Start chilling trip at the beginning of the year. This trip is based on reviews from other websites. I have a duty to do at Kanchanaburi, so I will take it as a chance to trace a place in trend. And that place is "Wang Nokkaew Park View".

Where should I go during new year? Tick-Tock Tick-Tock I gather information regarding attractions during long weekends. A calm and chilling atmosphere would be difficult to find. So, I decide to postpone vacation few days for ease of transportation. The place with natural ambiance and not far from Bangkok has to be Kanchanaburi, as always. Where am I going to stay? With a cold weather like this, Sangkhla Buri is a good choice. However, due to limited time of only 1 night, journey makes me concerned. I therefore find other places nearer. I want to see Kwai Noi river during winter moment. I search for rafts next to Kwai river until I end up with Wang Nokkaew Park View Resort.

I book for standard raft which is a row house raft. The package price is THB1,300 per person including breakfast, dinner and towing raft to Sai Yok Yai waterfall. During weekdays the price is THB1,200 but for festival season, this price is not expensive at all. A journey to Wang Nokkaew Park View starts at Kaeng Siang intersection. Go along Highway 323, Sai Yok - Thong Pha Poom, for only 100km. from the intersection. Further to Sai Yok National Park for 4km is the entrance of Daowadung cave and 158 kilometer stone. Turn left and go straight for another 500m. You will see resort's sign. Make a left turn again and go further 500m. You will arrive at Wang Nokkaew Park View Resort.

Check-in point is on the land. There are rooms available in both bungalow on bank and raft beside river. Check-in time is 2.00PM and 11.00AM for check-out. The towing raft to Sai Yok Yai waterfall starts at 4.00PM which will take approximately 3 hours for the whole activity. Dinner serves at 7.00PM and 7.00AM for breakfast. Therefore, I recommend to check-in before 4.00PM in order to join towing raft activity. From check-in point, there is way on the left towards swimming pool and lodging is the bank. Behind check-in area is eating-room and walk way to raft. Rooms are on both left and right side along the river.

Standard raft doesn't provide TV and minibar. There are only air condition, water heater and WIFI in the room. Restroom is separated between shower and toilet. Bed is available in single and double bed. Free 2 bottles of water. Wood in the room is partly rotten due to time condition but it is fixed up already. Seal holes of wood crack.

After keeping my belonging and observing the room, I go out for joining raft activity to Sai Yok Yai waterfall which is at river mouth. The journey by raft moderately takes time but I can watch scenery along the way. Riverside is still plentiful with various trees plus resorts of local people.

After an hour of journey, now I'm at Sai Yok Yai waterfall. The raft is dragged closest to the waterfall in order to let customers swim at that area. There is a queue for visiting waterfall. First come, first serve. Raft stops at waterfall for a while to let customers fully enjoy. Then it will leave for the next raft.

After satisfying, the raft returns back. Current at Sai Yok is very strong. You should wear life jacket at all time. Jumping into water at raft's forefront, you will appear at the back. Also, soaking your feet into water while raft's moving is seriously not recommended. Strong flowing current may pull you off the raft. Accordingly, you should strictly follow instruction for your own safety.

Return back to resort at 7.00PM. Dinner is Thai food served in buffet style with various menus. The taste is slightly sweet. The food is normal dish like stir fried vegetables, clear soup, spicy soup, spicy salad and fried chicken thigh. Desserts are fruits. They also offers beverages and alcohol drinks but the price is more expensive than usual. Kitchen closes at 10.00PM. After dinner, I return to my room and lay down at hammock in front the room. However, the weather is pretty cold. So, I go inside the room and dope off.

I am waken up by the noise from next room. This is disadvantage of row house. You will hear some noises especially when your neighbor has a party. You may not be able to sleep. This morning I hear them say "Have a look. This is like Pang-Oung (famous tourist attraction in Mae Hong Son province)". I can't resist of not looking. What I see in front of my room is steam evaporating from river with golden light reflecting on water. It is unexplainedly beautiful. I suddenly find location to take photo.

After appreciating with morning ambiance, I take a shower, pack my bag and have breakfast. It is American breakfast that we are familiar with. It's kind of main dish to Thai people.

I visit swimming pool before check-out. The atmosphere is shady surrounded with nature. Not many people using the pool. Then I go to counter for check-out. Return back to Bangkok with life energy from beautiful atmosphere …