB.

Route 2: From Lei, heading to Dan Sai to Baan Kok Sa Ton (110 KM.) and continue to Phu Lom Lo (27 KM.). There is only a rental car with driver at 1,500 THB for 1-5 people or 2000 THB for 6-10 people. (Price might be changed please check again before traveling). If you would like to bring your own car you must be very careful because the road is quite difficult to go and it might cause an accident if you are not used to with the road.

Earn Mat

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