Sawaddee Krab, hello guys, today the Lover on Tour is back to take you to the nearby place, Pattaya. I'm not sure how many times we've been here already but Pattaya keeps having new places for us to travel. This trip, we went to places that we've never been like Ramayana Water Park, Thai Thani Arts and Culture Village and Mimosa Village. What's greater about this trip is we get to stay at the cool place like The Zign Pattaya. Ok, let's go now. Thank you Readme for sponsoring this trip. We travel on 28th May 2016.

A Rough Itinerary

Saturday: Ramayana Water Park and Thai Thani Arts and Culture Village and we are very impressed. At night, we stay at The Zign Pattaya with a breathtaking view and delicious food.

Sunday: Coffee on Pratumnak Viewpoint to enjoy the comprehensive view of Pattaya, Mimosa and cheer the car racing at Bira Circuit

All photos are taken from Nikon D5300 18-140 and GoPro 4 silver like usual.

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If you are still lazy to read, you can watch this video clip. This time, I made it 2 clips as there's a lot happening at the water park and I want you to have a comprehensive view of it.

The first clip includes the entire trip photos.

The second clip is only for Ramayana Water Park.

We leave Bangkok around 08.00 a.m. and we take Chonburi Motorway. Today, it's quite a lot of cars but we are not so hurry. Ramayana Water Park is close to Silver Lake Vineyard and Khao Chee Chan. It's quite easy to get here. We arrive here around 11.00 a.m.

The ticket booth is situated right at the entrance. The fare for adult is 990 THB and 790 THB for children. Once we buy the ticket, the staff will give us a wristband and put it in our wrist. We can directly top up money to this wristband or you can also top up inside but not every stop has this service. So I encourage you to fill it up from here and it's refundable if money is left.

Here is a good deal of 650 THB for the ticket, please click: hotels2thailand

Once we enter, on the left is equipment, clothes and some souvenir.

On the right hand is bathroom and locker.

There'll be additional fee for locker. The lockers are available in both small and big size, you can choose accordingly.

After changing clothes and getting ready for being wet, let's take a look at Ramayana map. For those who didn't know yet, Ramayana Water Park is the biggest water park in Thailand. It's very huge, let's go!

The fun time has now started.

We now reach at the first stop. Let's see what they have. The purple-red ride is called Python Family and the green one named Aquaconda Family. Let's go up there.

Here, they very strict about cameras. We cannot hold while we are riding these rides even the waterproof bag also not allowed. If we have GoPro, we must put it with either wrist strap, chest strap, or head strap then it will be allowed. I think this is good so we feel very safe as we can tightly hold onto the ride.

The view from above, we are quite exhausting too, haha.

While waiting in queue, let's watch others enjoying the ride.

The scream is very loud, I guess it must be quite thrilling!

Here, we don't have to lift up the ring yet as the machine will do its job. We try the Python Family first. Two people are allowed in each ride and we both must hold tightly. Heavy people must seat backward. I must say that we get even more thrilling because we cannot see what's coming. All we can do is watching the face of people in front of us of how thrilled they are and we get even more thrilled, haha.

The first ride is quite fun and fast but a bit too short. The last part when it quickly drops down get us quite thrilled, haha.

Actually it's not cold but we see her teeth in every photo, haha. That we see only one angle because I put the GoPro at my chest. Now, let's go back again to enjoy the green ride.

Here is the clip but it might contains some impolite words. Please accept our apologies, it's all coming from the feeling, haha.

This round, I let my camera has the camera, haha. But I get cold already by just the start, hehe. I'm still very thrilled as I have to sit backward.

Only at this curve pipe that I get to see something. Still, it's quite thrilling and we got spun here and there.

At this point where the water is strongly coming from the pipe is quite fun.

Let's see the clip to see the real atmosphere.

The next nearby ride is the purple-blue one called Aqua Coaster. This ride is for two people to race and the heaving one will finish first.

My duty is to take photo and let the girl carries this thing, haha.

This one we must carry up ourselves. The lighter person sits in front and the heavier one sits at he back. I really like this ride. It is so thrilling and fun. Probably, it's the longest ride. It's so fun as the water is coming real strong.

There's several times that the water hit us, very fun, haha.

Here is the clip. I love this one the most as it gives us the longest thrill.

This view is taken from above. We have to go up again to get our camera bag as they do not allow the waterproof bag along while riding the ride, haha. Quite exhausting!

Nearby there's food corner. You are welcome to have some if you are tired and hungry.

Next, we are going to ride this green ride. This one is quite mild, only 2-3 rounds of going around and it will free us at the water park in which we will continue to flow along. This is like resting time.

Here is where it will free us. This photo is taken when we walked in.

Once we are here, we just continue to flow along this tube. It's quite a big round and we can jump down to play in this shallow water as well.

We are going pass several rides.

After finished this ride, we walk on the bridge to go across the opposite side and see these rides.

The blue is Serpentin.

The green is Spiral.

The purple-red is Boomerrango.

Let's have fun now. I wanted to start out with this heavy one, Boomerrango.

At first, they let us go to the dark tunnel.

Once we are out, we are quickly dropped down.

And it's at this point that I got so thrilled that I almost forgot to breath. Then, I must scream out loud to release the thrill.

The photo might not be able to tell you the story, please watch the clip instead. Sorry if I curse. And do not be shocked as I scream louder than my girlfriend, haha.

Next, I go enjoy the blue ride, Serpentine. We are in the dark tunnel all along the way but it's not that thrilling and it goes quite fast.

Here we also have the clip for it.

After taking these 2 rides, we got so exhausted that we didn't continue on the green ride. We were exhausted by walking up, haha, they all are quite high up. Let's go relax at the chairs near the beach first. This view is taken from above.

Here, 3 sizes of rooms are available around the water park. The price depends on the size. There's a fan on the ceiling for us to relax. We can also ask the staff to deliver certain food and water but not every menu. It's very convenient for those who takes the elderly and children together. The elders can rest here while the kids are playing.

And if you feel stiff, you can also enjoy spa service. They also provide fish spa, so good.

Let's take a look at beach chairs again. I think it's enough for tourists as they are really a lot. We can choose wherever we want to seat with no additional fee. We can also press to order food and beverages, only some menus though. It's very convenient.

For me, I'm exhausting and thirsty, so let's have 2 bottles of soft drink.

Very refreshing with this cool drink

After resting for a while to recover, now it's time to enjoy again.

We walk to the other side and go pass this gigantic wave pool. Let's come back and enjoy it at last, now let's go for slider first.

Here we are. It's quite colorful! These are the four sliders and we play by sitting face forward.

We slide down with this seat.

When going 4 people, we can compete on the way down. I don't have the photo while we are riding this ride because our face is down so we can't take photo. This ride is not super thrilling but quite fun.

Now we come to the orange and the blue ride, this is the true thrill. We need to stay in a dark room and the staff will count down and suddenly drop us down. This one we also can't take photo as even the chest strap camera is not allowed as it could grate on the slider.

I just take the orange ride. It's so thrilling. This is my first time taking this kind of ride. It drops down so fast. Please be careful for the gentlemen who wear big pants as the water can hit us at the center and it's really hurt, haha.

Haha, this is when the water hit me at the lower center part, it's so painful.

Now we have completed 14 sliders and it's not yet all. Personally, I have fun time here even though I can't try all the rides but I'm quite content. I'm hungry now, let's find something to eat.

When walking a bit further is a volleyball in the water. I think if we come in a big group, it could be so much fun.

There're really a lot of activities going on here.

And nearby the volleyball pool is the water bar. This is so chill, we can enjoy the drink while we are wet, so cool.

Opposite to the pool bar is the food court.

It has quite a lot of seats. We choose the seats first and soon the staff will come with the menus and take our order.

Let's see what they have. It's a lot of menus. Most of them starts from 95 THB for a la carte menu.

Steak is also available here. There's several types of menus both Thai and foreign dishes.

There's also a variety of beverages. For me, I just have Khao Man Kai (Rice and Chicken), haha. I don't know what to eat for 95 THB. menu. Anyhow, the portion is big and I'm quite full.

After that, we return to the water park in the afternoon. Now I'm ready for the giant wave pool.

Almost forgot, we must have this couple pose, haha.

For the big wave, it's a bit too mild, not as strong as Khao Yai Water Park. But still, it's quite chill and fun.

After playing enough, it's time to go back. But before that, let's stop at the children zone.

The children zone has the cool water flowing all the time. So fun, just like in the clip. Now let's go up.

We stay here quite a while. I really like it here, the water is so cool.

After having enough fun, the time is also up. I spend time here from 11.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m. In summary, Ramayana is a big water park. Even though there's similar number of rides with other water park, the security staff at each ride is very strict. So we feel very safe. Here, there's also many activities for tourists so we won't feel too crowded. It is an ideal place for family activities. Everyone can come join. If you don't want to get wet, you can enjoy the spa, the room, the swimming pool, and the pool bar instead. Everything is really here, I highly recommend this water park to everyone.

Next, we are going to Thai Thani Arts and Culture Village. Many people are yet aware of this tourist attraction. It was built to replica the dynamic retro arts and culture as well as architecture and paintings. There's also a performance. You can either just buy the entrance ticket or buy a package in which you will get a better price. If you are interested in the package price, please visit here as they offer some special price hotels2thailand

The first stop here is the local food. We also get to cook Khanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pudding).

The inexperienced one spills it all over.

But the outcome looks quite good, so skillful!

This is another tray made by the professional cook but she just takes it for photography.

The next stop is to make Krathong (decorated basket, mostly made from banana leaves). The Westerners see and love it. We all get to make one and float it at the well.

Next is fruits craving zone.

Let me try this zone. I just love it. I love craving according to the model. Let's see how it looks.

Oh wow, craving for a while and I finished. Quite nice, now I said nice thing about myself, haha, but isn't it beautiful?

Here is the herbs zone. They are local products and we can buy some home if we want too.

Next is the music from 4 parts of Thailand.

Oh la la la....haha, it looks great right? But I cannot play, I just pretend that I can. I think if we can play, it'd be very fun.

I forgot about this zone.

Here is the replication of Northern Viharn and inside enshrines the Buddha image.

This photo is just for landmark, let we also have a couple shot.

Let's continue to the arts gallery.

Inside showcases several arts. This is a wooden elephant.

Such a beautiful boat

When we look out, we see the actual elephant.

The elephant is very smart.

We can ask this elephant to give us a hand, stand or sing, very smart and cute elephant.

When we walk further, it is the replication of ancient houses. This one is Northeast style. Northern house and hill tribe houses are also there. It gives us the feeling like we are watching the retro movie scene.

Inside the house

When we walk further in, it is the place for international fruits.

If we want to enjoy these fruits, we need to buy additional package. The fruits are quite diverse.

Actually, there's also Songkran Festival zone in which they are actually splashing water to one another. The foreigners love this activity. I see some Westerners are enjoying while we walk pass.

After walking around, the performance will be held along with dinner. The first show is at 17.00 p.m.

Some additional food will be served in Lanna KhanTok style. Mainly, other food is served in buffet style.

After we get the seat, a set of Khan Tok food is served to us, looking so delicious.

After serving the food for a while, the performance starts. It is the local dance from 4 parts of Thailand. The foreigners love it. I also like it very much.

The First Performance

The second performance must be the Southern dance as it has such a lively music, very fun.

The Third Performance

And her is the forth performance. The performance is so great that I forgot to eat. The performance is so grand but now the food is cold.

What's more fun is this performance that invites the tourists to join the dance also.

We can try what we've never done before, it is truly a good experience.

The costume is spectacular. Now the performance of 4 parts of Thailand is finished. Altogether, we spend here about an hour and this includes dinner.

Now, we end the Thai Thani Arts and Culture Village tour. We both got so impressed. It goes beyond our expectation. I was thinking it might just replica the village and let us take photos around. But here, in addition to that, there's activity that we can participate. I really love it here. Both Thais and foreigners can travel and have a good time and you won't be disappointed.

We leave the Thai Thani village around 18.00 p.m. and then we go to check in at our hotel at The Zign Pattaya. It is located at Na Kluea and close to the sea. So it has such a great view. Anyhow, it's dark when we reach here so let's eat first. Dinner is offered in seafood and Chinese. Today I will have Chinese food, let's go.

There's no one here except me and my girlfriend.

Looking so yummy

The duck is very delicious.

The food is tasty. Almost all of them are delicious except some menu that we are not so familiar as we've never had Chinese food. Still, we finish almost all of them, haha. We didn't eat much at Thai Thani as we were enjoy watching the performance so much.

After we are full and before going up to our room, let's capture the atmosphere around the hotel a bit. The hotel is really huge, let's walk around together.

This hotel is located next to the sea but we have to walk quite a bit as it's really huge. After passing the swimming pool then we will see the sea.

When looking back we will see the black sea at night time. It is black due to darkness.

And then we enjoy our some sweet moment together also, haha.

Walking back now...

Here, we will come back again tomorrow. It is the waterfall pool, quite grand and beautiful.

The light is beautifully decorated, let's go up to our room now.

And here is our room. It's very spacious.

There's a bathtub inside the bathroom, it looks beautiful and harmonious.

Wow, there's also this liquid if you want to but you need to pay.

Ok now you have seen the inside. Let's take a look at the balcony, hmmm, quite beautiful.

When lifting up our camera a bit, we will see this endless sea and lights from the boat. We actually see it from our eyes since we open the curtain.

Turning right a bit

After having enough view appreciation, it's relaxing time. The girls just love to play with bubble.

When we wake up and open the curtain, we will see this beautiful view. We have such a good sleep on the soft bed with cool air condition.

Our neighbor's balconies

Here is the swimming pool. The pros is it is spacious with great view. The cons is it is a bit too big that walking from here and there is far. If we want to swim, we have to walk through the crowd so we didn't swim this time. Anyhow, it looks beautiful and should be fun to swim.

This is a panoramic view which has captured the entire view from our balcony.

Now, it's time for breakfast. There's such a variety of food and everyone of them looks so delicious.

The food tastes good. But I just eat a few. I only eat what I like so I love the taste, haha.

After breakfast, let's go around for photography. The waterfall has yet started so let's go to other corner first.

Such a chic chair!

Today is not too hot, a very good atmosphere indeed.

The beach is also beautiful. The water at Pattaya this time is not so dark, it has been much improved.

The waterfall is here now, it looks quite beautiful.

After taking enough photos, we take a good rest and check out around noon. In summary, this hotel has a great view. It is also close to 7-Eleven and Family Mart. It's just a few minutes walk from the hotel. It is easy to get here and roam around. The price depends on the season and you can check it at the website. I think it's definitely worth to stay here.

From the hotel, we go to the coffee shop at Khao Pratumnak. The big crowd is already here. We come here at noon time and almost cannot find the parking lot. Luckily, one car is leaving so we got a spot.

The taste and the price is ordinary. What is extraordinary is the view.

This is the view from the coffee shop.

There's reasonable seats. People won't sit long here as the weather is quite hot. I think coming in the evening time should be a better idea.

I have a cold drink and toasted bread. The toasted bread is delicious.

From Pratumnak Viewpoint, our next destination is Mimosa. It is the replica of villages in France.

Mimosa is like a replica village that has lots of shops and activities, let's go to see them.

Here are the restaurants.

The Hulk is also here. This place also serves buffet food but it's only available in the evening.

Another activity is the cabaret show. But it's only available in the evening time. The ticket is available here hotels2thailand

Here also has something like the small museum of different kinds of animals like the marine animals, livestock and animals with wings.

There's several kind of fish.

In addition to fish, there's also other type of animals.

Cats without Fur

The birds are also very colorful. Everyone sits so still but they are real.

So handsome

Outside there's also sheep. Are they sheep or goat?

And here is another activity of this place.

That is the 3D pictures,let's go check it out.

Now, let's take a look at where I have taken photo with, some are great and some are not, haha.

Running with the torch during the sports day

I like this one, so good, haha.

Meditationto calm our minds

Wow, the angel

I look more like an evil.

Let's go skiing.

Will I fall and die?

Actually, there's more than this. There's two floors altogether. But I didn't get to take all the photos. We can spend about 30-45 minutes when keep walking and taking photos. The light is too reflecting so the dimension is not so clear in the photos. This is another great stop. But I recommend you come to Mimosa in the evening, so that you can also watch the cabaret show and it's also too hot at the walking way in the afternoon.

After Mimosa, our last destination of this trip is to cheer our brother racing car at Bira Circuit. Here are some of the atmosphere.

This car drives by my brother, Toyota, one make race number 69. If you see it at any racing field, please also cheer him up. Here is another program and it is the number 19.

A fun racing sports

We finish watching the racing car at about 17.00p.m. and go back. This time, the traffic is good. So now we end our another short trip but with several attractions. It's such a worthy and impressive trip. I love all places that we went. If you are still thinking of where to visit, you can take my choices to consider and make your own trip. Pattaya still has many more attractions waiting for everyone to visit. It is easy to go, indeed, a recommend place for everyone.

See you again with our next Lover on Tour trip, for today, Sawaddee Krab ^__^


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