Hello... My traveling fellow friends!!! Today, I would like to invite everyone to travel with me to one of the province in the southern part of Thailand. It is the largest Island Province in Thailand and of course it is "Phuket Island". Since I am a person who love to participate in the activities that give out a free accommodation reward prize, and luckily this time, I have won a 3 days and 2 night accommodation including breakfast prize at The Beach Heights Resort, Phuket from Paksabuy page. Well! As I have got a free accommodation prize, therefore, we begin planning our trip right away. And since I have lived in Korat which is in the Northeastern part of Thailand, hence, driving to Phuket from my place would seem pretty tough. With the distance around one thousand kilometers, thus, I would choose to go by plane for this trip. I do a searching for the air ticket for quite sometimes, and then I finally end up flying with Thaismile as I could set off directly from Don Mueang Airport and the price is not much different when comparing with other airlines. Moreover, they offer free baggage loading, light meal and passenger even could choose the seat as they prefer. After we already set a traveling time, we then reserve 2 air tickets right away which totally costs 6,320 baht. The price might seem a little bit high, however, when comparing with other airlines, it is not much different at all. I would review this trip from the time I reserve the air ticket then.

Ps. I didn't take any photos while I was booking the air tickets, but I will tell you guys about the details later on.

When I booked an air ticket with Thaismile, there would be 3 flights per day for Don Mueang-Phuket route. The first flight of each day would be around 09.25am in the morning which takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes flight times and will arrived at Phuket Airport around 10.45am. I choose to fly with this earliest flight because I would like to arrive there during the morning time to have a spare time to go traveling to some places before check-in at the hotel. The booking process is start from choosing a flight that we want and then the system will require us to fill the passenger information, please carefully check and rightly fill your information. After that the system will let us choose the seat that we prefer, I choose seats A and B in row 50 for both departure and return flights as these seats allow me to watch the view clearly. After finish choosing the seat, we have to print out the form to make a payment, there are many payment channels to choose from, and I choose to pay at 7-11 convenient store. Passenger could make a payment within 24 hours after booking the ticket. It is alright as we have already booked the ticket, therefore, we just make a payment within indicated time. When you already paid for the air ticket, the system would send the confirmation email to the email that you gave earlier and now everything is done. Oh!! I forget telling everyone that this trip is between 26-28 April 2016.

After finish arranging how we will travel to Phuket already, then we continue to do the planning that after we arrive at Phuket Airport, how will we travel in Phuket during these 3 days 2 nights? And we then end up with renting a car. I search for a car renting in webpage and Facebook and I finally find a page of Pro Carrent Phuket, I contact with Khun Ae from this page and their service is awesome as me and my hubby feel pretty impressed by them. They are very friendly and importantly if you do have exactly flights for both departure and return legs, you don't need to pay for a deposit at all. I have rent a car for 3 days and got a price at 950 baht per day. The day that I arrive at Phuket Airport, I just make a contact with them after grabbing our baggage, and then they would drive to pick us up to sign the document and photocopy my ID card and driving license for guarantee, then they will give us the traveling map of Phuket together with informing us the renting agreements and taking us to check a car condition. Lastly, if we happen to get loss, we could also call them for help. I book a Mazda 2 car, the car is brand new, clean and come with a full tank of oil. And when returning a car, you also have to fill up the gas full tank as well. However, since everything is not going as my plan, hence, I hardly use a car in this trip, so I just pay for the gas around 400 baht.

After finish arranging the vehicle that we will use, now it is time to plan our traveling program. We intend to travel to at least one island, therefore, we choose to book for a one day trip to Koh Maiton from Love Andaman. I manage to make a booking through the inbox of Love Andaman page and then pay for the tour program. They would send the receipt to us for showing to the officer on the day we travel.

Now, it it time to take off. We depart from Korat New Bus Terminal around 02.00am and it takes us approximately 3 hours to Don Mueang Airport which would reach around 05.00am in the morning. We walk straightly into domestic terminal building No.2, our flight is at 09.25am in the morning but as I am a person that like to have an extra time in case there is any unexpected situation happens, thus, I always believe "Rather waiting for others than letting them wait us". Upon arriving at the airport, there is not much people now, thus, we have a seat and chatting with each other. We wait until around 07.25am and the check-in counter is opened for service. Well! I have check-in online from my home already and did print out all the document, therefore, I would contact the check-in counter only to load one of our baggage. Thaismile Airlines would offers passenger with 20kg free baggage allowance. We have only two of us in this trip, thus, only one bag is enough. I let my hubby arranging to load baggage and I just wait and see a loading process. I wait for around 5 minutes and we will walk into the the Gate area. If all the process goes smoothly, you could walk straightly into the Gate. We stop by to buy something to eat and then go straight to the Gate. The Gate that we have got is quiet far, it is a Gate No.52. We sit back for a while and now it is time to board the aircraft.

This is an aircraft that will take us to fly this time, the name is "Ang Thong" aircraft.

Let's go onboard! Once the officer announces passengers to board the aircraft, we then queue up and get onboard. Luckily, today's flight is not delayed as all passenger is waiting at the Gate and ready to go. Therefore, the boarding time is rather quick, we wait just only a while and then the aircraft is taking off to Phuket Airport.

When the aircraft is going up at the proper level, air hostess would start serving a light meal. I don't know what does this menu call but it is quite tasty. The light meal bag would consist of a bottle of water and a light meal. Moreover, they will also serve drinks to passenger like juice and soft drinks, I do request 2 glasses of orange juice. So refreshing ^^

We arrive at Phuket around 10.45am. After arriving at the airport and grabbing our baggage, we then contact Khun Ae and she comes to pick us up at the first floor. Let's set off to get around Phuket together!

Our plan is traveling to each beaches of Phuket by starting from Mai Khao Beach and then gradually travel to other beaches until arriving at our accommodation at The Beach Heights Resort in Ka Ta Beach. Beaches that we have planned to go are Mai Khao Beach, Nai Yang Beach, Surin Beach, Patong Beach, Kamala Beach, Ka Ta Beach, Karon Beach and many more beaches. However, in the reality we could only travel to Mai Khao Beach, Nai Yang Beach, Surin Beach, having lunch and then check-in at the hotel as we feel pretty exhausted from the journey since last night. My hubby says it is alright as our plan could be adjusted, we don't need to go all the places.

The first beach that we travel to is Mai Khao Beach. Actually, what I have expected to see at this beach is the scene that the aircraft is about to get landing and I did prepare some mobile applications to take those nice scenes as well. However, I didn't see even one aircraft out there, maybe I have been to a wrong beach. Lol. The beach is quite silent as it is seems like only us there with a large spectacular sea and a bright sky. Awesome!

We take a walk and take some photos for a little while, then continue going to Nai Yang Beach. Nai Yang Beach could be enter from Sirinat National Park which we would have paid for an entrance fee at 20 baht. This beach is a bit crowded comparing to the first beach, moreover, it is considerably dirty here as there are a lot of rubbishes on the beach. Yet, the sea water look nice for swimming anyway.

We take a little walk around there for a while and then we are heading off to other beaches. We continuously drive along the way until we reach at Bang Thao Beach which is located in Laguna Phuket Project. The beach is tranquil and beautiful likes other beaches and there are a lot of activities to do there. I'm not sure whether Bang Thao Beach is a private beach of Laguna Phuket Project or not, however, the accommodation there is quite interesting with a beach front view.

The next beach that we are taking a visit to is Surin Beach, the wave is rather strong here. I have read that this beach is famous for surfing and there would be a lot of foreigners taking sun bathing. The seawater here is crystal clear and the beach is nice. Yet, the entrance way to the beach seems like under-construction as I have seen they are restoring and building something. I overlook to the far distance and have seen there is a resort located on the mountain and it looks pretty awesome!

Well, we now have been visiting those 4 beaches already and have had an adventure on Phuket's road which is not like my hometown as there are a lot of up and down hill way around here. However, it is just only a short route and it is not dangerous at all. Now, it is around 1pm and we are feeling a little bit hungry already. Thus, we would have lunch at the restaurant that we have planned earlier which is Romsai Baan Nakalay. It is nothing special about the place but I just only prefer the view here and the restaurant is not that grand, therefore, we love it here. When we reach at the restaurant, there is only a group of customer there, thus, we could freely choose the seating at the corner that we like to watch the view. The menus that we order are Charcoal-Boilded Pork Neck, Tom Yum Kung (Sour Prawn Soup) and Stir-Fried Seafood with Basil Leaves. However, the menus that we have got are Charcoal-Boilded Pork Neck, Tom Yum Thalay (Sour Seafood Soup) and Stir-Fried Prawn with Basil Leaves. Well, it's alright, I don't take it seriously. We eat our lunch while watching to the beautiful view around and the wind is blowing a cooling sea breeze, the atmosphere is pretty nice! The total price of the lunch meal costs 570 baht including 3 orders of rice and a big bottle of soft drink.

It is nearly 3.00pm now, thus, we agree to go straight back to the hotel as the weather today is pretty hot and we would like to soak in the water at our room. As I have mentioned earlier that I have got a prize for 3 days 2 nights with pool Access Room at The Beach Heights Resort. I make a reservation via the email and have got the confirmation from the hotel already. Furthermore, guest need to pay for the deposit at 3000 baht upon checking in the room and they would accept only cash deposit. However, I have called to confirm the room one day before check-in and they inform me that if we are using voucher, we don't need to pay for the deposit. Wow, this is just great !^^

The atmosphere in front of the hotel and the Lobby area.

The building that located beside is also a part of The Beach Group which is called The Beach Boutique.

Before we head to our room, I would take you guys to survey the main pool area of the hotel.

This is the Pool Access Room in another building. I feel lucky as I didn't stay in this side as there would be crowded here.

After checking-in, the staff will take us to the room. The room that we are going to stay is located behind the building No.1, it is a Pool Access Room No. 3103 and it is rather privacy here. Luckily that I have got a room in this side as the room in another side will close to the main pool and the dinning room of the hotel. The Pool Access Room at my side is like a private pool that no one seems to come and swim here, moreover, it looks like there is only our room in that area as well.

Let's go exploring the restroom. In the bathroom would have the rain shower and there is no bathtub, guest could open the curtain from the bathroom to look at the outside area. However, even we are couple, but I don't want to try that ^^. There are 2 towels in the bathroom, but the face cloth and bath mat are not there which the staff gives to us later.

Well, now let's explore the highlight of our Pool Access Room which likely to be our private pool.

According to our program, we would go and watch the sunset scenery at Kang Hun Lom View Point (Wind Wheel View Point) and then will go and find some food to eat at Rawai Beach. However, like I have mentioned earlier that we feel really exhausted from the journey, thus, the program has been cancelled to be soaking in the pool instead. We will take a rest at our room until the late evening and then we go out to find something to eat. I love Phuket as we could find a delicious foods along the way and there are a lot of foreigners here that we are wondering whether we are traveling abroad ^^. We take a walk continuously until we almost reach at Ka Ta Beach, but we still couldn't find a restaurant that we prefer, thus, we finally go back to buy foods at cooked to order shop nearby the hotel. I don't know maybe the price is high according to the sightseeing spot as 2 plain takeaway food costs me 240 baht which is rather expensive. I forget to take a photo of the food as we are pretty starving at that time.

The new day has come, with a full recovery of energy and we are quite ready for today's trip. As today we have an appointment with Love Andaman Tour to Koh Maiton. There is a staff called us yesterday afternoon to make an appointed time for the van to pick us up at the hotel. We hurried to wake up and have a breakfast. The staff informs us that the dining room would be opened from 06.30am., thus, it is now almost 07.00am and we are ready for having our breakfast at Ya Nas Dining Room. As it is still early in the morning and there is only a few people, therefore, I could take photos for you guys to have a look.

After finish our breakfast, we take a walk around the hotel waiting for a van to pick us up. At around 08.36am, a van finally arrives at the hotel, there are some tourists who will travel to Koh Maiton like us sitting in the van already. From our hotel, a van stops for another 3 places to pick other passengers up and then we are going to Nam Luek Pier, Phuket. The total ride takes approximately 45 minutes.

Upon arriving, there would be a registration point for tourists. There are a lot of tourists today, most of them are Thais and Asian people with a little bit of Western people. They also offer light food and beverage at this area, thus, we would have some of that. The sitting area is not enough for these number of the people and the toilet also smells bad. We are waiting for a while and there will be a tour guide from Love Andaman comes to introduce himself and explain a roughly traveling plan. Our tour guide today called Khun Au and he is a good entertainer.

And now the boat is ready to take off. Our tour guide informs us that it is a large boat which could accommodate around 40-50 people, something like that I'm not quite sure. As today we have 38 passengers in total, thus, some of the seating will be left available in the boat. Before get on the boat, our tour guide would inform us to take off our shoes and put it all together in a big plastic bag. They would give it to us when we reach at the island both departure and return legs.

The journey takes only a while just around 10 minutes and we are arriving at Koh Maiton. We could see a clear beautiful seawater from a far distance, a bit pity that we could not see a dolphin this time like some other times that some tourists are lucky to see them. Before we get off from the boat, our tour guide would ask all the tourist what would they prefer, whether go straight to the island or go diving. For those who choose to go straight to the island for having some pleasant relaxing time, you could get off at the island right away as the boat will stop by at the pier for the tourists to get off. And for those who will go diving, a tour guide would take them to dive at the diving spot.

Me and my hubby choose to get off at the island as I can't swim and I did not plan to go diving neither. I just would like to sit back and take a pleasant time on the island. There are only a few people who choose to get straightly off at the island. After we are on the island and we sit back for a while, there would be a staff form Love Andaman comes serving drinks for us. From the time I get off from the boat, I completely fall in love with this island, the seawater is spectacular and the sky is bright. However, as there is not much cloud in the sky, thus the sun light is rather strong today, I think even apply the sun protector would not help much. Anyway, it seems nonsense if we are worrying about getting tanned skin while we are traveling to the sea. There are many tour companies that arrange the trip to Koh Maiton. The area of Love Andaman would be in the most inner area. There are seating in the shady area for tourists to sit back and relax. During the time I was there, I have seen that the area at the end of the beach has been under-construction as there would be a signboard to block the way. Therefore, we didn't walk to that area, we just take a walk around the area that they provide. Moreover, there is a pool here as well, thus, for those who don't want to swim in the sea, you also could come to swim in the pool area instead.

Let's go together as it is time to jump into the clear seawater of Koh Maiton now. I would let you guys watching our spectacular pictures then.

Koh Maiton

During noon time, the staff from Love Andaman would prepare a lunch meal for tourists. We are going to have a full course of lunch meal. Today's menus include Fried Chicken Drumsticks, Chinese Cabbage Soup, Spaghetti, Crispy Shrimp Roasted Chilli Paste, Grilled Mixed Seafood, drinks and desserts with unlimited serving. Now, we are starving, let's go to have lunch together.

During 1.00 a.m, Khun Au, our tour guide is calling for those who would like to go to the scenic spot to gather up. The ascent way is considerably steep that I climb up with difficulty and get really exhausted. However, the scenery over there is rather spectacular.

After go down from the scenic spot, Love Andaman also serves tourists with the delight dessert called O-Eo, it is kind of a local dessert of Phuket which includes o-eo jelly, red bean and sweet syrup. It is very refreshing indeed.

It is around 3.30 p.m now and it is time for a journey back. It is a relaxing trip that I feel really impressed. Even though there are not many activities to do here, but I think this place suits for those who would like some relaxation time, go swimming and just watch other people having a great time here. I think only this our journey is also great enough.

It takes around 15 minutes for a ride back. Luckily, no one in this trip seems to have a motion seasick during the boat ride, maybe because it is only a short journey time on the boat ride. Well, for those who have a motion seasick, you should better take a medicine beforehand for a happy traveling. Riding on the boat is not proper for pregnancy and those who have a heart disease as the boat will be bumping quite hard along the ride. Upon arriving at the shore, there is a van waiting to send passengers back to their hotels.

For dinner meal we intend to go and eat at Rawai Beach after we have missed it yesterday. Unfortunately, we did miss it again today as we are very exhausted and too lazy. Lol. Therefore, we just change our plan to soak in the cool water in our room. As for the dinner, we end up walking to find something for eat like yesterday. However, from the hotel we would take the right turn today, we keep walking until we agree to have dinner at Benya Cuisine. There are a lot of seafood cuisines there, we choose this cuisine because the atmosphere seems pretty pleasant inside and this is all of our reason. For dinner, we order Tom Yum Kung (Sour Prawn Soup), Steamed Squid with Chilli Lime Sauce and Spicy Salad with Mixed Seafood. This meal costs one thousand baht in total. For our comments for these menus, we would give a star for Tom Yum Kung menu only, as for other two menus, we feel not much appreciated.

During the way back to the hotel, there are a lot of shops such as mini-mart, cuisine, bar, pizza shop, ice-cream shop and etc. and you could choose to buy things as you like. Me and my hubby feel that we are not completely full, thus, we stop by to buy something for eat at the mini-mart which located around the entrance way of the hotel. Grab some cooling drink to drink and chill out by the pool, it must be really refreshing. ^^

And now it come to the last day of this trip. I feel a bit sad as I still don't want to go back home just yet. Today, we are flying back with the last flight at 9.35pm, therefore, we still have a whole day traveling in Phuket. Our traveling plan for today is visiting the temple and promenade around the old town Phuket. After we finish our breakfast, we check-out from the hotel and then head out to our first destination which is Coffee Talk Cafe. The cafe is located at Karon Beach and it is another cafe in Phuket that has a pleasant atmosphere to sit back as you could clearly overlook to the sea right away from the cafe. As we come pretty early in the morning, thus, there is no customer there at that moment. The staff is all friendly and the drinks taste just awesome. I order Strawberry Delight for me and Ice Chocolate for my hubby, and we have a brownie for a dessert menu.

Next we will go to Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Temple or Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha), the route to the temple is up to the mountain, yet it is not too difficult to drive there. I think driving up on the mountain in Chiang Mai is much harder than this. During the way up, there are cars that ride pass by from time to time.

There are a lot of people at Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Temple or Wat Phra Yai. The weather seems fine today as the sun is not too strong. Although the temple is under-construction at that time, however, we also could walk to above area like normal time, just only that we need to watch out a little bit more carefully.

After Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Temple, our next destination that we will visit is Chaithararam Temple or Wat Chalong to worship Luang Phor Chaem.

After we finish our temple trip, we then head back to the downtown area to take a walk and watch a beautiful architecture style in Phuket Old Town area. We start to take a walk from Deebuk and Thalang Road as there will be the old buildings and the buildings that have been renovated to be like in the old time. Those are all very nice and I love it here. There are also restaurants, cafes, art street paintings that are about to be removed . Moreover, there are a lot of tourists here. The buildings here looks exotically colorful and really interesting art style.

As we take a walk, we find a cute cafe along the way. I have read the review of this particular cafe before and I think that this art cafe contains a pleasant atmosphere and I would like to try. This cafe is called Eleven Two & Co., all the staff here is very nice as they are very friendly and recommend each customers about the highlight menus of the cafe. I order a drink called Hot Summer, it is a smoothie with a lemon and it has a sour taste which makes me feel very refreshing. Yet, for those who don't like vegetables, you could pass this menu as they would add Mint Leaves inside as well, however, it tastes pretty awesome for me.

After heading out from Eleven Two & Co. Cafe, our last destination for today is to try the Crab Curry with Cha Plu leaves at One Chun Restaurant. Getting out of the cafe and walk past one intersection, you will find One Chun Restaurant. It serves Phuket local foods and the restaurant is decorated in retro style by using antiques for decoration such as old radio and clock. There are not many people during that time which is quite awesome. We order Crab Curry with Cha Plu Leaves, Moo Hong (Phuket Belly Pork Stew) and Stir-fried Crab Meat in Lemon Sauce, I would give a full perfect score for first two menus as I feel so so for the last menu. Moreover, they will serve rice in the pot that looks really nice. Well, let's go eating out together.

*This meal costs 810 baht in total

After we are delightedly full with the meal, it is almost 5.00pm right now. Firstly, we intend to go and visit another temple called Phra Thong Temple. Nevertheless, the traffic condition is rather bad, thus, we will change the plan and head directly back to the airport. As I have mentioned before "Rather waiting for others than letting them wait us", therefore, going ahead of time is the best way. I then contact Khun Ae that we will return the car and she would come to the airport to get the car and it's all done. Phuket Airport during 6.00pm would filled with a lot of passengers and the seating in the airport is not enough. I don't know whether there are more seating in other areas or not as I have been at the check-in counter and the seating is not enough comparing with the passenger at this time. I have to stand almost 1 hour before check-in counter will be opened. Check-in counter for domestic flight will be opened 2 hours before departure time. After finish checking-in and loading our baggage, we then go straight to the Gate. There are a lot of people today, however, the seating in the Gate area is quite enough for today's passengers (I'm not sure if there are much more people than today, the seating would be enough or not). When the time comes, the airline staff would announce to board on the aircraft. The journey would take around 1 hour and 10 minutes as usual. Upon arriving at Don Mueang Airport, me and my hubby then take a taxi to Mochit to catch a bus back to Korat continuously and finally we have arrived at our home safe and sound.

I would sum up a total expense for this trip without including a food cost as it depends on each one to choose their own meal in your trip.

2 round trip air tickets from Thaismile Airlines, economy class cost 6,320 baht

3 days car renting costs 950 baht per day which would be 2,850 baht in total

2 round trip bus tickets cost 764 baht

Entrance fee to Sirinat National Park costs 20 baht

Oil gas 400 baht

Taxi from Don Mueang Airport to Mochit costs 190 baht

Taxi from my home to New Bus Terminal 2 times cost 440 baht

And that is all the total expenses.

I hope that this trip review could make everyone feel happy like us. For the comment of the restaurant or the impression of places and services are only my personal opinion. I would praise when I actually think it is and I would not tell things too exaggerate. Overall, I feel quite satisfied with this trip, although everything doesn't go exactly according the plan but it is alright, just properly adjust the plan according to the situation. This 3 days 2 nights trip makes me feel pretty awesome as I could go out to open up my eyes to see the new things out there.

Lastly, I hope that our trip would make you guys feel like ready to pack your bags and getaway on the trip.

**If there is any mistakes on this review, I would like to apologize in advance for that**

I am Kamon

 Wednesday, July 27, 2016 5:44 PM