Chill Out in Rayong with a Stay at KANTARY BAY RAYONG

I can feel that Rayong is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination.

A lot of people are going there for beaches, Tung Prong Thong, and durians. These are all very attractive.

Moreover, it is not far at all to go to Rayong from Bangkok.

And the wait is over. Let's pack and go to Rayong!

We choose to rent a car with AVIS this time.

The rental fee is reasonable at 980 THB and this price is already included with the car insurance. The deposit is not high as some car rental service companies either.

We pick up the car from Don Mueang International Airport. AVIS counter service is in front of the Arrival Hall of Terminal 2. It is very easy to spot.

For those who are looking for a car rental or would like to get more information,

Please go here

Or call 02-2555300-4 / 081-3785697

The car that will be used in this trip is Toyota Yaris. It is not too big so we can drive it easily. This Toyota Yaris is also good fuel consumption.

We will head to our hotel for tonight firstly. We are going to stay at Kantary Bay Rayong Hotel.

Kantary Bay Rayong Hotel is on Saeng Chan Beach. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Don Mueang International Airport.

We have arrived at Kantary Bay Rayong Hotel in the late afternoon. Luckily, the weather is very nice today.

The weather like this by the beach is just perfect. I can't stop smiling.

The hotel's Lobby is huge with high ceiling so it is very airy.

There are many sofas to comfort you while waiting for the check-in in case that there are people queuing.

There is no Welcome Drink served here but you will get a coupon instead.

This coupon can be used to get a complementary drink such as fruit juice, cocktail, or beer at the restaurant.

One person will get one coupon.

I totally want to show you our room.

So, let's go there straight ahead since we are done with the check-in!

We stay in One Bedroom room type (there are 4 room types in total including Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms.

Our room is on 10th Floor and we are not there yet.

We still enjoy seeing the view here and there along the way. Look at the sea and the sky! They are so pretty.

Once I arrive in the room, I run to the balcony firstly.

Our balcony is not that big.

It comes with a table set for us to chill and get some breezy air anytime we want.

The highlight of the balcony is not about the size but the view.

I would rate this view 10 out of 10.

We are able to view Saeng Chan Beach for 180-degree panorama. It is truly wonderful.

This angle enables you to see the beauty of the balcony and the working desk that you can't resist to fall in love with.

Let's go and see what else this One Bedroom has to offer!

I would say that this room is very fully-equipped.

There is a dining table, living room, working desk, and a kitchen.

There is a comfortable sofa in front of the bedroom that you can watch TV overlooking the sea view.

Let's explore the kitchen now!

Oh wow! This is nice. There is everything you need for a kitchen, refrigerator, kitchenware, and even a washing machine.

You can cook anytime you want.

Well, what I like is the washing machine. I think it is very useful, for example; we travel for many days so we need to have our clothes washed sometimes.

I am always happy to have a washing machine available when traveling especially in a hotel room.

The bedroom is up next.

It is pretty simple inside the bedroom.

There are not many furniture, only bed, dressing table, and closet.

The bathroom comes with a bathtub, shower, and rain shower while dry and wet areas in the bathroom are separated by a glass wall.

Even though we have explored the room enough, we have decided to stay in.

We will chill and relax a lot on this trip.

And we would like to make the best out of the hotel's facilities.

Well, there are 2 swimming pool in the hotel and yes, we are going to dip in both of them.

This pool is in the front of the hotel.

They even have a small plunge pool with Jacuzzi.

I guess it would be totally nice to dip in especially when we are tired.

Another pool is on the side of the hotel. This one is pretty large.

There is a Fitness Center not far from the pool. So, it would be the best for those who love to work out to go to the Fitness Center first then come to swim here.

There is a snooker table which is available for free in the air-conditioned room.

If you want to use this room, you just need to inform the hotel staff then they will let you in.

Table tennis is also available... This is the one that I am good at ( I mean picking up the ball from the floor).

It seems like they have so many kind of sports available here. They even have a tennis court.

Anyway, I will pass this one since I am bad at it and I am afraid of getting tanned.I am already tan actually.

Then we have found the Games Room.

It seems to me that the hotel tries to get its guests to feel relaxed to the maximum inside the property since guests don't have to go and find these activities outside the hotel.

There are so many activities available on property.

But one thing you need to keep in mind is that there will be an extra charge using the Games Room.

One of the main highlights among these activities is the bowling.

Please don't ask me whether I am able to play bowling or not because I am shy to say, "No".

One game is not expensive so let's try! And yes, I have thrown a lot of gutter balls.

The game is over and it is time for dinner. We have planned to go out for some seafood earlier but Ton told me that he is tired and doesn't want to drive.

So, we will postpone this program to tomorrow.

We will then have the dinner in the hotel instead at No.43 Restaurant.

The restaurant is spacious in white and cream color tone. The color tone makes the restaurant look bright, clean, and attractive.

Bread is served while we are waiting for the main dishes.

Since we have decided not to go out for seafood,

We have changed to something completely different like this cheesy dish.

Firstly, I have my favorite Baked Spinach and Cheese. I would recommend this dish served here to all of you because it is served in a big portion and very tasty.

The second one is still cheesy with the Thin-Crust Pizza.

The last one is big as normal for Ton.

Lamb is delicious with no lamb smell. It is not hard either as I try it for one bite.

It is getting dark already when we finished the dinner. It is pretty calm and quiet here at night.

There are also numbers of food and drink stalls on Saeng Chan Beach in front of the hotel during this time. I guess it must be very chill to have a drink there.

Good Morning!

We woke up quite late today.

We hurry to take a shower... before going down for breakfast at No.43 Restaurant again.

The atmosphere at the restaurant in the morning is very relaxing with the light sunshine that comes through the windows.

They serve buffet breakfast here.

And I would say that they have a great range of food varieties.

What is interesting is that they even serve sushi during breakfast. To be honest, this is my first time experience to have sushi for breakfast.

For those who focus on healthy food, they also have soy milk .. This is just great.

No matter how much healthy food I want to have... I just can't live without some coffee.

The breakfast is done so let's take a walk a bit!

We walk pass the banquet room and we find it very charming. I can't help but take two photos here.

It is classic and very new.

Then we have found this pretty library.

We are not going to read anything but will just have a little break here.

This library is just too tempting to chill out.

I would say that the library could be used as an afternoon tea venue.

Because it is nice here and you can even see the sea view from far away.

There are not only books, magazines, and newspapers available but also cookies, fresh fruits, tea, and coffee which are all complementary.

Kantary Bay Rayong has won my heart indeed.

After that, we kindly ask the hotel staff to show us other room types in the hotel.

We start with the Studio.

The room is huge and comes with a long big balcony.

It has a cute sofa corner, dressing table, and a small working desk.

However, there is no kitchen or washing machine available in this type of room.

Two-Bedroom room type is up next.

As its name, there are 2 bedrooms.

This room is perfect for a family or a group of friends traveling together.

There is a living room in the middle.

The TV table separates the living room from the dining area.

On the other hand, the kitchen is also separated from everything else and comes with all kitchen tools.

Like I said, it would be so much fun if you come and stay here with your friends because you can cook and eat together directly in the room.

The last one is this Three-Bedroom room type. It is the largest and most beautiful one.

Look at the view from the bedroom! It is amazing, isn't it?

The living room is gigantic with enormous balcony.

There are three bedrooms in total.

Two of them are massive but another one is relatively smaller.

We have planned to go out after this tour.

We would like to go to Ban Phe Market, Khao Laem Ya, Tung Prong Thong, and a cafe.

However, our plan has changed after we have been told that they have Japanese Food Buffet today for Lunch.

We are very excited.

At the end, we have found out that it is not only Japanese food that is available but also a lot more choices of foods.

Thai food such as Spicy Seafood Salad and Oyster Omelet are served as well as Italian cuisine. So, this buffet is totally worth a try.

But the main thing that we, especially Ton are looking for is this Sashimi.

Ton loves Sashimi and he always eats it all the time.

They also serve Sushi and Udon.

For me, I prefer the deserts.

And I am telling you that the deserts here are the most delicious ones I have ever had when it comes to a buffet.

But please keep in mind that it might not be the best for you, this is only my opinion.

We are done with lunch and will go out straight away, if not we will miss some attractions. But before that, let's take another quick walk to the beautiful beach in front of the hotel!

One said that, "You need to eat durian when in Rayong." Luckily that it is the season of durian now.

I totally want to experience fresh fruit buffet right in the garden but the thing is Ton don't eat durian at all.

Therefore, I guess I will have to skip it this time.

We go to Ta Phong Fruit Market to buy one instead. The market is located right by the main road.

Once we arrive, I run to the first fruit stall straight ahead when I see that they have durians.

Well, I guess I won't be able to finish one whole durian by myself. I can't take it in the car or bring it back to the hotel either. That's why I have got these prepacked durians.

It is 150 THB and they smell so good as well as the taste. They are actually perfectly ripe for me.

I eat them right away after I pay for them.

However, I just learn that I need to eat Nok Krajib Durian when in Rayong.

I am sad a bit that I miss to try it and I can't even buy it back. I will come back next year and definitely find a chance to try it.

Apart from fresh fruits they have in this market, there is also a lot of seafood.

And yes, the price is cheaper than those in Bangkok.

I have accomplished my mission of having some durians. It is now time to go to Khao Laem Ya.

Khao Laem Ya is actually not in our plan, we only want to go to Tung Prong Thong.

However, we heard from our friends that it is fascinating there... Even though we are not interested in Khao Laem Ya at first, we are pretty surprised when we see it.

It is totally wonderful.

So, let's get to know Khao Laem Ya a little bit more!

Khao Laem Ya is in Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park in Rayong.


Private car – The easy way is to drive on Sukhumvit Road in Chanthaburi direction, turn right at Thapong Junction to Mae Ram Phueng Beach, then drive on this shoreline road of Mae Ram Phueng Beach until the end where you are obligated to turn left, then slow your speed down and try to look on the right-hand side, there you will find the entrance to Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park

Minibus from Ban Phe – From Bangkok, take the bus from Ekkamai Eastern Bus Terminal and get off at Ban Phe, then you can get the private minibus to the National Park but I am sorry that I don't know how much it costs

Minibus from Rayong Bus Terminal – Look for a blue minibus with a sign written Rayong - Mae Ram Phueng Beach, this bus will run on the shoreline road of Mae Ram Phueng Beach and will pass the front of the National Park but be aware that the number of the minibus is limited on the weekend

More information
Tel: 038-653034, 085-8129366
Facebook: Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park
Opening hours: 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM
Admission fee: Adult 40 THB, Children 20 THB
Opening hours of restaurants in the National Park: 7 AM - 8 PM
Restroom - shower room: Available
GPS: 12.593925, 101.417317

We arrive at Khao Laem Ya around 3 PM. We plan to only take a few photos only at first,

Because we still want to go to Tung Prong Thong.

However, our thought has changed after seeing what Khao Laem Ya has to offer… I guess we won't be able to make it to Tung Prong Thong today so let's go there next time instead!

There are so many landmarks at Khao Laem Ya where you can get a very nice photo shot.

I recommend you to come during the sunset because it will be totally wonderful.

Some tourists come here and stay overnight in a tent, listen to the sound of waves, and gaze the stars at night. I am sure that this would be an amazing experience.

Khao Laem Ya is a cape that projects into the sea.

Rocks make this place even more charming.

And each of them offers different kinds of beauties.

For me, what is charming about this place is the wooden bridge with rope rails.

It is just a simple wooden bridge but it is just go along so well with the surroundings.

The bridge is simply beautiful and chic at the same time.

It also makes a good photo shooting location.

Pandas are here.

I am not ready, my dress neither, so I guess these two pandas could be the good models.

Even though the distance from the parking point to the top of Khao Laem Ya is short,

We spend like one hour.

It doesn't mean that the trekking path is difficult... the path is just way too pretty.

That's why we walk, we stop for a photo shot, and we repeat.

I guess it will get dark soon. The sun is almost gone.

I won't exchange this amazing view I have right now with anything.

The weather is very nice with strong and breezy wind.

I try to breathe in this fresh pure air as much as possible before I need to head back to the real world.

For dinner today, we are going to Cafe Kantary Rayong in the downtown.

Cafe Kantary Rayong is by Sukhumvit Road in front of Classic Kameo Hotel & Serviced Apartments.

If you look at Cafe Kantary Rayong from the front.. it is just a small place in an ordinary building.

But you will be surprised once you enter.

It is so lovely. There is a bakery display cabinet in the frontal part which is very attractive and everything looks so yummy.

Then there is a classic and luxury table zone further inside.

Let's have a look what do we have!

Drinks are served first and you have got to try this Coffee Kantary. It is so good.

This is Hot Chocolate Soft set.

It is a nice and superb set including of a glass of hot milk, a stick of chocolate served with whipping cream.

To eat it, you need to dip the chocolate stick in the whipping cream before eating it. Then you need to take a sip of hot milk. The whipping cream together with the chocolate stick is very sweet and creamy.

It might sound complicated the way we need to eat it but it is fun and tasty.

Then we are having something more heavy, start with this Ham and Egg Crepe Squares.

This is another flavorful menu. The crepe is very soft and this menu is not too heavy either.

There are spinach, ham, and cheese inside. Those who love cheesy foods would love this menu, trust me.

This one is Cheesy Dumplings… If you see me never lose weight, no need to be wondered after seeing what I eat.

This menu is delicious.

I recommend you to cut the dumpling into half and get some cheese before putting it into your mouth, then you will feel how yummy it can be.

The next menu is up but I forget how to call it properly. If I am not mistaken it is Creamy Omelet with Tom Yum Goong on Rice.

Even though it is heavy, it is savory and can fill up your stomach.

Tom Yum Goong is so good as well so I would also recommend this menu to all of you.

This menu is also second to none, Spaghetti with Fried Shrimps topped with Shrimp Eggs and Seaweed.

It tastes similar to Spaghetti Carbonara but just served with fried shrimps and shrimp eggs.

We end our dinner with Exotic Fruits Crepe.

For those who have been here before, you must know that how good their crepes are.

The crepe is huge served with persimmon, pear, kiwi, cherry, and whipped cream.

It is topped with orange sauce in sweet and sour flavor. This is very tasty.

How is it, our trip this time?….

We ate a lot, stay so well, and travel so chill. We rest whenever we are tired. We eat whenever we are hungry.

We will be back when we have a chance, Rayong… We will definitely go to Tung Prong Thong and have Nok Krajib Durian next time.

Anyway, these are the good reasons to come back to Rayong again.


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