Go Around “UBON” Sam Phan Bok, Had Chom Dao till South of Laos. written by นกออก

When speaking of the northeastern provinces in Thailand, there are only few provinces which are popular destinations that could attract the tourists from all over the country. The main reason is because of the landscapes that do not have sea and also there are only a few provinces that have mounta

Go Around “UBON” Sam Phan Bok, Had Chom Dao till South of Laos.

Go Around “UBON” Sam Phan Bok, Had Chom Dao till South of Laos.

When speaking of the northeastern provinces in Thailand, there are only few provinces which are popular destinations that could attract the tourists from all over the country. The main reason is because of the landscapes that do not have sea and also there are only a few provinces that have mountain scenery. Anyway, luckily that our northeastern part of Thailand has pleasant Mekong River which is one of the wonders of nature which create many beautiful attractions. Well, now it is time to pack our bags and travel along Mekong River with five of us then.

Our introduction seems awesome, however, the reality is….

1 st Friend : I would like to go to Sam Phan Bok.

Me: I agree. I want to go too.

2 nd and 3rd Friends: Alright, count us in. Where ever is fine with us.

1 st Friend: I will take my co-worker with me. Okay?

Everyone: Okay…. Deal !!!

Everyone is accepting so easily which seems like everything is going very smooth. Nevertheless, I am not quite sure this trip would really going to happen as we have known each other more than 10 years and we did plan to go all the mountains, beaches, Vietnam, Chiangmai together, nevertheless, those trip never happen. We just only could travel together to small dining trip around Bangkok area. Well, this actually would be our first trip together.


This trip, we booked an early flight at 07.50am in the morning by Lion Air. As all the attractions are pretty far from the airport and we have only 3 days and 2 nights which is why we need a little early flight.

At the aircraft's door, we meet with a generous looking guy who comes to greet us while enter the aircraft. At that time we didn't suspect who he was, however, when the flight takes off, we just realise that he is our captain for this flight. The captain introduces himself and reports us the weather condition similar to the weather reporter in the TV channels or better. We are quite impressed actually.

When we reach at Ubon Airport, we manage to pick up our rental car at AVIS car rental counter. The booking reservation table for car rental is pretty old fashion I would say. Moreover, the service is rather slow, it takes us till 10 a.m. to get our vehicle. Let's find something to eat before we head on to our trip then.

The thing we could not miss when coming to Ubon is that eating "Vietnamese noodle soup" (Kuey-Jab Yuen). At first I want to try the noodle at Kuey-Jab Yuen Yai Tae because the name looks pretty cool. Though, I could not find the cuisine and the direction is confusing, therefore, we change to Pa-Tueang cuisine instead. We choose this because there is popular Thai steamed rice-skin dumpling cuisine located just nearby.

We arrive at the cuisine and order five different kinds of Kuey-Jab Yuen, thus, the lady who takes order is a little confuse by our order. Luckily, all the dishes served rightly as we order. As you can see, one doesn't eat veggie, one is vegetarian and her dish just got only noodle and egg because of the misunderstood.

When we get our individual order, we also go to order the Thai steamed rice-skin dumplings at another shop nearby. There are customers line up, facing toward the seller who is very concentrate on cooking. We do not know how to make an order as there are no menus and this Thai steamed rice-skin dumplings does not look similar to what we used to have at home. Therefore, we listen to what the people who line up before us order and just copy them instead.

This is the normal Thai steamed rice-skin dumplings. Other people that we observed, they would order three different types which are normal, adding egg and crunchy. We order just the normal type as we never try other types before. The price is 30 baht per box which is considerably cheap and the stuffing inside is a lot and very tasty.

We are all kind of full right now, hence, it is time for our next destination which is Had Sai Sung. Normally, people who travel to Ubon would go to Had Hong, nonetheless, the day before we got on a journey, we search the internet and we have found Hai Sai Sung by coincidence so we change our plan immediately after that.

Had Sai Sung located at Ban Lad Charoen, Khemarat district which is approximately 120 kilometers far from Ubon downtown. Actually, I do not want to explain much deeper about information, however, there are very few direction signs provide for Ubon attractions. Moreover, some places you could not find it in the Google Map as well. For example, Had Sai Sung only provide the direction sign when we almost reach in the front of the place.

Well, After driving in quite some distance, we have seen…………..

Huh!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? Honestly, when I see the scenery ahead, I could not believe it. Is this really Had Sai Sung?

We parked our car for a little while to see whether we could go and park at below area or not. When we drive down the hill that when we are all stunned…..

OMG!!!! This is incredible! The white sand is sparkling with the green trees as a background and the bright blue sky. No words could describe how amazing this is. From the picture, the beach doesn't look that high, however, if we look down to the river side, it is pretty high. We get down from the car, everyone is grabbing their cameras and run out to the sand hill. We rotate taking pictures and have so much fun out there. The location is everything.

Today, it is very windy. The sand blow to our bodies, our mouths and surely we might eat them a little too much too. It seems like if we eat cement and steel also we could build a house in our stomach probably. Lol.

We went to find a restroom at the papaya salad cuisine which is the only shop that opens today. We talk with the owner and order 2 dishes along and when she knows that we are origin from Buriram province, she won't stop chatting as the reason is that her husband is also from Buriram province. Upon people is really generous and friendly as the places we visit, everyone is talking to us nicely. Furthermore, especially when we talk in our local Thai northeastern language, they would chat with us non-stop.

During the meal, we talk to the lady that we all know how many kids does she have along with their ages to names. Well, we know about her kids but we don't know the lady's name Lol. Before we leave, we would like to take a photo of her. She turns to us and gives camera a big smile, then ask us are we seriously to take a photo of her as she feels very shy Lol. If anyone has a chance to visit Had Sai Sung, you could stop by this papaya salad shop. However, do not forget to tell her not spicy as she grows the chilies by herself and it is really really spicy, I would guarantee you.

We drive from Had Sai Sung approximately 15 kilometers, and then we reach Had Chom Dao or Chom Dao Rapid. This is the attraction that recently is promoted in the campaign #Theysaid by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). As we have been amazed with Had Sai Sung before but when we saw this place, it is another story. This place is astonishing as this rapid is a mixture between high and low stones and the bush of trees. I am not sure what kind of trees they are as they grow around the rock everywhere.

At Had Chom Dao, there area flags that have been placed in each spot for tourist to take photos. Though, I am not sure what is the different between each color of those flags. We do not hire any local tour guide kids today; therefore, we have to walk by ourselves. The villagers say that the kids are still at school, no worry we are fine walking around.

With the different height of the rocks at the rapid, it makes us really enjoy taking photos very much. Moreover, each stone would has its own unique different aspects as if we shift to another corner of the rock, we could get a different aspect of picture. Furthermore, the light during 4pm-5pm is the best enjoyable moment for us in taking photos as well.

We take photographs until almost the last light during the late evening around the last flag area that we saw it from the entrance and think that this area is definitely the last attraction spot. However, when we reach at the in front area of this spot, what we believe is wrong as there are still lots of colour flags after this area, the flags run along the way for more than kilometres. We are stunned and we do not have enough time as the last light is almost done. We hurriedly run along those flags like we attend a reality show amazing race, we have to climb the rock, take pictures while the strong wind blows to our face. We spent around 3 hours at this place and it doesn't seem like it's enough. I would recommend you all to hire the local tour guide kids to help with the time spending and that also could give them some income.

This corner has a very beautiful stone scenery, there is a group of tourist rides here and take photos. What about us? Showing up and walk by ourselves, then need to end up rushing to take pictures before the light went out.

This area is a vast space that have a semicircular stone cliffs, hence, when we just twist our angle in different direction, we will get altered images. I would recommend anyone who do not have much time, should look for a blue flag as it is the most beautiful spot that I know. There might be more gorgeous spots to see but we do not know. OH!! I am sad.

We take lots of photos until the light is almost gone, so we rush out as there might be dangerous during the dark time. Furthermore, our accommodation called us and informed that the cuisine would be close early; therefore, we should have some meal before heading back.

We quickly get back to our car as the weather is getting cool and it is dark now. Goodbye Had Chom Dao, until we meet again. We promise to come back here. Our next destination is Krua Sam Phan Bok, our accommodation tonight. Along the way, the road is narrow and dark and while driving, the sign is hard to read as well.

We follow the GPS along the way; until we stop at the old street sign that says something about the temple entrance. However, when we look down the road, it looks like the car could not access through this route far more than 10 meters. Moreover, there is only darkness between the road as well as the large tree everywhere. At that moment, it is like a plot in a scary movie somehow and it creeps me out. Then, I immediately call the accommodation staff for the confirmation of the direction. We continue heading straight to the village area and the route seems alright. Later, we pass the bad condition of the street once again with the sides of eucalyptus tree along the way. At that time, I make a small talk and laugh with friends but I do not dare to look outside as I am scared there might be something scary suddenly appears in front of us.

**** Our accommodation during the morning time as we reach there pretty late already.

When we arrive, an uncle who is one of the staff here comes and opens the light for us and then suddenly the electric went off out of nowhere. OMG!!!! We are stunned as we do not know what to do. During that time, it is cold, dark and we are very hungry. We stand with the uncle, seeing him fixing the electricity for a little while. Then, we just fade away and go sit with other campers who lid the fire outside for a warm. They even offer us some grilled pork but we decline as we are afraid that they would not be enough for them…..Nopeee, Actually, the true is we are afraid that it would not be enough for US. Hahaha, just kidding as we sit here for some warm is good enough and we do not want to take more advantage. Therefore, they suggest us to find something to eat first as the cuisine might be close. After that we head out to find something to eat and let the uncle deal with the electric at this point.

Driving out to the old route once again, there are no sign of anything to eat as it is now 8 p.m. and seems that every place is close right now. We even plan to drive to other district but unexpectedly we see the grilled pork cuisine in the front. It is like finding an oasis out of nowhere. What are we waiting for!!! ….We quickly head to the place.

This grilled pork cuisine sells pork, beef, squid, shrimp, and squid balls in a kilo which one kilo costs 200 baht. They would offer one set of vegetable for one kilo meat order as well. When we are going to order, we ask how many kilos would suit for 5 people. They say that around one kilo and a half will do. At last we finish with 2 and a half kilo altogether. Although, there are one vegetarian with us, these ladies are pretty scary. Lol.

After finish the meal, we head back to our accommodation. At first, we plan to drink a beer along with watching the stars. Actually, taking pictures of the stars, however, we forget to bring the tripod with us here. This is depressing as tonight is really beautiful. Even we sit in the car and look up to the sky along with our noisy friends; it is still so romantic out there. I feel like a mad person that keeps smiling to myself.


4:00 a.m. in the morning as the alarm wakes us up. As last night, we heard the people say that during 4a.m. there would be a Milky Way galaxy to see and take pictures. We do not have a tripod with us, therefore, we would just go to sneak a peek then. However, the weather, pillows and mattresses are calling us to come back to sleep. We wake up and take a glance at our window to see if anyone is outside. Though, there is no one so we just go back to bed once again.

6:00 a.m. as my friends make some noise; it is difficult to continue to sleep. Suddenly, I heard someone says "The sunrise is so beautiful" We quickly wake up in a high speed, grab a camera and head outside. At that moment, we do not care whether it is now 16 degrees outside.

The sun rises in the front of our place. We could just walk straight to Sam Phan Bok from our accommodation without taking a boat. Nevertheless, we are going to Chong Mek next so we would just see the sun rise and then immediately take a shower and get dress. Tomorrow, we could still take some picture of the first light here.

From Sam Phan Bok to Chong Mek is about 100 kilometers distance. Nonetheless, the road is narrow and the way is not good as we take off from Sam Phan Bok around 7.30 am and reach Chong Mek at 10 am.

After we finish with the custom at Thailand border and then we will go through the tunnel to Laos. We would stamp our passport at Laos border and paid the money for some fees that I do not know what this fee for. This additional mysterious charge is different between each of us and do not issue any invoice. OMG!!! My one hundred baht are gone for good, Bye Bye.

*** When you get your passport back, please remember to check whether or not they put an entrance stamp on it. Otherwise you will enter this country illegally and paid the large amount of fine***

We make an appointment with the van driver at the front of Phongsawanh bank. At first, the driver should be Mr.Somruk but he couldn't make it, therefore, Mr.Chun had to replace him this time. However, we give him a new name calling him "Junho Oppa" instead.

Our plan to today is visiting Tad Fane, Tad Yueng, Tad Jumpee and Tad E-Tu Waterfall. Nevertheless, Mr.Chun says that Tad Jumpee has a rough route entrance and we might not have time for that so we will cut it off. Moreover, we once visited Tad Phasuam three years ago before and we are not impressed, therefore, it is not in our plan this time.

All the waterfalls that we plan to visit are situated at Bolaven Plateau, Paksong city. It is around 30 kilometers far from Pakse city which is the city centre of Champasak province. Although the distance is just 30 kilometres, yet it is the most miserable 30 kilometers as street is very narrow and driving in opposite direction is almost impossible. Furthermore, there are many motorcycles that seem not to care anybody, the trucks are doing the construction, dogs and sheep are everywhere on the street. Everything is everywhere in the street except for the safety.

Our first destination today is the Tad Fane which located in Tad Fane resort area. The entry fee for each person is 5000 Kip and for vehicle parking is at 5000 Kip

Tad Fane has two streams that flowing down to the canyon about 200 meters deep. Hence, we could not go downstairs, but then again some other sources state that you can but it will takes several days while other state that it is pretty deep downstairs and the air will be very less. We don't really know the fact as this trip we do not care much of a knowledge anyway. We just take some pictures and then leave. Lol.

Ahead of us, we will see some coffee shops as this area they grow a lot of coffee beans and even the Dao coffee factory is here as well. We are invited to buy and get a free taste of a coffee at one of the shops here. We wait for the free coffee tasting for a while but somehow the seller just ignores us and didn't bring the coffee for us to taste so we decided to leave. Though, for those who would like to buy home made coffee beans, you could stop over at this place.

This dog at the coffee shop is really cute.

Tad Yueng

You could say that this place is the highlight to all the entire waterfalls as I have visited here once and it is very beautiful. It is such an appealing place that I had to represent to my friends as the location where the advertisement spot of Dao coffee that have a superstar, Mr.Sunny came here to do the shooting. When I sent the attraction planning list to my friends, they just say "We could go anywhere, just only take me to Sunny waterfall" Now they have to call Sunny waterfall instead of Tad Yueng as they definitely don't know the original name right now.

As Tad Yueng is one of the most attractive places to travel, thus, the entrance fee is more expensive than other attractions. The entrance fee is at 10,000 Kip and 10,000 kip for the parking.

Upon entering we have to continue walking down a little and then we would reach at the above area of this waterfall. It is a plateau above the waterfall where the water flows into the valley.

Then, the time for suffering our muscles has come. For people who exercise frequently, they will be just fine but for us five ladies….That's a nightmare. What is an exercise? For us only buying a training shoes and sport bras for hanging in the closet and illuminate ourselves that we are in a good health.

Look at the route! It's very steep and narrow, how could we take a break. Then, there is one of the song ringing in my head "We could not back off and we could not reach the destination" I want to just row down the hills. Lol

Before getting here quote: "I forget to buy a raincoat with me as last time the waterfall spray is very strong and it even reaches at the photo spot. Even that time I did wear a raincoat I still got wet" As I told my friends, they got scared and didn't dare to bring the camera with them down here, however, when we reach the spot.....and we face with…

Hello…It's ME!!! Where is all the water? Omg!!!…Lol. What is happening?!! Nonetheless, our team is pretty tired and excited at the same time right now. Let's forget it and continue our journey.

Nevertheless, the splash is nowhere to be seen, let's go down to the bottom then. It's really hot and we are really tired but we are here so whatever.

Apart from the beautiful waterfall that has water flows slowly, the popular view that you might be familiar with is this walkway.

We are having fun and take some pictures until around 3p.m. The time we walk downward is just fine but climbing up…that's a torture. Maybe we are somehow tired from yesterday climbing, today we are like double exhausted.

Climbing up worn me out, consequently, we order Coke for all of us. A can of soft drink costs 10,000 kip which is almost 50 baht. The bill is easily gone. While sitting at the shop, there is a sound of a sweet lady recommended menus nearby. There are dishes like fried rice and papaya salad which seem ordinary for us.

Friends : We have to try the local food since we are here.

Me : We haven't seen one yet.

Friends: Come on, let's ask Mr.Chun. Otherwise, where do Laos people eat then.

When we ask Mr.Chun, he says that they don't have any local food here but they do have it at Tad E-Tu instead. Now, we have to make a choice as the food price around the waterfall might not be much different or should we eat here. However, if we walk back to the shop right now, we might lose some face as the lady offers us the menu for a while and we did ignore her. Huh!!! Acting like we have a lot of options.

We head out with an empty stomach; we are so staving right now. Driving back a little, we will reach the entrance of Tad E-Tu. Tad E-Tu is located in Tad E-Tu resort which we have to pay for the entrance fee at 5000 Kip and parking for 5000 Kip.

When we arrive at the waterfall, everything is completely silence here. There are only the ticket staff (called Pee in Laos) and the cuisine staff. Oh yes!!! cuisine now It's meal time. Yeah!!!

And this is ….. Fried rice with Ham which cooked from Bolaven Plateau rice that harvest among the dew during the early morning. Combining with the ham made from the female pork belly that listen to jazz music 10 hours per day and the lentils which are grown in the water from E-Tu Waterfall. Hahaha, I am just kidding as it's all a lie. The truth is that it is just an ordinary fried rice both of its looking and tasting. This dish costs us 30,000 Kip (131.5 baht) I wanna cay T-T. With the money I have spent, I just want to lick off the plate. Now, I am thinking of that Tad Yueng lady.

I am so sorry, I should have eat papaya salad 15,000 Kip at Tad Yueng instead. Now, I have to eat 30,000 Kip fried rice and papaya salad that costs 25,000 Kip. Such a bad decision making.

We just keep on eating as it is already 4 pm. We are afraid that we could not get back to the custom in time. Everyone seems to be tired at this point. Well, as I already paid for the entrance fee and the food is very expensive and more than that I have not visited this place before, thus, while my friends still decide whether they will go on or not, I quickly place my utensils and say "Then I'll go, and you guys could follow afterward if not I'll take photos for you guys instead".

Ouch!!! This is incredible. The route is too high and steep. Furthermore, we are in other country, I do not have a mobile signal so if anything happen to me like falling down the waterfall? I am pretty scared at that time; however, I just act brave and continue press on the camera shutter. When it seems that the picture satisfy me, I am done for now.

When heading downstairs, I am seeing no one. Turning to the side way and see the old wooden bridge, I am thinking in my mind that is there anyone coming here? When I am alone, every little crazy things are rushing in to my mind.

As turning to another side, I meet with a garden full of flowers that I have no idea what type of those blossom flowers are. The scenery is spectacular with the pale purple colour of those flowers that contrasts with the green colour of the grassland. My camera panned slowly to the waterfall ahead which has a sound of the waterfall as a background. Are you thinking that I was shooting a video? Hahaha .. Too bad it's not. Well, I should take a video of those scenery and I still feel regret until today.

Taking photos for a little while, there is a group of Paksong kids coming to play the waterfall. Everyone in the group wears goggles as their headband and just run toward the waterfall as soon as they got here. I walk toward them close enough and recognise that they are the same group in Tad Yeung. At the time at Tad Yeung, we shout out asking what are they searching for in the water, they just ignore us so this time I will get closer and ask once again.

"Hey guys, What are you doing?" They glance at me and then ignore once again…What!!!!

Finally, all my friends follow me here with their lifeless body. Oh!!! There are a couple of foreigner coming along with them as well.

Before returning back, we greet them and know that they are from France. The couple are heading back to Pakse and take a ride back to Cambodia next. We continue walking with our exhausted body up the steep stairs. Moreover, we are in a rush but this time our bodies are not getting along with us. We walk up one step and rest in the next step. The French couple just look at us, smile toward us as if they know that we never did the exercise. Lol.

Upon reaching at the above area, we then hurriedly get into a car and immediately ask Mr.Chun that are we going to be in time for the custom? Mr.Chun tells us that don't worry we are fine. It is now five o'clock and the checkpoint close at six o'clock, is it enough time? We start to panic at this time as the motorcycle ride here drive without caring the world. As for Mr.Chun, he just seems very chill and drives like a pro, except sometimes that he need to brake the car which makes us all started to scream.

At 6 o'clock and 5 minutes, we finally reach at the checkpoint and the area seems pretty quiet and our anxiety starts to kick in. When the car stops, we ask Mr.Chun what time do they close? He tells us that the closing time are 8 p.m. at night. Omg!!! Why we need to hurry? As we search for the trip information, it states that the custom would be close at 6 p.m. and we even use a "Wifi at the Tad E-Tu cuisine to check the time which also says 6 p.m. Therefore, everyone please note that the checkpoint would close at 8 p.m. NOTE…. Close at 8 p.m. guys!!!! It's our mistake as well because at first we ask Mr.Chun whether we will be arriving in time or not, not asking for the closing time at the first place. Lol.

When we went to the counter to stamp out of the country, the officer asks us where have we been visiting and then informs us to pay 50 baht each for the exit fee. What!!! They just deduct the fee as the first time I visited here the fee costs 100 baht each for both legs. However, you don't have to care because they don't give us the invoice anyway.

*** But after six o'clock all the shop is closed. The only shop that is open is the duty free shop next to Daorueng shop. Therefore, if you want to buy some liquor, be here a little earlier ***

We reach our accommodation pretty late at night. At first we plan to have some grilled BBQ for diner along the Mekong River but we miscommunication a little with the place so they didn't prepare the grill for us and it is kind of late to find one at that time. Then, we change our plan to have two large portions of squid Tom Yum soup, 2 dishes of papaya salad, fried fish and spring rolls from night market and eat along with some drinks that we bought from Laos. Furthermore, we have some drinks beside the bonfire before we all heading to sleep tonight.


Khongjiam homestay is adjacent to the famous Tohsang Khongjiam Resort as they both share the same entrance. Therefore, the view from our accommodation would have the view of Mekong River and Mun River, so we plan to watch the scenery of Mekong River during the early morning time. However, we do not expect to see the sunrise as we are in the different side. Then we plan to go and take picture of the first light at Sam Phan Bok. Nevertheless, in fact, at that time we couldn't go as we are all drunk with Laos beer from last night. We wake up around 7a.m. and ready to go out around 9 a.m.

This is the view from the front of our accommodation. This homestay contains around 5 housings and there are only two of them which are facing the waterfront. One of them is our accommodation and they also provide the table for us to enjoy the drink by the bonfire at night.

This is the only an air-con one, hence, at that time, the weather are quite cold already so we don't need it.

The most highlight of this place is the bathroom here, as it is the open space bathroom. I am not afraid I would show my nakedness here but I am quite afraid of the animals. An animal such as the tree frog…Does the city people know what that is? Hahaha Whatever….We face with two of the tree frogs which one of them is at the big water jar and another one is at the side of our bed. Well, when I arrive pretty late at night and carry almost 10 kilos of baggage along with me to the room and then I see my friends chase the frog out with the broom, I just forget how heavy of the baggage and then run away quickly.

"We will wake up and catch a first sunrise at Sam Phan Bok!!!" "We will wake up and catch a first sunrise at Sam Phan Bok!!!" "We will wake up and catch a first sunrise at Sam Phan Bok!!!" This line repeats in my head for several times like a breakup words in the sad music video as we try to open our eyes in the strong sunlight around 10 a.m. Today, we are quite late. Lol. It's our bad!.

We park our car at Khrua Sam Phan Bok that we used to spend the first night here. We just walk down as we do not take a boat trip like everyone else does. The direction here is that come along the entrance way of Sam Phan Bok. Then, you will pass the local village route and face with the intersection which there would be a sign telling you to turn right to the shortcut to Sam Phan Bok. The road is not in a good condition and you will pay for the parking at 20 baht. However, if you go on a boat trip, you could visit Hong Beach and the scenic river view. You could choose as your convenience.

With this kind of heat, many people still visit this place for example children, aunt, uncle, everyone.

Actually, we thought Sam Phan Bok would be the highlight of this trip, nonetheless, we visited the astonishing Had Chom Dao before that is why Sam Phan Bok is surprisingly not excited us much as expected.

Sam Phan Bok is kind of different from Had Chom Dao as Had Chom Dao is likely a rock rapids while Sam Phan Bok is rock holes.

We walk and face with the large pool which is called the Naga Pool. They will hold a ritual at this place. This is all the knowledge that I have heard from the tour guide. Lol.

And here comes the highlight spot that everyone would take picture with when visiting here. It is a hole that has a shape like the Mickey mouse. Look, when we leave the Naga pool, next we face with the Mickey mouse hole, it is like a perfect combination of a mixed cultures.

During we have fun taking pictures, one of my friend says that that stone is so cool (one on the right side). By not knowing anything, I just answer my friend that it is a doggy head rock. Thai people always like to compare everything with an animal shape which dog is suitable for this one, I guess. We also take some pictures with it as a background. However, when we search others people picture in Sam Phan Bok review, this dog head stone is one of the highlight here as well.

This photo could confirm that we really don't know the famous doggy head rock.Lol.

Before heading back, we stop by to take some photos with the Naga pool first. It must be very beautiful here during the late evening or early morning time. However, we are quite drunk last night and wake up really late. Well, I am really sorry. Lol.

We travel until around noon, then we plan to go to downtown area next. We are here in Ubon, we should not miss the Vietnamese food, Of course.

This is Sabaijai cuisine; the food is really cheap and tasty. Though, I think the flavor of the sauce is a little mild. As for Vietnamese steamed rice-skin dumplings and spring rolls are very tasty. I have just tried Vietnamese steamed rice-skin dumplings with egg for the first time and I am very impressed. We spend only 250baht for 5 person. I would like every Vietnamese cuisines in Bangkok set the price cheap as this cuisine as with 250 baht in Bangkok city, it is just for only one person.

Before we head back home, I stop by to buy some Vietnamese Pork Sausage at Tongnueng shop and Dao coffee back for souvenirs. We didn't buy Dao coffee back from Laos. My friends are all love it when we get opportunity to taste this coffee at Khongjiam homestay. I do not think we do spend a lot when travelling, actually, I do think we do spend a lot for souvenir instead. Lol. Spending like we don't care how much money we have.

Do we really have to go back? I want to spend few more days here. There are still Pha Taem, Pha Chanadai and many more attractions that I never been before. Moreover, Ubon people is very generous and talkative. Usually, I do not get along with the elder very well, however, Ubon elder is really chatty and we love talking with them as well.

We will definitely come back to Ubon for sure ☺

The most boring part of the trip is a journey back from the attraction places. Sometimes, I would like the journey to be longer, I don't want to go back to Bangkok. As we have landed in Bangkok, the reality just hit right back in our faces.

There are 5 people and we spend 3 days and 2 nights in this trip. We drive approximately 500 kilos altogether. We might get a little tired and not visiting all the attractions, however, we choose only the places that we want to go, make time to something we like and let go of something we are not interested. Furthermore, I think this is the delight of a trip that planned by ourselves. Choosing what you like is the best decision in the world and just pack your bag and then go. I suggest that during the dry weather, at Sam Phan Bok and Had Chom Dao is the best period to go. Just click to buy tickets, trust me ☺

Travel information.

1. Getting there

- Bangkok - Ubon Ratchathani: You could travel by air, train and bus.

- Traveling within Ubon Ratchathani Province

Since each attractions in Ubon Ratchathani is pretty far from the downtown area, thus, if you travel with many people, I would recommend you guys to rent a car to drive around as it would be better than travel by public transportation.

- A trip to Pakse

From downtown Ubon to Pakse, for those who do not drive, you can travel by bus according to the scheduled time below:


- Traveling within Pakse area.

One day trip - Waterfall in Paksong, most program usually are Tad Yeung, Tad Fane and Tad Pasuam, the price include everything would be around 2,500 – 3,000 baht per day depending on the negotiation. Here is the contact of Mr.Somruk: +856 +856 20 553 51 774 20 986 28 966.


Khrua Sam Phan Bok for one housing for 5 people, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom costs 1,000 baht. Call 085-026-6295.

(In a room, there are just bed and fan).

Khongjiam homestay, waterfront house with air-con costs 600 baht (there are air conditioner, refrigerator, hot water) and a fan room costs 400 baht (with hot water).

No breakfast include, only porridge, coffee or instant noodles sells at the accommodation. Call 087-448-9399.

Or you also could come to stay at Khemarat as there are many accommodations to choose from and there is also a walking street there as well. Badly, we just known when we already made a reservation for our trip.

3. Expense

it is according to below picture:

"Let's go travel around Thailand. Don't let it be just only a quote that they told us"

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