Huay Kamin Waterfall

Sawaddee Krab


This trip begins when I tell my friends that we have to go to this place because it is really beautiful (Actually it means they must come with me^^).

After 2-3 days, I got my companions who are willing to come with me hahaha...

My friends did not know where are they going because they only know that we are going to waterfall in Kanchanaburi and that's it.

So we drive to Kanchanaburi with 2 cars and 8 of us.

The first place we stop by is Wat Tam Sue where around the temple surrounded by rice field.

It is very beautiful as you can see>>>

Then we continue driving to Srisawad District. Not too long we arrive at Srinakarin Dam and turn left to Erawan Waterfall. From this point for 40 KM. we can drive to the waterfall (About detail of direction I will add it at the end of this review.)

....Here we are...Enjoy the beautiful waterfall right here right now^^

Huay Kamin Waterfall has 7 levels.

Level 4 is a camping area where cars can get through. We only play in Level 3-2-1 because we arrive here quite late the rest we can come again on the next day.

Let's start with the first level: Dong Wan

Level 2 : Maan Kamin

Level 3 : Wang Na Pha

Level 4 : Chat Petch (The highlight)

After that prepare our tent at camping area

For food, we order them when we arrive, we can order with the welfare shop of national park which close to the camping area. The shop closes about 17.00 hrs. do not forget to buy your needed items before it close.

Chill out trip

Lay down count stars...I did not just say it but it is real ^^

You can see them with your own eyes.

All right let's go to sleep and wait for the first light in the morning.

Such a very nice weather in the morning^^

First light is shining to the ground

In front of our tent

Our team

Today we are going to other level of the fall.

Level 5 : Lai Jon Long

Level 6 : Dong Phe Seu

Level : 7 Rom Klao

End this review with our camping area....

We are having so much fun

-Pa Wua Pai Lam-

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Bang Tongkeawsawat

Thank you very much

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Direction to Srinakarin Dam National Park:

The national park provides camping area service, bungalow service parking, restaurant and welfare shop which opens 7.00-18.00 hrs.

You can book the room through

Entrance Fee:

- Thai Adult 40 THB Child and student 20 THB

- Foreigner Adult 200 THB Child 100 THB

- Camping 60 THB/Night

For more information contact:

Srinakarin Dam National Park 1 Srisawad District

Srinakarin Dam National Park : Tel. 034-547-018 (VoIP), 034-532-027

National Park Forest Department : Tel. 0-2579-0529, 0-2579-4842

National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation : Tel. 0-2562-7060 (Mon - Fri 8.30-18.00 hrs., Sat 9.00-15.30 hrs.)

Website :

Direction to Huay Kamin Waterfall :

Route 1: Passing Srinakarin Dam

It is the shortest and the most famous route and any cars can pass.

From Kanchanaburi - Huay Kamin Waterfall 111 KM.

Huay Kamin Waterfall - Srinakarin Dam 45 KM.

Huay Kamin Waterfall - Thong Pha Phum District 80 KM.

Huay Kamin Waterfall - Pha Tad Waterfall 68 KM.

Huay Kamin Waterfall - Kreety Waterfall 80 KM.

- From the city of Kanchanaburi, we drive on Saeng Chu To Road to Kaeng Sien Intersection and heading to Srisawad District (Road No. 3199)

- Arriving to Srinakarin Dam, stay on the left along Kwai River, pass the checkpoint of EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand), then left cross Kwai River, passing Erawan fresh market and follow the sign to Huay Kamin Waterfall for 44 KM. This has already done repairing so all kind of car can pass. Once you pass checkpoint for entrance fee, the fall is on your left.


Lastly, I would like everyone to travel with conservation so that we can keep all nature for the generation to see. Moreover, if we still have a beautiful tourist attraction place, local people also can make their income from tourism. Please try to use service from local people and conserve the nature. #I love Thailand^^


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