Last weekends I have a chance to arrange a tough trip aiming to take photo of milky way. I choose Kanchanaburi as my destination but I want to make this trip worthy. So, it becomes a mission to take photos around Kanchanaburi.

1. Leave from Bangkok at 3.30AM heading to Kanchanaburi. First site is Wat Tham Sua, Amphoe Tha Muang. I arrive when the sun is rising. So, I drive to find good location.

I get morning light as I expect but it's not enough. I drive around that area until I find another temple on a mountain. I can't remember the name.

Before leaving, I go around till I another snapshot of temple in sunrise.

I'm sinful. I don't go inside, so I take faraway shot instead.

2. Finish from Wat Tham Sua at 7.00AM. I go along Sangchuto Road towards downtown. Second place is Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (Don Rak).

I firstly think that I wouldn't spend much time here as there may not be interesting things. However, it take me quite moderate time.

3. After that, I continue on Sangchuto Road to third attraction, River Kwai Bridge. As I have been to this place several times, I don't think I will spend much time here.

And I think there's nothing attractive. It turns out I stay here for 3 hours.

4. I finish from River Kwai Bridge about 11.00AM. Then visit Big C for having lunch. I drive to next destination which is The Giant Monky Pod Tree.

I'm really baffled. Can't take many photos. So, I use only half an hour.

During the way, I find a stable but don't get nice shot. So, I photograph sideways instead.

5. I'm done with mission in downtown at almost 2.00PM. Next is based on personal endurance in driving to Sangkhla Buri. My target is to capture sunset moment of Wooden Mon Bridge.

The river is so drained that can drive a car on that area.

Personally I don't like taking candid photos because I think it is violating personal right. So, I don't have any photos regarding livelihood.

6. If you think previous task is tough, this one is tougher. After finishing dinner in Sangkhla Buri at 6.00PM, I drive to Pilok - Baan Itong in order to tent at Nean Chang Seug. Destination for tonight. If you have visited here, you'll know how hard it is. I therefore arrive at Nean Chang Seug approximately 10.00PM. Faster than this, I gotta fly. After arrive, I get willies because sky is covered with smoke.

I wake up for the first time at midnight as I assume milky way would be parallel with the sky. But turns out the sky is unclear. It is full of smoke. So, I go back to sleep with disappointment and wake up again at 1.00AM. The sky is still the same till I'm almost discouraged. I wake up again at 2.00AM. If the sky is still unclear, I will have a long sleep this time. I'm so tired. However, I can see milky way beautifully appear on the sky. Though it's not that clear, I still can see it with bare eyes.

I do retouch photos but turns out I get bad images more than god. Slightly sad.

7. Wake up in the morning with nice weather. I can see fog sea. The weather is totally different from yesterday. I can't believe it is the same place.

8. Last visit before returning back to Bangkok is Chok Kra-Din WaterFall. The way is very steep. This waterfall has water all year long but there is little water at this moment.

While photographing waterfall, a dragonfly flies to a leave in front of me.

After this point, I go back Bangkok and stop for lunch at Krua Chook Don. Weather is very hot and food is not tasty either.


Thank you for reading till the end. I just start photographing which I have tracing milky way for half year. I get good and mostly bad photos. Take it as a practice.

I welcome for all recommendations.

Camera - Canon 750D + cannon 18-135 // canon 10-20 // Tamron 70-300

Photo shoot milky way with 18-135 F3.5 speed 17sec. iso 1600.

Will Humphrey

 Monday, June 20, 2016 3:16 PM