Hi everyone! Today I am bringing you guys to explore restaurant at Klong Khone ....

On a sunny Sunday, staying home would be hot. So, I decide to go out ...

My objective is finding a good restaurant at Klong Khone because I have heard that there are various nice restaurant in this area. I therefore search for more information. ^^

I find lots of recommended restaurants but the one that catch my attention is "Krua Puyai Joy". As there is a lot of complimentary reviews, I want to find out if it's real ..??

The journey is not difficult. Just come towards Amphawa. I use GPS, very convenient!

Arrive at destination. Luckily I get table without waiting in long queue. (After me, there are customers continuously come.) Here's atmosphere of the restaurant.

They have many customers but not too crowded. It could be because there are lots of famous restaurants along the way.

This is how menu looks like.

The price is not too expensive. I would say reasonable price.

Let's see what I order.

First one ... It is in recommend page. Why not order? Steamed Crab Meat, ready to eat. I'm so happy. This dish is THB650. I give 10/10 points. The meat is fresh and more importantly I don't have to peel. Superrrr .. like it ^^"

Second dish is Steamed Cardiidae. I give 7/10 points due to too ripe, no blood at all. (When I order I ask for medium ripe.) However, the Cardiidae is fresh but as I mention earlier. If it is too ripe, the texture would be hard. This menu is THB100. Cardiidae comes in medium size, not too small but not big.

Next is Sour soup with Vegetable Omelet and Shrimp. Basic menu but delicious. The taste is not spicy but not insipid either. Nice taste and suitable for everyone. I enjoy eating till last drop of soup. The price is THB150. Give away 10/10 points!

Follow by Shrimp in Fish Sauce. The shrimp is well marinated giving yummy taste. Eat together with fresh garlic and chili. Sauce is very delicious. There's only one thing to admonish. Shrimp is slightly too small. I give 8/10 points. The price is THB100.

This one is Spicy Fried Razor Calms. The shell comes in big size with spicy taste. 10/10 points. THB150.

Last one is recommended dish, Steam Crab. After crab meat, here's crab egg ^^ Eating too much might be greasy. Fortunately the crab has some meat, so it taste better. I still like it, giving 10/10 points. I choose small size, 2 crabs, at THB770.

Lastly they serve free watermelon for all customers. It is sweet and yummy. Help cool down from hot weather.

Generally I like it. Will come again if I have time.

This is total expense.

Don't believe me. Come and try by yourself, haha.

Wanaporn Wattanasinchai

 Tuesday, June 21, 2016 1:43 PM