Hi everyone, let spend the long holiday in Kanchanaburi with me and my brother.

Our destinations are Mon Bridge, Jokkradin Waterfall, Pilok Mine and check in to the resort.

After done with the plan, it is time for departure....let's go>>>

Due to we departure at night so there are quite dense fog along the way, anyone who plan to drive please be careful.


Here we are at Mon Bridge with a nice weather ^^

Let's go to the Mon side

This makes us feel so hungry ^^

Many kinds of Mon food

People are waiting for giving food to monks

Boiled Rice with minced pork and poached egg...YUMMY^^

Wow!! Look at the girl, how can she hold so many pots on her head? Very talented!!!

From Mon Bridge, we continue to Jokkradin Waterfall>>>

Direction to the fall is quite far and difficult, the road is not smooth and there are still less people come to the falls.

Jokkradin Waterfall is an one level waterfall which is fallen from the 30 metres cave to the big emerald puddle with rocky gravel located in the middle of the mountain. It is really nice for jump in.

Even it is hard to get here, it makes you feel different when you arrive.

For my memory^^

We really want to stop the time right here but we have to go to the resort.

The beautiful view in both side of the road

It is already dark when we arrive to the resort.

This is the atmosphere in the morning with foggy.

Very foggy ^^

We cannot explain in a word, just see it for yourself.

Breakfast Buffet

The Pool Area

Natural art from spider wave

When the sun rises up, it makes the area clear and beautiful as in the paint.

Before go home we also stop by Erawan Waterfall...It is very beautiful and clear water.

My New Experiences

 Monday, July 4, 2016 2:33 PM