It is the weekend again, we are so happy even though 2 days. Hence, we need to precisely plan to cover all 4 activities 1. We would like to go for an adventure in the forest. 2. We would like to take chic photos at the sea. 3. We would like to chill out at floating market. 4. We would like to enjoy seeing the beautiful sunset in some place where is not so crowded .

4 activities in 2 days ... Yes, you hear it clearly. At first, I do not know where to go but I finally make the decision to go to Rayong. Below photos are actually proved that I have done all 4 activities in one province.

We decide to drive to the farthest place which is Thung Prong Thong (Mangrove Forest) and then we can come back to Rayong downtown (we will stay in the downtown)

1. Thung Prong Thong - Panoramic View!!!

To drive the car from Bangkok around 200 kilometers along Bangkok motorway passing Chon Buri to Rayong (We highly recommend to turn on the navigator to not get lost ). The spectacular view will surely relieve from tiredness.

We need to pay for the parking fee @ THB 20. Then, we continue with motorcycle service @ THB 5 per person.

We are escorted till the entrance. Then, we continue walking for a while, we are now at Thung Prong Thong and its ending is at Lhuangprasae Royal Ship, the distance is about 2.7 kilometers.

Thing to prepare: Drinking water, umbrella and sun glasses

The pavement is built from wood, hence it is not necessary to be afraid that your shoes will be dirty.

As it is weekend, so it is good for taking a nice shot of photo.

We continue walking for a while about 300 kilometers and we finally reach the view point of Thung Prong Thong.

How beautiful it is, we turn our face to repeat the same sentence with the person who stand beside us. It is not only our group to say this but other groups also say the same thing. We all have the same question that why we have discovered this place so late.

The view is just like drawing photo.

The pavement is very convenient.

Apart from seeing the view of Thung Prong Thong, we can enjoy seeing the mangrove trees along the way.

We do not know how far do we walk... we continue walking for a while and we have seen that there is a sign indicating that there is the public transport available. Hence, it is not necessary to walk back.

But, it is all right for us, we prefer to continue walking till the end of the pavement. We are not tired because it is a little bit hot.

Once we arrive at the point as per below photo... We are allowed to go down but we decide to not go down.

The point for taking photos is not far from where we are currently. (You better take many photos as you can since it is the last point before reaching the exit.

As we have mentioned earlier that there will be public transport available once we reach the exit, it costs THB 40 per person but the transport fee @ THB 100 can be offered for 3 person. We will pass Pra Sae Royal Ship, we are able to take some photos over here too.

2. Khao Laem Ya National Park - Samet Island

Khao Laem Ya National Park is far from Thung Prong Thong about 52 kilometers, we have to drive back on the way to downtown (Please do not forget to turn on navigator). Please be aware of the monkeys on the road.

*** You better put on the canvas shoes to protect from the stones

*** We highly recommend to come here at 16.00 hrs and await for the sunset.

We park our car here and the way to Khao Laem Ya is on the right hand side, it is about 20 meters from here.

But, we feel like it is quite far, it is over 600 meters. Anyhow , it is good to exercise and burn out some calories.

We have wandered around and taken the chic photos... we could not stop taking the photos because it is very beautiful.

View along the way

It is absolutely beautiful, we would like to stay longer than this but the weather is not so kind for us.

Finally, we reach the viewpoint on the top part but we think that the view along the way is more beautiful. The view of sunset is quite nice.

We are so proud to reach at the top part of the mountain. Please do not come here in the midday because there is no any shelter where you can escape from sun ray. So, it is better to come here in the evening.

So, it is time to enjoy seeing the nice view in the lower part.

The highlight of this trip is to see the person who has posted incredible posture for having an amazing photo at the cape.

Just for your information that there is no public transport for going back, so you need to walk back only.

We are very tired.

We have ended up our 2nd destination nicely, it is time to take some rest at the accommodation. We stay at Star Rayong Hotel (This hotel is quite nice even though it is a bit old). We can grade 3.5 scores for the room, 4 scores for breakfast, 3 scores for breakfast and 4 scores for accessibility. The accommodation costs THB 1300 per room per night.

Once we arrive at the hotel, we sleep like crazy and wake up at 9 pm. Then, we go outside for having dinner. After finishing eating, we come back to the hotel and take some rest. We need to keep some energy for tomorrow trip.

We wake up at 9 a.m (the breakfast is so nice, there are variety of food including fondue), we are so full. We check out at 2 p.m and continue to the floating market.

3.Khao Kloi Floating Market

Koh Kloi Floating Market is in Rayong city The distance is about 23 kilometers from Khao Laem Ya and 2 kilometers from Star Rayong Hotel.

The decorating concept of this market is contemporary, there are various product sold in this market such as shoes, garment, souvenir, accessories, food etc.

For those who would like to indulge with antique atmosphere, please do not be hesitate to come here.

We continue exploring the market and crossing to bridge to food and beverage zone... There is the feeding zone over here.

Here is the food and beverage zone.

To take many chic photos

The exit is not far from where we are. Actually, there are so many zones to discover but they are mainly for souvenirs.

We will continue to our next destination Mae Rumphueng Beach.

4. Mae Rumphueng Beach

If you are looking for the quiet beach, Mae Rumphueng Beach is your answer.

Mae Rumphueng Beach is such the long beach where there are many restaurants located on the beach. You are able to choose as per your preference. After finishing the meal, you are able to enjoy seeing the beautiful sunset.

It is the good place to take a walk and take some photos.

To lay down and listen to the music, we prefer to leave our mind from hasty life. It is so relaxed.

Even though, it is such the lonely atmosphere but it is better than not going out from the accommodation.

To relax and let our body indulge with the soft wind. We are awaiting for the sunset.

It is good to get some rest by travelling to some place 1 time per week or at least 1 time per month.

We would like to summary to total expense for this trip

Petrol at THB 1200

Room charge at THB 1300+ Extra Bed at THB 400

Parking Charge + Motorbike Service to Thung Prong Thong atTHB 20+15+100

The entrance fee for Khao Laem Ya National Park at THB 40 per person 40 *3, public transport @ THB 30

Food at THB 1500

The total cost is THB 4685 divided by 3people, it costs about THB 1560 per person : ))) It is the wonderful trip.

>_< Thank you very much for your attention till the end of this review. See you next review.

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