The three great Japanese Buddha statues in the attitude of meditation are including Todaiji Daibutsu , Kamakura Daibutsu, and Takaoka Daibutsu. They rise to a height of 15 meters and weighs 250 tons;13 meters and 93 tons; 15.85 meters and 65 tons respectively

Today, let's visit Takaoka Daibutsu.

We start from Kanakawa Station.

Since there is no direct train to Takaoka, we need to carefully check the timetable and plan our schedule. The timetable below shows how I make a travel plan .

We take the 15:09 train to Shin-Takayama at 15:22 (If you miss this train, you will have to wait far longer).

It is too cold to go outdoors and wait for the next train. So, we keep ourselves warm by staying inside the building until a few minutes before the arrival of the next train.

There are coin lockers where you can leave your luggage outside the building on the way to the railway station.

We get on the train at 4:09 pm. and arrive at Takaoka(Toyama) at 4:12 pm. (only 3 minutes on the train but it takes such long time to wait for it.)

There is the Tourist Information Center at the train station. Anyway, we use our own map to guide us.

According to a review, we can walk there, but from the map there is tram service. Let's take a tram to go there and try walking on the way back.

According to the map, we have to get off the tram at the third station called "Sakashita-machi". It costs 200 yens.

Let's take a photo with Doraemon while waiting for the tram.

Here we go. The tram is so cute, isn't it?

Children must love this train with its nice decoration.

The seats are so colorful.

I pay too much attention at the cartoon pattern on the train , so I get off at the wrong stop. I need to walk back pass a park.

In the picture, this is the entrance of the park. We have no time to go inside.

The temple is opposite of the park just about 200 meters you can see the big Buddha image.

It starts to snow when we are taking photos. It is so cold even there is not a lot of snow.

The belfry is next to the big Buddha image.

Let's have a look inside under the base of the statue and escape from the snow. (No entrance fee)

After we pleasantly take as many as photos as we 'd like, we walk back to the train station.

Signs along the road will direct you to the train station.

There are some even in the tunnel, so don't worry to be lost.

We hurriedly go back to the station and take the 17:26 train.

We arrived at Shin-Takaoka station and take more photos of Hatori-Ninja.

Finally, we arrive at Kanazawa and take a nice rest to be ready for the next trip tomorrow, Shirakawako. Thank you.

Check out for information about Todaiji Daibutsu, the great buddha in Nara, from this review

Wit Sil

 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:21 PM