Let's travel more in the Netherlands, the Land of Bicycles!

After I have shown you Amsterdam - the lively capital, and Haarlem - a romantic town of the Netherlands,

I will take you to Volendam, the one and only coastal town of the Netherlands this time.

Volendam is another attractive tourist destination in the Netherlands because it is a historic fishing village.

Anyway, this won't be the last place in the Netherlands I would like to show you, not just yet. I still have Zaandam, the town that I stay the whole time on this trip and I would like to introduce it to you.

I keep Zaandam for the last one because it is actually one of the main highlights for this entire trip.

For now, let's go to Volendam first!

Wait! I have just noticed that there are quite numbers of town in the Netherlands ending with "dam".

It is a bit confusing and may lead to a wrong purchase of a train or bus ticket. I actually bought the wrong one as well when I first arrived here. hahaha

To travel to Volendam is pretty similar to traveling to other destinations, I need to take the train to Amsterdam first. However, this time is not the train that will take me to my destination but the bus.

I need to find the bus number 316 to go to Volendam.

The bus terminal is behind Amsterdam Centraal under the colorful roof on the riverside and I have made it on the bus.

I am telling you that both sides along the way to Volendam are totally fascinating.

This road out of town is another one that is very beautiful because you can find nice green field all along. It is relaxing looking at it. On the other hand, the bus is pretty empty. I wonder why is that?

It is only 22 kilometers from Amsterdam to Volendam.

That's why it is a short journey and I even feel shorter with the scenery that I have!!

I have arrived in Volendam shortly. All passengers get off at this station or maybe not, I am not quite sure. Anyway, I will get off here.

I don't even know whether I am right or not. hahaha

I don't know what to do but I guess, I will just go to the snack bar on the opposite site of the bus stop since I am hungry as well.

I have ended up getting only one bottle of coke because I don't know what those available stuffs are and I don't know how to order them either.

I don't remember how much I paid for it. I remember that I paid in Euro only. hahaha

At this point, I know how to go to the sea already.

I just need to follow the crowd. hahaha

The way from the main road to the fishing village looks as if it was in a fairly tale. It is full with cute colorful houses.

I am not sure why it is pretty quiet here, whether people are working now or it is too cold to walk around since the weather is lower than 10 degree Celsius right now.

I keep walking straight and I have finally found the sea!! It has been over 1-kilometer walk.

Yes, I am here. I am in the coastal town of Volendam.

There is a huge sailboat at the port so I better take a photo of it before going to other spots.

I have a runny nose now because it is cold and the wind is very strong.

I will take a seat here for a while. I would like to upload some of my photos on Facebook.

I am wondered whether this is surely a popular tourist destination or not. There are not many tourists here. The tourists that I see don't walk around because of the cold wind, I guess. They tend to stay indoor where they can overlook the surroundings like in a coffee shop.

There is only me wandering around. hahaha

If you ask me whether the sea here or in Thailand is more beautiful, from my point of view; it is definitely the one in Thailand.

One main reason is that there seems to be no beach here. The color of the water can tell that the water is very deep. The wind is very strong creating ongoing-current as well.

Anyway, let's take more photos to keep as a good memory because I don't think I will be back here in the future. Eiei

What I like about Volendam is colorful house by the sea. These houses have made this place very charming.

I would say it is the symbol of Volendam. Even though other towns also have these kinds of colorful houses, the seasides are different (or not, I am not sure hahaha). I have enough photos at this spot now, so let's go back to the shore!

I find more people walking around this area now. It is the area where there are restaurants and souvenir shops.

The popular souvenir item from the Netherlands is the artificial tulip including canned tulip.

At this moment, I truly want to buy the tulip seeds back home but I guess they won't grow due to the hot weather.

Other famous souvenirs are wooden shoes, key-chains, and postcards.

All souvenirs are very attractive, no wonder why we spend money very quickly here. For me, I buy 3 ceramic sets. I would like to give them to someone special as a gift.

After getting some souvenirs, I walk pass restaurants and their foods make my mouth water and I am kind of hungry as well.

I stop at one of the restaurants and have this. It is pretty expensive though, about 300 - 400 THB.

It tastes average and I miss Thai chilli sauce.

Back in Amsterdam this evening, I have KFC for dinner because I am not accustomed to the local foods.

Well, I order some Grilled Chicken and it doesn't come with the chilli sauce. I am confused so I ask the staff and have learned that it is not common here to eat chilli sauce.

Anyway, I can get it but I need to pay extra. I guess people here don't like spicy food as much as Thai people do. I know that when in Rome, I should do as the Romans do but eating is my big concern when it comes to traveling abroad. hahaha

Back to Volendam, I am full and I guess I will go back now. I walk in different way this time through a small alley.

I have found church, another village, and colorful surroundings along my way back.

They wow me pretty much.

Yes!! If I didn't take this route from the beginning, I won't be able to see all of these.

From this experience, I have learned that we don't need to follow the specific travel route all the time.

We should try to walk out of the way sometimes and there, we might see something unexpectedly good like this time.

I also have found this fat cat along the way. He is curling up right beside the wall. Actually, I have noticed that all cats here are pretty fat. Eiei

This new way back enables me to see many charming corners with colorful houses of the town.

I totally feel that this trip of mine in Volendam is totally worth it.

My trip here is almost ended and this is when I am warmly greeted by another cat. Yes, it is a cat not a dog. hahaha

I am also surrounded by colorful leaves of autumn and there is a clear blue sky.

I am truly happy with my trip here.

What I have learned from this trip is that we don't need to follow the specific travel route all the time.

There might be something great hidden along new travel route, so why not give it a try? ^^

Thank you for your kind support, I always give it all in a travel blog with all experience and information, not only this travel blog but all of them as always

RinSa YoyoLive

 Monday, July 25, 2016 10:05 AM