Hello everyone, today I would like to take you all to Ubonratchathani Province which is a big city in the North Eastern part of Thailand. It is another province that has both cultural and natural tourist attraction places. But each place is a little bit far away from each other.

Our first destination in an early morning is Wat Phrathat Nongbua which is an important temple of the province as there is Srimahapho Pagoda that contained Buddha's ash. See how beautiful is it>>>

After that, we stop by Samchai Cafe for breakfast. Menus are mostly general breakfast. Staff will serve us with dough stick and condensed milk first then follow by ordered menu. We will pay as per our consumption.

After refueling our energy, we continue to Wat Tung Sri Mueang which is only 650 metre from Samchai Cafe. There are only few people as it is still quite early. So we can enjoy our privacy time, taking photos and walking around. Unfortunately, I did not go inside the temple and the pavilion in the water.

Then continue to Wat Tai Phra Chao Yai Ong Tue. This temple is very beautiful with many beautiful Buddha images. And again I did not go inside the temple.

Next is Wat Suppattanaram Worawihan that has school inside the temple area and the temple is located beside the river.

After that, we have no idea where to go so we check it on Ubonratchathani Facebook Fanpage and find "Kua Noi Baan Chi Thuan". In the picture is really beautiful with greenery of rice field but when we arrive it is not the period of rice growth. Kua Noi Baan Chi Thuan is located in Baan Chi Thuan, Khueang Nai District. "Kua Noi" is a bridge that connects between the village. The bridge is under repairing during the period that I go so if you go please be careful when walking.

From Kua Noi, we are heading back to city centre and check-in to the hotel, "Hop inn Ubon". The hotel is closed to Central Plaza Ubonratchathani. It is 550 THB per room for 2 people and with Line Promotion by adding hotel line we can get another 100 THB discount. So it is only 450 THB per room with standard room and facilities such as parking.



There is 100 THB deposit which we will get it back when check out. All rooms are using card entry system.

After check-in and take a rest, we continue our journey to Sirinthorn District to Wat Sirinthornwararam which the highlight is when it gets dark the Bodhi Tree will glow behind the temple. From the hotel to the temple, it is quite far but as our intention so we must go.

Around the temple>>>

At the back of the temple is the border between Thailand and Laos.

Beautiful sunset

Wating for the highlight of the temple

We have to wait until it is really dark to see it glows. But as we stay quite far so we cannot wait to long. Below is a photo that has some retouch to make it sharp.

The front of the temple...(The temple is under renovation)

For dinner, we have dinner at Tee Aumnopychoke Restaurant. Even though there are so many people in the restaurant, we do not have to wait for food and staffs are very nice. Let's see what are we order>>>

One night in Ubonratchathani... A good journey for me....

I hope that this review would be useful for you all. If there are any mistakes please accept my apology.

Sawaddee Kha^^

I am Kamon

 Thursday, June 2, 2016 11:03 AM