For many times, the objective of travelling is only to learn and reach destination. But for this time, it is happened from an invitation of my lovely sister, unintentionally planed and I easily accept the invitation as I have never been there before.

I only want go and learn ... Without an anticipation that this would be more special than ever.

I have a chance to experience livelihood of Mon family.

Which I think, it is a charm of Sangkhla apart from well known "Saphan Mon" (Wooden Mon Bridge).

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This time still take AirAsia from Phuket to Bangkok.

The airline that everyone can fly and more importantly there are 12 flights per day for the above destination.

There is long queue at the check in counter, so I use self check-in machine instead. It is easy and no queue. For those who don't have luggage, I recommend to either check in via internet or use this machine.

I arrive Bangkok 1 day prior to the departure to Sang Khla, so that I have time see my friends. I don't go to Bangkok very often, long time so see.

I have an appointment with friends and van driver at 4 a.m. in order to get prepared. We want to arrive at Sang Khla early as we don't have much time for this trip, only 2 days 1 night.

During the way, we get some refreshments and caffeine at Baan Cafe. It can obviously be seen.

There are many corners for lounging. After we get some rest, we are ready to go.

Then we found waterfall next to the road called "Nam Tok Kroeng Krawia" (Kroeng Krawia Waterfall). We stop a while to take a deep breath.

The weather is very good today. It is a waterfall that you can walk and look closely.

Then we take a long drive to Sang Khla. Our first destination is "Dan Jae Dee Sam Ong" or olden name "Hin Sam Kong" (The Three Pagodas Pass). It is the border crossing station to Myanmar.

As we would like to visit "Wat Sao Roy Ton" (Wat Sao Roy Temple) in Myanmar, we need to cross border. The gate fee from Thailand to Myanmar is 10 THB per person and 40 THB per person on the other side. For the gate fee of vehicle, I'm not sure ... Sorry for the lack of information.

Not far from the border, now we are at Sao Roy Ton Temple. It is the temple that contains fineness of wood-carving.

Sao Roy Ton Temple was built by "Luang Pho Uttama" (one of the most important monk in Thailand) and it is where he stays in a Buddhist monastery during the Buddhist Lent

The signature of this temple is a hundred of red wood pillars (which becomes name of the temple). I'm not sure not kind of wood it is but they seem to be amulet.

Sao Roy Ton Temple has 3 floors. As the 3rd floor does not allow women to access, I will bring you to 2nd floor instead.

The 2nd floor is quite bare. There is a principle Buddha image in the middle, back inside.

When look out the window, there is beautiful nature.

At the back of the temple, there are 120 Buddha images lining up. Look pleasing.

Not far from Wat Sao Roy Ton is "Wat Jae Dee Thong" (Golden Pagoda Temple).

We need to walk up the stairs in order to go to the top of mountain. I don't know how many steps. I firstly intend to count but when I get tired, I totally forget the number.

When we reach to the top, we worship the golden pagoda.

Walk around to see atmosphere and found 4 monkeys; closing ears, mouth, nose and eyes.

Upon getting back to Thailand, we follow our stomach by hurriedly finding something to eat.

There is a gem mine near The Three Pagodas Pass.

First dish is Spicy Tea Leaves Salad. I'm not familiar with the taste but my friend say it's good.

Second one is Fish Cake, sticky.

Following by Stir Fried Wild Boar with Red Curry. This one is quite delicious.

And must-have menu, Omelet.

Last dish is Clear Soup with Bean Curd and Minced Pork.

After the meal, our next program is visiting senior relatives of our companion which is Mon. I get to know and experience the austere livelihood.

I learn many things such as living, food and generousness.

During my stay at Sang Khla, I receive lots of help including 2 meals. Not only physically full but mentally full as well.

After that we go to "Wat Klang Nam" (Klang Nam Temple) by getting on the boat from Mon Village. The fare is 500 THB for 8 perpons.

While walking, I notice that every household look like this. I was a little bit curios. Then I get clarification that it is a Buddhist altar. But I didn't ask they extend from the house.

Not very far, we are at waterfront home for getting on the boat.

Along the way, there are lots of waterfront homes that open for tourists.

Companions from other groups.

Klang Nam Temple is also well known as "Wat Wang Wiwekaram" or "Wat Luang Phor Uttama". It is where Luang Phor Uttama helps together with Karens and Mon to build.

Then "Vajiralongkorn Dam" was built. When water is storing in the dam, it floods into villages and Wang Wiwekaram Temple as well.

The temple therefore moves to the hill and arranges the land for Mon to live.

Which means that the area around here used to be village before.

The remains of Wang Wiwekaram Temple then becomes another tourist attraction that everyone can't miss.

And they bring picture of Luang Phor Uttama here for people to worship.

There are Mon kids selling flowers and some of them volunteer to be guide telling history.

In the evening, I drop in Wooden Mon Bridge or "Uttamanusorn Bridge" to take some photos. It is the longest handmade wooden bridge in Thailand.

This evening, there is a celebration of opening new bridge instead of old one that was ruined by flash flood. The light is superb.

After finish taking photos, I went back to Mon village because everyone is waiting to have dinner together. It might seem to be an ordinary meal but it contains with happiness, laugh and delight. Mom allows my friends and me to wear her Mon dress in order to attend religious ceremony tomorrow. We look up almost every dress until we get the right one ... and that night everyone go to bed happily.

The next morning, we wake up very early to give food offerings to monks at Wooden Mon Bridge.

In early morning, there are not many people. The weather is quite cold.

While waiting for the monks, we separately take photos at different locations.

The fog is covering this area. I like this moment a lot.

For not too long people start to come out for food offering at the bridge as well.

The power of faith is overwhelming.

After finish food offering, I went back to the room to get prepared for the religious ceremony.

So, I take this chance to take photos our room in case anyone is looking for accommodations at Sang Khla.

Start from bedroom for 2 persons at 700 THB but stay 3 persons with extra bed charge of 300 THB.

I forget to mention that I stay at "Coffee Berry".

It is a small resort but very pretty. Every corners are lovely and full of nature.

Everywhere is charming but there is no breakfast provided.

It is located not far from Wooden Mon Bridge.

Apart from the accommodation, it is also a coffee shop.

It provides freshly made coffee with lovely corners to sit.

There is a car parking at the area in front of the shop. I thought it was for taking photos but actually it is owner's cat. Both location and owner are lovely by concept.

Now we are ready for the ceremony.

The temple is crowded with both Thai and Mon who has the same faith to make merit.

Then we move to "Jae Dee Buddhagaya" (Buddhagaya Pagoda) which is a reproducing one. Luang Phor Uttama has built for storing the right hand relic of Buddha.

The golden pagoda. Lofty and elegant.

If you have a chance to go to Sang Khla, don't forget to come worshiping Buddhagaya Pagoda.

...Every journey explore us to see new things that are different from what we have seen before.

Open your world and see a new whole world. Then you will discover yourself as well as missing pieces of happiness.

Sang Khla is only a small town that takes long journey to get there. But I believe everyone will fall for its charm either living culture or beautiful nature.

Lastly ..... Thank you every journey that allow me to learn and fall in love with every story that happened .....

Thank you for all supports.

Thank you for all comments.

Thank you for all likes.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for voting.

Thank you everyone for visiting.

Thank you for the space to share experiences.

And thank you good friendship that happened during this trip. Really thank you everyone. And must-have people, thank you dad and mom (the Mon family) very much.

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