It is time to discover more about Turkey, it is one of the beautiful country where we can find many interesting places including ancient heritages. For people wise, they are very friendly and the food is very delicious with reasonable price. It is the good chance we can have the precious experience to discover Turkey, it is unforgettable trip.

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1. Lake Uzungol, Trabzon

Trabzon is located on the Northeastern part of Turkey, this city is well known due to its long legend as it is used to be the Silk Road. There are variously important attractions where you should not miss such as Lake Uzugol. This lake is in the Southern part of Trabzon, we can also see that there are many houses built in the valley. It is such the spectacular view which is suitable for taking some rest.

2. Yakutiye Medresesi, Erzurum

Erzurum is the big city and numerous people. Even though the number of tourist will not be as much as other city but it does not mean that there is no interesting place to visit. There are still many beautiful architecture, this city is used to be academic center in the former time, the building has rectangular shape and surrounded by the big field, it is decorated with sculptured marble. Nowadays, this building is used as museum where people can learn about Turkish's nation and region.

3. Ishak Pasha Palace, Doğubeyazıt

Dogubeyazit is located in the Eastern part of Turkey, it is actually closed to Iranian boundary. There is an important castle in this area, Ishak Pasha Sarayi is located in the top of the valley. It is the central castle where gather caravan in the former time.

4. Akdamar Island, Lake Van

Vann is another interesting city , it is the island where belonged to Armenia King. The purpose of building this castle was to use as asylum as it is difficult for the enemy to reach to this place due to its geography.

5. Midyat, Mardin

Mardin is named as the heaven on earth, it is located on the South Eastern part of Turkey. It is the ancient city which is well known due to its outstanding architecture of marble. This is the oldest city in the North Mesopotamia.

6. Mount Nemrut, Adıyaman

This is also another city which should not be missed. At the height of 2,150 meters from the sea level, it is the cemetery of Commagene Kingdom), there are many sculptural god statues. The big pillar is now collapsed due to the gravity. We highly recommend to come in the morning before rising sun because the sun light is slowly reflected thoroughly the sky, it is absolutely beautiful.

7. Mount Erciyes, Kayseri

The top of ERCIYES DAGI volcano is in Kayseri, it is the city where we need to pass to Cappadocia, it is surrounded by mountains. You will enjoy such incredible and panoramic view. The height of this mountain is 2270 meters. There is the challenge for trekking lover to try trekking to reach the top part at 3917 meters.

8. Goreme, Cappadocia

Cappadocia is the important place in the former time as it was the part of Silk Road for doing trade and exchanging culture from Turkey to China. This is the special area which is occurred from the volcanic explosion, it makes incredible geography.

9. Old Harbor, Antalya

This is one of popular tourist destination apart from Istanbul, many Thai tourists might not be familiar with this city but it is very popular for European tourist since there are many resorts and restaurants. Furthermore, there are some night pubs and bars, they are such the good highlight of this city.

10. Hierapolis Theatre, Pamukkale

Hierapolis Theatre - It is the roman theatre located in Pamukkale, the structure of this theatre is very interesting. The mountain slope was sculptured as the seats, this theatre can accommodate approximate 12,000 people.

11. Cotton Castle, Pamukkale.

Pamukkale or The Cotton Wool Castle, the origin of this name is occurred from limestone in the undergrounded stream (temperature 35 Celsius), the high volume of limestone (calcium oxide) is mixed with stream and flown from the mountain Kal Dagi, it is in the Northern part of the country, The limestone has created chemical reaction with the water and become solid. It is very naturally beautiful and outstanding place.

12. Bodrum Castle, Bodrum

Bodrum is the seaside city, it is one of the beautiful city and the uniqueness of this city is that all houses are white in according to law. Otherwise, the owner will need to absorb the high tax. In other word, this city is the same as Santorini Island in Greece, the city is very nice is clean.

13. Ephesus Ancient City, Ephesus

Ephesus or Efes: it is the ancient city of Roman, it was very properous city in Ephesus Caesar empire.

14. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya Museum was used to be Orthodox Church, it was built in Constantine Empire. Later, it was changed to mosque. It becomes museum now and it is positioned to be world heritage by UNESCO. It is the place where you should not miss.

15. The Balisilica Cistern, Istanbul

Yerebatan Sarnici/Basilica Cistern - It is the biggest undergrounded reservoir tunnel in Istanbul, it is called underwater palace. It can reserve water with max. 8,000 cubic meters.

16. Maiden's Tower, Istanbul

Maiden's Tower / Leander's Tower: Turkish people have known as Kiz Kulesi, this tower was normally in the middle of the sea in the former time. It was built to observe enemies. It is always renovated to remain the initial structure. There is no doubt that it becomes the tourist attraction and restaurants.

17. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque: It is as beautiful as Hagia Sophia. How beautiful this place is? Well, it is beautiful for all aspects, color, architecture especially for the grand hall. It is the best architecture of 2 empires which are Ottoman Empire and Byzantine Empire. It has been taken some part of architecture from St. Sophia and Muslim architecture. Blue Mosque is the biggest mosque in Turkey which can accommodate max. 100,000 people. It is located on the historical area of Istanbul and it is registered as the world heritage in 1985.

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PS. Thai tourists are allowed to stay in Turkish for 30 days without visa.

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