Do you remember this set of photos? The one I told you that they were taken in the Netherlands, a country of my dream destination.

This trip to the Netherlands was two years ago but I haven't got a chance to share all of my experience yet. There are still many towns that I haven't talked about.

Lately, my travel blog is full with hotel and resort reviews. There are too many and I am kind of bored already. hahaha

Therefore, let's turn back the time to 2 years ago when I traveled to Europe for the second time! Hopefully, it is not too late to share even it was 2 years ago. hahaha

I stay in Zaanse Schans or known as the windmill town, the signature tourist attraction of the Netherlands. I haven't talked about this town either and it won't be this time though, please wait a bit more! hahaha

Today, I will meet up with my high school friend. We haven't met each other for around 20 years. My friend got married with a Dutch guy.

Once I know that I am coming to the Netherlands, I don't forget to let her know so we can meet. My friend lives in a romantic town called "Haarlem". My journey today starts from taking the train from Zaanse Schans where I stay to Amsterdam first.

There is no direct train from Zaanse Schans to Haarlem. That's why I need to take another train from Amsterdam.

I walk a lot on this trip, normally about 10 kilometers a day. It is not that bad because the weather is not hot.

The weather is whether below 10 degree Celsius or below 0. Even I have got a runny nose, it can't stop me from traveling.

The shoes are very important because I need to walk a lot. I wear a pair of waterproof KEEN sneakers, Marshall WP edition in magnet color. I first wore them when I traveled to Belgium because I walked a lot as well during that trip. hahaha

That's why I choose to wear this pair of sneakers again this time with no hesitation since it can take good care of my feet.

I don't remember how long does it take to get to Haarlem from Amsterdam by train. hahaha What I remember is that it is not long. The train here is very punctual and if there is a delay, they will notice you. This is fantastic and I guess it would be good if our country could learn from here.

Well, I am shocked a bit when I have arrived at Haarlem because the station is pretty old. Train stations here are not the same depending on the towns. They are in different styles. Some of them are very modern.

And I have just learned that Haarlem railway station is the oldest one in the Netherlands.

Moreover, it is very common to find a lot of bicycles all around in the Netherlands. They are everywhere.

You can find even more of them especially at the train stations....

They are way too many and the colors are pretty much the same so I wonder how people recognize their own bikes. hahaha

I guess they get used to it. It is just me, who don't. ><

For me, I have got to walk. My friend told me that her house is about 2 kilometers from the train station.

This is nothing so let's walk! Walking is good because I can experience the local life more closely this way.

Look! What I have accidentally found on the way... This is beautiful, isn't it?

It is autumn now in the Netherlands. Even though the leaves have mostly fallen, I am still able to feel it with the color of the leaves remained.

I am now approaching Clerck notaris Haarlem. It is a lawyers building close to the train station.

There is a city park right next to the building. You just need to walk further in a little bit from the main street.

And you will find a charming view for free like this.

I have spent quite sometimes here wandering around slowly, resting on a bench steady, and capturing the moment with my camera.

I act as if I was the main cast in a music video. hahaha

I am telling you I am totally in love with this very moment, with the light and color like this.

If you have a chance to visit Haarlem in autumn, don't forget to stop and experience this incredible beauty right here for free!

The atmosphere is truly romantic.

I continue to walk and I don't feel tired at all because of the beautiful scenery along the way and the nice weather.

I am approaching the town market now. There are more cars and buildings in this area but the buildings are not high-rise ones.

The buildings are in European style and have been well-maintained.

It seems like there is no one stepping on this green grasses except birds.

I have found a red bike which is not commonly found because 98% of the bikes here are black. hahaha

I admire the way the fruit shop arranges their fruit racks. It is very tidy.

I would say it is easier to put them back at the end of the day this way rather than pile them up like in Thailand.

It is not difficult to walk from the train station to my friend's place. I just need to go straight only. Even though it is my first time, I am not afraid of getting lost at all.

One main reason is that I have a navigator. Eiei

I have found another magnificent spot on the way. I can't help but stop and take photos.

I don't even know what it is yet. hahaha

This place is Sint jorisveld Haarlem the Netherlands where it is used to be a military office.

It is now a Luxury Apartments. I first thought it is a school because of the green glass field.

Sint jorisveld Haarlem is huge and stunning. I learn that it is a military office from my friend.

Then I continue to follow the navigator to my destination.

I am almost at my friend's place. But wait! I have found something pretty again. What is this?

It is a church and a graveyard. Let me have a quick look then! hahaha

This is Rooms Katholieke Begraafplaats St Barbara.

I have been noticing churches in three different cities and I have found that they are all outstanding and can be seen from far away with their unique architectures.

There is a graveyard on my left-hand side while I am trying to get a picture of the whole church.

It is right next to the street that leads to the church. You can spot it on the above photo, on the left-hand side as well. ><

Anyway, it is not as scary as those in Thailand from my point of view. I don't know if these colorful plants are the reasons.

I don't dare to stay long though because I am all alone. So, let's turn back and go!

I have finally arrived at the main residential area of Haarlem.

It is such a nice classic town. People who live here are mainly the middle-class.

The town is not busy or crowded as Amsterdam. It is also cleaner here.

And yes! This is my friend's house.

My friend told me that the house was mostly renovated after she bought it.

Outside is classic but inside is very modern with high technology. The heating system is under the floor, the garage door is controlled by the remote control, and the garbage bin in front of the house can be opened only with the key card so other house can't throw anything in.

Moreover, if my friend is away, she can even control the lighting system through the application from her mobile phone.

I walk around the house seeing this and that and I am now very ready to eat. hahaha

I have been in the Netherlands for a few days already and I have been eating mostly canned foods.

Sometimes, some of them are not good so I have to go buy burger from the vending machine instead. It is convenient but I don't like this kind of food.

I also went for a Thai restaurant in Amsterdam and there was where I could enjoy the food totally.

And yes! My friend knows well that I would miss Thai food so much. Therefore, she has prepared me Thai Braised Chicken Noodle Soup. Eiei

After chitchatting for a while, it is time for me to go back. My friend comes along to send me off as well as accompany me to buy local products for the souvenirs at the supermarket.

Haarlem is a nice simple town. I believe that whoever lives here would have such a good mental health.

For me, I would say Haarlem is good for traveling but not for living. I am just way too addicted to Thailand. hahaha

Thank you for your kind support

I always give it all in a travel blog with all experience and information, not only this travel blog but all of them as always

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 Thursday, July 7, 2016 10:53 AM