I have been working for the last 5 days and feel tired... so I think I better do something exciting for this upcoming weekend... I kind of want to go and scream in the middle of a jungle (to release the tension hahaha) and then go somewhere beautiful with a nice view.

I have come up with the plan to go to Tree Top Adventure Park and Baan Sukhawadee on Saturday and then go to Toei Ngam Beach and HTMS Chakri Naruebet on Sunday.

The weekend gets started with some excitement at Tree top Adventure Pattaya

Tree top adventure offers adventurous activities such as tree climbing, Tarzan swings, and giant zip linings. You will be trained how to use all safety equipment clearly before starting the activities.

It is about 2 hours to get to Tree top Adventure Pattaya from Bangkok. All you need to do is follow the navigator to Horseshoe Point Resort. It is about 140 kilometers from Bangkok (from CentralWorld).

We have arrived at Tree Top Adventure Pattaya around 8.45 AM. Here, you can choose the soft adventure of 17 stations or extreme one with 43 stations. And yes, we choose the extreme adventure of 43 stations because we are here already so we would like to make the best out of it. Let's get some extreme excitement!!

Then we deposit our mobile phones, car key, and camera. They have safety deposit box available here to store our valuable belongings.

Then we start to learn how to use safety equipment because you will be on your own during the activities (even though the staff will be there looking after you, it is better to learn it yourself in order not to get yourself hung in the middle of nowhere hahha).

The training session is done, let's get started!...

Our adventure starts here...

I guess we are about 10-meter high from the ground. I am not sure how high exactly it is because I don't have the measurement tool. ; p

From the starting point onward, we won't walk on the ground anymore. We will walk on the wooden bridge, zip lining, and so on using safety equipment including harnesses, carabiners, and pulleys.

In order to be safe, we need to use the double safety hooks clipping with the lifeline until the end of the track.

The length of each line zipping is different. Some of them are near and some of them are far. The height is also different. Some of them are very high while some of them are not... Therefore, the line zipping offers different level of excitement each time. : )

There is a light wind so it is very nice. The sweat you may see is from the excitement not the heat. hahaha - -*

The reason why I am in this position is that... I am stuck!!! I couldn't make it to the platform. Therefore, I need to "make it to the platform myself" by unclipping the two carabiners and leaving only the pulley. I need pull myself... to the platform using the pulley. : )))

It is getting more and more exciting... It might not look high in the photo but it is actually as high as a 3-storey building...

It is pretty high from the ground and we need to walk on a wooden bridge from one tree to another from time to time.

The bridges are all different and it is getting more and more difficult to walk on. This makes me feel more excited too!!!

This one is quite exciting. That's why my legs keep shaking before making it to the next station. +++

There is also a cute ride between the trees on a small boat...

I can't keep my legs steady on this one at all because I need to walk on a single cable, my legs keep shaking. -*-

I can't look at the camera because I am concentrating on my walk. hahaha

I love this station a lot. I was told that I would be let go after the counting of three. Guess what! I am kicked after only the count of one. hahaha

That's why my face is like this...

I don't know how can my neck tendons show off clearly like this. hahaha

We can't really hold our faces... We can only scream out loud... but this is when the tension has been truly released and I love it!!!

No exception for her...

Sky biking is up next. This is way too cute.

In conclusion, I would rate Tree Top Adventure Park 8 out of 10 in term of excitement, and 10 out of 10 in term of service. What they need to improve is the restroom (I suggest you to use the restroom at the resort before start the activities for now).

Note: You shouldn't bring anything with you including mobile phone, watch, key, and so on because they might fall down and get lost. If you want to get some photos during the activities, you can hire the photographer here. It is 600 THB and you will get about 100 photos. The photographer will follow you around to take your photos.

The duration of the adventure activities with all 43 stations is about 2 hours. It would be 3 hours including the training session at the beginning. Anyway, the duration will be varied according to your move. If you walk slowly, spend time at each station long, take a few break times, the total duration time will be longer (we didn't have any breaks).

From my point of view, this is worth it. Those who like adventurous activities above the ground will love it here since Tree Top Adventure Park offers quite a wide range of exciting stations.

Price and Packages <3

17 - station package is 1,125 THB.

26 - station package is 1,375 THB.

Full course of 43 stations is 1,875 THB.

You can check a deal and promotion here at http://www.hotels2thailand.com/pattaya-day-trips/tree-top-adventure-park-pattaya.asp

Website: http://www.treetopadventurepark.com/pattaya.html

Baan Sukhawadee

Location: You will arrive at Baan Sukhawadee before approaching Pattaya. It is further from Bang Lamung Police Station about 500 meters and it is by the sea.

If you want to go somewhere that you can get nice photo shots and would like to visit a charming enormous mansion, I recommend you to come here, Baan Sukhawadee... Well, I can't tell you what kind of arts this place fit in because there are varieties of arts within one place actually. You can find something from Roman sculptures, Guan Yin Statue, Relics of Buddha, to a chill place by the sea. Anyway, as we all know that sometimes art is hard to understand so you better see it yourself.

Let's go and check out the first corner! We will take the lift upstairs to go and pay homage to Guan Yin Statue. As you can see, the design and decoration of the hall leading to the lift is in Roman style.

We take the lift to the top floor and this is the corridor before reaching the room where Guan Yin Statue enshrined... They have beautifully decorated this area and you can even see the sea view on the side. Benches are also available here where you can sit and enjoy the refreshing breezy wind.

We keep walking straight and on the left is the room where Guan Yin Statue enshrined. It is the glass room one.

This is the view from this top floor and the big building over there is where the Buddha's relics enshrined.

Today is a nice day with good weather.

After paying homage to Guan Yin Statue, we come down and will go to the convention hall next. For your information, there is a shuttle to take you around, for example, you can take a shuttle from this main building to the convention hall.

Anyway, let's get some photo shots here first! : ) The atmosphere is totally nice.

The shuttle has dropped us off at the convention hall for buffet dinner. From here, there is a walkway leading you to the sea too.

The scenery of the ocean before the sky gets completely dark

The path that leads us to the dinner

The dinner buffet is served in a huge convention hall, therefore; not enough tables won't be a case... It is truly huge. There are also performances on the stage that run continuously.

If you want to see the performances clearly, I recommend you to find the table in the middle. But if you prefer the tranquility, you better sit on the side where there are not many people.

These are the tables on the side. You won't see the performance clearly but it is not crowded here.

The buffet comes with a wide range of foods. I don't like the taste of the foods much but they are edible and most of the menus are chicken.

Dinner is done so we will catch the shuttle to the Buddha tower. We will go and pay homage to the Buddha's relics and this will be the last program of today.

The interior of the Buddha tower is magnificent.

The main hall is carpeted entirely and nicely air-conditioned... I actually spot a few tourists fall asleep here. I guess it is too comfortable. hahaha

In conclusion, everything has been nicely designed and decorated in Baan Sukhawadee. It is fascinating and worth a visit. However, this place will be very crowded on the weekend and the main tourists are from China. Therefore, it might not be as calm as you imagine. I guess you better come in the morning or on the weekday.

Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee + Service Golf Car : Adult 200 THB, Children 150 THB

Entrance Fee + Service Golf Car + Buffet Lunch + Thai Dance Show : Adult 450 THB, Children 290 THB

Special deal & Promotion http://www.hotels2thailand.com/pattaya-day-trips/baan-sukhavadee.asp

Website: http://www.sukhawadee.com/new_web/

Adelphi Pattaya

We are heading to Adelphi Pattaya directly after Baan Sukhawadee. We are going to stay there for tonight. The hotel is newly opened. It is in Soi Chalarmprakiat 21 on Pattaya Sai 3 Road which is about 8 kilometers from Baan Sukhawadee.

The facilities in Adelphi Pattaya

There is a bar right by the Lobby.

A la Carte menu is available here for lunch and dinner.

If you can't sleep, you can come to the bar to have some snacks and a glass of cocktail or two. The bar will be closed at midnight.

Our room is at the corner. It is a Premier Room which is bigger than the standard rooms. The room is in white and cream color tone with a quality wooden floor. It offers such a simply luxury ambiance.

The swimming pool is at the rooftop and there is a pool bar as well. It opens from 7 AM - 8 PM. You can come and chill during this time up here.

The breakfast is served from 7 AM - 10 AM and there are many kinds of foods for you to choose from. The foods also taste good.

We check out from the hotel directly after the breakfast because we have planned to go to Toei Ngam Beach early. We will chill and take some good photo shots over there. It is about 35 kilometers from here. I guess some of you might wonder why we don't go somewhere close by, the reason is that we don't mind the distance as long as we get to see the beauty of the place. ^_^

Adelphi Pattaya offers quality service experience with clean and beautiful room. However, I would say that the way down to the parking lot is too steep.

I would rate Adelphi Pattaya 8 out of 10 for overall experience, 8 out of 10 for the location, and 9 out of 10 for the service.

Special deal & Promotion : http://www.hotels2thailand.com/pattaya-hotels/adel...

Website : http://www.adelphipattaya.com/

Toei Ngam Beach, Marine Bay

Toei Ngam Beach is a perfect spot that you can come to relax and swim. It offers a white long sandy beach. Toei Ngam Beach is under the care of Royal Thai Navy so it is very clean and tidy here.

We have spent enough time at Toei Ngam Beach and we are ready to go to HTMS Chakri Naruebet which is about 16 kilometers from here.

HTMS Chakri Naruebet

HTMS Chakri Naruebet was named by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It means in honor of the Chakri Dynasty.

HTMS Chakri Naruebet is the largest flagship of the Royal Thai Navy aircraft carrier. It was the master ship that controlled all naval warships during the war. It was also deployed on several disaster relief operations, including tsunami, flooding incidents, civil disorder, etc.

Opening Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM with no admission fee (only ID card is needed)

Let's go and see how huge it is! : )

This panoramic photo shows you how enormous is the apron. The ship can carry 8 AV-8S Matadors and 6 Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopters at the same time (no aircraft is available to see here though).

Armament : There are 3 × sextuple Sadral launchers for Mistral surface-to-air missiles and 4 × 0.5-inch machine guns.

From the photo below, you will see the end of the ship of one side. This is where you can get a nice photo shots. There are two other ships behind as well.

HTMS Chakri Naruebet is 182.6-meter long with a maximum beam of 30.5 meters.

The view of an island on the left-hand side is fantastic.

There is another ship right in front of HTMS Chakri Naruebet as well.

HTMS Chakri Naruebet is another popular tourist spot that attracts a lot of people to come and visit at all times especially children who are always amazed with its extremely enormous size. Therefore, if you travel to Pattaya, please don't forget to come here and the entrance is free!


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