This is the famous trip at the end of the year when people are going to the Northern part of Thailand to feel a cold weather.

We start this journey in winter to where we have never been before and we have to take motorcycle during the trip.

"Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Sorn"

For preparation, we should have trainers, trousers, clothes to protect ourselves from cold and sunlight as well as mask to protect us from dust. There are 6 of us and we are going to be together for 7 days. We only take all necessary items, as we have to ride motorcycle during the trip.

Let's start the avenger trip>>>>

After landing, we go to rent motorcycles and ride to Mae Tho National Park, Chiang Mai

This trip we ride a motorcycle clockwise to next destination which we will not come back to the same way. We start from Mueang District, Chiang Mai to Mae To on Road No. 108. It takes us about 3 hours (163 KM.) In the Google map is pined by driving a car.

This is our first day....still remember the feeling

We rent 3 motorcycles "YAMAHA NMAX" (2 for each one). After done with all documents and deposit, it is time for departure...

Let's me introduce you my rider (on the right)

We also bring repair set just in case.

Bikky, the motorcycle rental shop

Price is ordinary and providing good service.

Khao Soi Ka Long, Jomthong District near Phrathat Srijomthong

The restaurant decorates with coconut shells, there are many menus here but we recommended is "Khao Soi" serve in coconut shell.

They use coconut shell as all equipment such as bowls, dishes, spoons, forks or cups.

There are other menus such as Khao son Kai, Kanomjeen Namya - Namngiew, Somtum, etc. The taste is ok and price is a little bit expensive.

Khao Soi Nue serve in coconut shell with side dishes, grilled fish and sweeten green tea

On Road No. 108, view along the road is so beautiful.

Obluang National Park

We did not stop by because we have no time.

These are my other companions.

Suan Son Bor Kaew

We did not stop by Ob Luang National Park because we have to catch the sunset at Suan Son...Still on time.

This is the way before arriving to Mae Tho Nation Park, it is so amazing that's why we have to stop by taking photos and move on.

Mae Tho National Park

This photo is taking in morning because arrive to the national park quite late so we did not see anything.

In the morning, everything in front our house is so amazing and very beautiful. The temperature is around 10 Degree Celsius.

There are 4 rooms in the house, each room also has bathroom inside, and there are also one salon with a great view in the front.

Around the house ^^

Background of mountains but unfortunately there is no fog

We still have other 6 days to find a foggy sea so after breakfast we pack everything and continue the journey.

Day 2 : We are going to "Baan Huay Hom" for homestay and nice coffee.

Our journey is not end yet, see you on the episode of my journey>>>


7 days travelling clockwise in Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Sorn ::::::::Day2::::::::Baan Huay Hom

7 days travelling clockwise in Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Sorn ::::::::Day3:::::::: Bua Tong Garden - Phu Chi Por


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