Phuket is great, Krabi is also pleasant, we cannot leave out Phang Nga as well! We have 4 days and 3 nights but cannot decide where to go, so let's just go all :D I must first say here that this trip we focus on happiness so we give it all out for eating and traveling,not much saving. But if you ask whether it's worthy or not?....of course... Happy?... can't be any happier.....would you go again?....certainly. Ok, now let's go see our expenses first (per person)~

Estimated Expenses

- A Round trip ticket of Bangkok-Phuket is 1,600 THB.

- Accommodation fee of 3 nights is 4,000 THB. (The first 2 nights we stay at U Zenmaya Hotel, Patong and the last night at Eastin Yama Hotel, Patak Road, more details is as follow).

- A one day speedboat tour to Phi Phi Island, Krabi and a cruise to Phang Nga, you can call to ask for the price at 076220832. They also provide pick up and drop off service from the hotel, lunch and entrance fee. Overall is good!

- Transportation cost of bus, Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Scooter service is 850 THB. (If you go in groups and several days, renting a car would be the cheapest).

- For the good food, both main course and desserts, is 800 THB.

Ok now, are you ready? When we are ready and so are the money, let's go, yay! We reach Phuket Aiport around 11 a.m. on 10 June 2016. There's several ways we can go to U Zenmaya from the airport. The first one is by taxi (no meter). The starting price is 800-1,000 THB. Although the price is high, it's very convenient. If you choose to go by this way, you must negotiate the price. You have to bargain until you can't. The second way is by taking the van. The ticket counter is located at the exit of the arrival terminal. The price starts at 150 THB. for downtown and if you wish to go to Patong, Kata, Karon there'll be extra charges as well as to your hotel. The last way, which is our choice, is taking the Airport Bus*. From the arrival terminal, we turn left and we will see the timetables of the bus. It starts at 150 THB going to Patong Beach and when we tell the driver to drop us at U Zenmaya, he said it is 180 THB.....Ok, then, let's go!!!

After two hours drive from the airport, we now arrive at U Zenmaya Patong, our first two nights hotel. Now we are getting late, let's checking in and going out for lunch. Let's go!

The swimming pool view is just amazing.....!!!!

There's also a reading room, loving it!

We stay at Deluxe Sea View since the price is on big discount due to low season. We book it with Agoda in a price of about 3,500 THB per night (2 people). Here is the link, in case anyone is interested Now, let's go see how the room looks like....

From the hotel, we take a taxi to Karon Beach. It costs 500 THB for us 4. Karon beach is the longest beach in Phuket. It has pine, sugar palm and extremely delicate sand as a signature. This beach also welcomes strong wind. Most people come here for surfing rather than beaching. But before walking to Karon Beach…let's find something to eat, I'm starving! Haha.

We have our lunch at a la carte restaurant at Karon Beach. It is a tourist price of every menu ranging from 150 to 180 THB. We order 3 menus which are Fried Squid with Yellow Curry, Tom Yum Seafood and Fried Morning Glory. We 4 Thai people agree that, this food is delicious~

After food, we now have energy to walk at Karon Beach…. I have to say that, the wind is so super chill, such a relax walk.

From Karon beach, we take a Tuk Tuk to Three Bay Viewpoint, Promthep Cape and back to Jungceylon Mall, Patong as the hotel shuttle bus can pick us up from there. At first, the Tuk Tuk wanted 1,500 THB! Oh my, 1,500 THB! We then bargain, please lower the price for us, we are the same Thai. Then he said 1,200 THB. We said, that's alright and walk away. Then he said, ok, let's help each other, 1,000 THB. Then, no more hesitation, we jump on the Tuk Tuk, haha.

Three Bays Viewpoint/Kata Karon Viewpoint is located not far from Karon Beaach. It takes only 10 minutes drive to reach here. There's no entrance fee. From the viewpoint, we can see Kata Noi Bay, Kata Bay and Karon Bay which are lying in three crescent moon. We also see Koh Phu which is located next to these three bays. It's such a pity that today is too cloudy. Anyhow, the atmosphere is still good and windy, such a perfect place for dating, hehe.

Our next destination is Promphep Cape, another landmark that we cannot miss when traveling to Phuket! It is located on the most southern part of Phuket, it is 2 km away from Rawai Beach. From the viewpoint, we can see Koh Kaew Noi, Koh Kaew Yai and Koh Mun. If we come in summer, we will see the golden field and it turns green in the rainy season. If you want to feel happiest, you must reach the top. It's just another kilometer walk and I guarantee that you will get loads of beautiful pictures!

It just keeps getting more and more beautiful……

Before we reach the edge of the cape is quite tiring, but it's more than worthy…..

Farewell now the sun, see you again, tomorrow <3

From the Promthep Cape, we ask the Tuk Tuk to take us to Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Pathong. We find something to eat nearby while waiting for the shuttle bus at 20.35 p.m. (there's 5 rounds each day: 11.25 a.m. 13.20 p.m. 15.20 p.m. 17.00 p.m. and 20.35 p.m.). Once we reach the hotel, we take a shower and get ready to bed. We can't sleep late as we have an early and full day program tomorrow. So good night, for now.

The next morning at 6 a.m. on 11 June 2016, we 4 Thai people are trying to open up our eyes and getting up from the super soft and comfy bed. Finally, we are able to manage to drag ourselves to the dining room at 7.00 a.m. (thanks to the hotel for opening for breakfast this early), let's see what can we have for breakfast……

Starting with the light menu like cereal and different kinds of bread.....

And follow by healthy salad \( ^ O ^ )/

The heavy menu is also available.

I like how they fill the drink into the bottles and we get to take them to pour into our glass ourselves :3

Then, the pickup van from Sea Angel Cruise comes take us at 7.30 a.m. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive at the pier. Today we go with speedboat tour to Phi Phi Island, Krabi Province. Repeat again for those who interested, you can call to check for the price at 076220832. For those who miss the breakfast at the hotel, you can also have it here at the pier where sandwiches, desserts, water, tea, and coffee is available.

And then, it's really time for us to rock Koh Phi Phi at Krabi!!!!! Before that, allow me to introduce our cool and beautiful tour guide of today….Khun Spicy!!!! Please give her a big hand. Today Khun Spicy is at our services, if you have any questions, she's there to help you. She's very lovely and funny. P.S. This picture is taken where she explains how she wants people at the head of the boat to grab on the pole tightly when the wave is strong because she's worried :D

Before the journey gets started, let's understand more about Koh Phi Phi. Phi Phi Island is divided into 2 parts which are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lay. Phi Phi Don is bigger and situated the first beach that we are going, which is Had Ling (Monkey Beach).

This beach has this name due to it has monkeys (yeah, it supposes to be like that, haha). It takes about 45 minutes from the pier to reach Monkey Beach. Please be cautious when going out to play or taking photos with monkeys and do not get too close to them as they are quite naughty.

So super cute ^ 3^

Khun Spicy gives us 40 minutes to enjoy Money Beach. If we are done with walking and playing with monkeys, we can go on snorkeling.

The water here is clear and shallow. It's perfect for the new snorkeler.

Soon, it's time for charging up energy again. We stop by for lunch at one of the beaches of Phi Phi Don. It's the food court provided by the tour. It's so great. We have our personal lunch area. Ok, let's go eat so that we have energy to have more fun, yay!

The buffet is here as well as delicious food.

Our next destination of today is Viking Cave.

Inside the cave is the ancient colorful painting. It is believed to be the work of fishermen who came inside to hide from the storm. One of the paintings is like Viking so people call this cave a Viking Cave. Nowadays it is the swallows' home where the private companies got the concessions so the tourists like us can only visit inside during the off season for the birds to lay eggs.

Our next stop is not far from the Viking Cave... it is the Pilae Bay. We didn't get to go down at this bay but just taking photos from the boat. Well, just by this I'm already happy as the water is super clear with mountains standing in line, they are so beautiful. Khun Spicy said this area was one of the most beautiful corals spots but after the Tsunami in 2004, everything changed, so sad T_T

Next is our highlight stop of Phi Phi island, Maya Bay (Ao Maya). The view is great, the water is clear and shallow and it's time for us to play in the water (yay!!!!). But before swimming, let's go see the Ao Loh Samah Viewpoint a bit as it's very close but we have to be quick as Khun Spicy gives us only 45 minutes here, ok, let's start!

Now, let's follow other people....

Here we are at Loh Samah Bay \ (*O *)/

After watching for a while, now it's time to get ourselves into the water, yay!

And here is our last stop for today, Koh Khai. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Ao Maya to Koh Khai but it's such a painful ride since we are running against the wind and wave. Our boat keeps hitting the wave so our butt is so sore, especially when you sit on the boat's head, you must grab the pole firmly, and otherwise you could be flying out of the boat. Now, let's take a look at Chinese tourists who are laughing and having fun like they are in amusement park……oh well, depends on personal preferences.

Finally, here we are at Koh Khai.…

Khun Spicy gives us an hour here. We can do whatever we want, either to snorkeling where you can take equipment from the staff or diving where you can have staff teach you how to dive. But we come to chill so let's just walk around. Luckily that the tour provides ice, soft drinks and sweetened drinks for us at the assemble point so we won't have to buy fruit smoothies in a price of 200-250 THB each glass.

OMG, take a look at the fish at Koh Khai… there's really a lot.

One hour is quickly passed, Khun Spicy calls us to gather! It takes only about half an hour from Koh Khai to Phuket Pier (the different one from the morning). Then, the van is ready to take us to the hotel from there. It's so convenient, a perfect choice for people like me :P Actually we were planning to go out to eat after taking shower, but everyone looks really tired and tomorrow we all need to wake up early. So we decide to eat at the hotel….I can't remember the price but it's reasonable for 4 of us and the taste and atmosphere is so great <3.

13 June 2016, at 6.00 a.m. the body without soul slowly goes to brush her teeth and wash here face. Then we go to have breakfast and check out. Tonight, we are staying at Eastin Yama on Patak Road which is a bit closer to downtown area. The van from Eastin comes pick us up at 7 a.m. and the van from Sea Angel Cruise will pick us up from the Eastin at around 8 a.m. Wow, today we have such a tight schedule, we can only sleep on the van now.

First of all, let me take a look at swimming pool........

The swimming is so good, I wonder how great the room could be...

We stay at Deluxe Sea View room like usual. It's about 2,000 THB per night and when divided by 2 people, it costs only about 1,000 THB. If you are interested, please click . Someone might want to see photos in order to make decision….here you go.

"Hey, this room has a touch of Japanese with a bathtub and spraying water line, I'm loving it" While we are chatting and exciting about our room, the van is here for us. Phang Nga, we are coming!!!.. Then, one sleep after the other and again sleep, after waking up 4 times, we are still not going anywhere. The traffic is really bad. It now takes more than 3 hours from Phuket to Phang Nga. Oh my, at this point, seeing the boat is like seeing the heaven *O*

Like I mentioned earlier, we are taking a one day cruise tour to Phang Nga with the same tour company as yesterday's so the fun is guaranteed. The guide who takes care of us is Susie (wow, the entire tour guides has English name!). After getting to know the tour guide, now let's get to know more about this boat.

Water, fruit juice, coffee, crispy bread and candies are all time available here.

It takes about 30 minutes from the port to reach our first stop. So we have enough time to take some chic and cool photos from the deck.

Now we arrive at Koh Hong, Phang Nga Bay, our favorite place of this trip <3 That it was called Koh Hong (literally means Room Island) is because this island has formed from big and small mountains. If we are going in by canoeing to each cave, we will meet the water lagoon surrounded by limestone mountains, it's like you are going into this room and that room. And the people taking us on canoeing to explore Koh Hong is....the guys on the blue shirt and yellow shirt, Sawadee Kha :D

After jumping on the boat, are you ready? Let's go.........oh, please mind your head as well.

I'm so nervouse. It keeps getting dark and light, will I be safe? O_o

Oh My Gosh!!!!! Lagoon..................

When we were sitting, the staff canoeing for my friend gave her this.....We asked where he got it, he said he made it himself, wow, so cute.....

Let's continue.....

Here is so cool....

He said, take a look, this looks like an elephant....

What about this one, what does it look like?.......It is a small wooden image of penis....

The fun time is up! The staff in yellow and blue shirt take us back to the big boat. We also don't forget to tip him a bit. Susie said we should give them a minimum of 100 THB each boat and you are definitely more then welcome to tip more. After saying goodbye to them, now we are saying hello to our lunch buffet on board, so cool!

Few minutes after we are full, we now arrive at Khao Tapu. And before we reach this island, we must move to smaller boats due to the big boat cannot be parked inside.

We are back here again after 40 minutes, Khun Susie said....

We are walking pass the shops for a while....

And then we meet Khao Tapu....

Khao Tapu used to be featured in James Bond movie in 1974 called "The Man with The Golden Gun". After this movie was released, people also know this island in the name of James Bond Island.

Next, we are going to Khao Phing Kan.... Literally it means the mountains are leaning against each other.

We still have sometimes left, let's go walk inside. But....what are these two laying people are doing....???

How's it? Getting tired? Please don't feel tired yet, we still have 2 more places to go. Like I said, once and for all, we want to have the most out of it. From Khao Tapu, we are taking the boat back to the shore and take the van to Samed Nang Chee Viewpoint (Unseen of Phang Nga). Here is one of the most beautiful spots for sunrise in this province. Wow, it's so beautiful even we are going in the afternoon, I can't imagine how beautiful it could have been for the sunrise. The guide said, at night, it also offers different beauty with stars all over the sky. For more information, please click .

And our last destination for today is Benyaran Museum. It is a historical museum and full of ancient things like old theater, old barber, old records, banknotes, utilities, and even the old aircraft! The entrance fee is 50 THB for adult and 30 THB for children. For more information, please click

This zone is the utilities and weapons used in the army.

After the museum, Susie divides us into 2 groups. Whoever stays in the hotel nearby one another go together but we don't want to go back yet. We want to enjoy more of downtown Phuket so we go with the tourists who stay in downtown area...Our first mission is to eat Fried Hokkien Noodle at Mee Ton Poe. This shop has been opened for more than 60 years with 3 branches. Today we are going to the second branch which is located at Phra Phuket Kaew Road, Kratu District. The restaurant is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m. You can also call 076202802 for direction.

I'm sorry P' Sue Khao, I really only have this photo.....

Now, we are inside the restaurant.....

We are 4 people and order 4 different food.

Hokkien is a yellow round noodle like Soba. It can be cooked in several ways like Fried Hokkien Noodle, Fried Spicy and Herbal Hokkien, Radna Hokkien with fish and Bee Hun Mee Hokkien which takes two different kinds of noodles and fried them together, it gives us quite a crispy taste.

This restaurant has lots of menu as well as snack. The starting price is 50 THB to 200 THB. And the fried Hokkien Noodle that we have is about 60-70 THB. For us, we think it's a fair price when compared with its taste. Some people said there's also other interesting restaurants like Mee Ao Kae, Mee Ko La that we must try out on our next visit :D

After that, we are going to the front of the alley to call for scooter service to Talang Road and they said it's 250 THB for 2 people and deal! Well, you might wonder why we wanted to go to Talang Road.....Well, today is Sunday so there's a walking street or what Phuket people call it Lad Yai. This walking street is where people love to go take photos of old town in daytime. Actually, the old town also shines different beauty at night with all the lights and live music as well as souvenir shops, food shops and just about anything you wish for. Such a chill and nice walk indeed, please promise you would also stop by here if you happen to be in Phuket on Sunday? <3

We find the Ninja Turtle here....

Here is the full atmosphere of the walking street.

From the beginning, I'm having a good full but once we finish the street, I'm more than full, haha. We just keep eating along the street, this a bit and that a bit, all are delicious food :P From Lad Yai, we take a taxi back to Eastin Yaman in a price of 500 THB. We reach our hotel after half an hour....finally, we are here. Tomorrow we don't have to wake up early for the boat trip!!!! Oh wow, we can feel the total freedom. We certainly are going to have a full sleep more than what we had this evening. See you tomorrow late morning, good night Z z Z z Z z z

Good morning, our last morning in Phuket :) This morning we wanted to have our breakfast at Juan Hiang. It sells dumplings and dim sum. This shop has opened for nearly 100 years and now is the fourth generation so the deliciousness is guaranteed. But before that, let's enjoy something at the hotel also, otherwise it's a waste of our money here (such a stingy person, haha).

From the hotel, we take a taxi to Juan Hieng at Phun Phon branch which is located in Phuket At Town Project, Phun Phon Road. It opens from 06.00-11.00 a.m. The contact number is 076 – 216271, 089 - 8711569. There's still a lot of people even we are already late.

Let's see what they have to offer......

Everything looks so delicious, I can't even choose...

Mantou and Salapao is sold out, I'm so upset T^T This is all we ordered. I think none of them are not delicious. Anyhow, some said that Bunrat shop is also tasty, I will definitely try out on my next visit....All of these including tea and coffee is about 200 THB. Every dish is 10, 12, 15, 25 THB. I think it's quite reasonable. After the energy is filled up, it's time to explore again, yay!

From Juan Hieng, we walk about 15 minutes to reach Talang Road. From the intersection of Talang Road and Phuket Road to the intersection of Yaowarat Road is considered old town which has beautiful old Sino - Portuguese buildings as well as lots of restaurants, cafes, and hotels. There's also art street in between. Let's just say that we can keep pressing the shutter.

Oh, let's stop here, my Phuket friend told me to stop at this shop. She said I would like it here and I believer her.

I just understand the word 'love at first sight'.......well, the shop is so super cute <3

The owner said we can go inside and it will show us different zone.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, this shop is called Bo(ok) hemian Art House. Inside the shop, there's a zone for drinking coffee, reading book and art gallery. If anyone wishes to spend a slow life and chill time, this is a perfect place. We can order a cup of coffee and choose a book to read, oh my, it's just so good \( ^3^)/ From Monday-Friday, the shop opens from 09.00 a.m. to 19.00 p.m. and from 09.00 a.m.-20.30 p.m. on Saturday-Sunday.

I can't remember its name but it is the combination of mocha, cinnamon, orange and some other things.

We can't just chill here, there's more places to go, haha. After this drink, we are going to Soi Rommanee which is an alley of Talang Road. The highlight is the colorful and cute buildings like this.....

From Soi Rommanee, we walk straight to Deebuk Road and to the intersection we will find the art street all lined up like this.

Let's keep walking along this atmosphere.

The next art street is in downtown market.

We found it, it's here!

It just keeps going like this on Phang Nga Road.

Here is Tukubkhao restaurant. It is the Thai fusion food. My Phuket friends said Bangkok people love the taste but I don't know because I just walk pass it.

Here is the On On Hotel, the first hotel of Phuket. Let's take a look a bit O_o

Now, we are still on Phang Nga Road.....

From what we just went pass, I think it's quite great.

Well, the town is livable with a beautiful art street?

Getting hungry now! After this long walk U___U

Let's keep going to accomplish our last two missions before going back to Bangkok...First, let's try the A Pong snack at Mae Sunee Shop. Second, let's try out Mee Hun (rice noodle) at Auntie Chang. Here, we get to try two snacks. A Pong Snack is also called Malaysian pancake. Each piece is 3 THB and 7 pieces for 20 THB. We just bought two as we were afraid that it might not tasty's so delicious, very yummy, so great.

Let's continue with Mee Hun Auntie Chang which opens at the food court at Siam Intersection. There's also other local food here. Mee Hun is yellow noodle that is bigger than the rice noodle but smaller than egg noodles. When we eat it with pork rib soup, it is just so tasty. Each bowl is only 35 THB. I think this is such a beautiful ending to our Phuket trip.

On the way back, we contact the Airport Bus at 086-4706675. For more information, please click We leave downtown Phuket about 14.00 p.m. in order to reach the airport around 16.00 p.m. and our flight is at 17.30 p.m.

I can't believe that 4 fun days went so quickly, do you think so? My first time to Phuket was when I was a child who didn't remember anything except the name of the province. This trip, I remember everything as I like it all, like the beautiful sea, the delicious food, hippy houses and lovely people. I will definitely come to see you again... Phuket. For Krabi and Phang Nga, although it was just a one day trip but I also love you guys <3 I hope this review will be beneficial for someone who want to travel to Phuket. Like they said...."Thai Sea, you can't truly know it without actually going", it's so true, I confirm! Please stay in tuned for our next trip at or Thank you so much for following and support us, I wish everyone a prosperous life, yay!!!!

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