Hi everyone, today I will take you to the 8 Hell hot springs at Beppu

And continue with Beppu Beach Sand Bath

Direction to Beppu, I take the train from Kumamoto to Beppu by LTD.EXP KYUSHU ODAN TOKKYU 2 because ASO BOY is fully booked so we use this one instead.

08:00hrs. Waiting for a train (Luckily that I get a seat otherwise I have to stand along the way there)

11:38hrs. Arriving at Beppu Station

Then buy the Daypass tiket 900 Yen/Person and the 8 Hell hot spring for 2,100/person

(buy them together get 10 % discount). There is also an individual for 550 Yen/person/pond.

From the station, I leave my bags at SEA WAVE HOTEL.

Beppu Station

Having lunch at the food court inside the station


Now it comes

After that go to the bus station No.2 and wait for bus No. 5, 41

Bus schedule for Daypass and the 8 Hell hot springs

We also can take Bus No. 9 from Bus station No. 1 as the driver come to call me to get on the bus.

After 15 minutes, we arrive at UMI JIGOKU

Let go in the see the first hell ^^

Go the get the ticket from the counter (you can start from any hells). We will get all 8 tickets for 8 hells.

Time to get in to the first hell : Umi Jigoku

One of the more beautiful hells, the "sea hell" features a pond of boiling, blue water. In its spacious gardens, there are a few secondary, orange colored hells and a large, clear water pond with lotus flowers whose large leaves are strong enough to carry small children. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

Follow the smoke

Walk through all shops... here we are the first hell

Toi Pillar

Wait for smoke to reduce and take a photo of blue hot spring.

This is the muddy hell which is a part of the first hell.

Lotus Dome

Before the exit, there is hot spring for feet we just have to pay for towel service.

During the way out

Then get in to the second hell : Oniishibozu Jigoku Or Muddy Hell

This hell is named after the mud bubbles, which emerge from boiling mud pools and look like the shaven heads of monks. Besides the mud pools, it features a foot bath with clear water. Adjacent to the hell is a public bath with multiple pools that costs an additional 600 yen. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

Hot stones

This is for feet and it is free...^^

Then walking across the parking to Yama Jigoku the third hell or the Mountain Hell

The "mountain hell" features small ponds of steaming hot water and a run-down zoo with large animals in small cages. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

The highlight of this hell is it seems like a small zoo...see this lazy hippopotamus.



Not sure with this one ???

Cute rabbits

Flamingos ... the highlight

Cactus garden

4 Kamado Jigoku or Cooking pot hell

The "cooking pot hell" features several boiling ponds and a flashy demon statue as cook. On the grounds, visitors can drink the hot spring water, enjoy hand and foot baths, inhale the hot spring steam and try various snacks cooked or steamed by the hot spring. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

We will see this statue at the entrance.

The small hell beside the statue is 85 Degree Celsius.

Red muddy hell

The big hell is 95 Degree Celsius and the color of water will be changed upon season changed.

There is also a hell for feet and boiled eggs are selling in this area.

Little cute garden before the exit

Walking across the street to the fifth hell 5 Oniyama Jigoku or I call Crocodile Hell

A large number of crocodiles are bred and kept on the grounds of the "monster mountain hell". (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

The Giant is waiting at the entrance ...^^

The hot spring is not the highlight here

But it is crocodile that there are quite a lot here.

From the crocodile hell, there are many people come for Fortune Sticks.

Then go to the sixth hell Shiraike Jigoku or White pond hell

True to its name, the "white pond hell" features a pond of hot, milky water. The pond is surrounded by a nice garden and a small, run-down aquarium that has seen better days. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

This hell has less people, so we can spend more time to relax.

There is a very beautiful garden with a very nice atmosphere.

There is also a fish tank that they put small fish to feed big fish.

Then we have to walk to take the Bus No. 16 to continue with the last 2 hells.

No.7 Chinoike Jigoku or Blood Pond Hell

The "blood pond hell" features a pond of hot, red water and a large souvenir shop. It is one of the more photogenic of the eight hells. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

(There is only 2 picture left because I lost it during uploading)

And the last one Tatsumaki Jigoku

The "spout hell" features a boiling hot geyser, which erupts every 30-40 minutes for about 6-10 minutes. A stone plate above the geyser hinders it to reach its full height. A short walking trail leads up the forested slope in the back of the hell grounds. (Credit: Japan-Guid.com)

I am so luckily that I only wait for 5 minutes and I see the water erupts.

There is a seat for you to wait if you come early.

After that come out to wait for the bus

Bus timetable

View from our room

I have a JR KYUSHU NORTH PASS so I can take a free train to Sand Bath beside the beach.

From the train station... walk across the road and turn right

During March to November opens from 8.30 hrs. to 18.00 hrs.

Sand bath fee 1,030 Yen/person if 10 people up it will be only 932 Yen/person.

The sea coastal

Waiting beside the beach

Staff is preparing the sand for us

At 8.30 hrs. Staff comes out to call us for payment. If we use towels there is an extra fee and for locker is 200 Yen. Then get change and go to sand bath.

You can bring your camera and ask staff to take photos for you (I forget). For umbrella, I am not quite sure because go there quite early so I do not need to use it.

Lay down under the sand 10 minutes

Staff will inform you to put you hand up first then your body when the time is up. After that go take shower and get change. If you would to onsen, there is also onsen here too.

Over all atmosphere before go back>>>

Then heading back to the hotel, check out and continue the trip to YUFUIN

Thank you very much and See you agin @ Yufuin


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