Although I have no car, I can't say no to my mind while I want to travel...Well, let's go somewhere then!!!

Traveling in rainy season is not really enjoyable, right? If we are afraid in something, we can't even prevent it to happen. So, rain is not really important to consider in our trip. We can walk among the rain while traveling. Why not?

If we intend to go somewhere, we have to go there. Don't be afraid of things that we can't predict or determine.

Before start traveling, I prepare myself with a budget of 2,000 baht only!

If anyone wants to take One Day Trip with a budget 390 baht, you can do it as well. We have provided some information in the end of the review.

First of all, we begin with planning our itinerary (see our plan below - in Thai). It is actually a rough draft with main activities and basic information and timing. The rest we will see what will happen next.

We have done some research from Google and from many websites. Then, we choose to book an accommodation inside the National Park because we don't have our own car. Another reason is that we can start our journey to the waterfall before anyone else, so there will be less people at the waterfall in the morning.

You can click on the link of the national park for more information at

Begin our trip: Day 1

We begin our trip by taking a minivan at The Victory Monument in Bangkok to Kanchanaburi city center. We decide to start our trip early in the morning because we will have more time to travel during the daytime.

We take the first minivan which leaves at 05.30 a.m. from the area near Century Shopping Mall and the ticket price to Kanchanaburi is 120 baht per person.

I think we come here a little bit early in the morning since a monk is walking on street for receiving some breakfast. So, it's such as good chance for us to make a merit buy giving some food to him before starting our journey.

At 05.30 a.m. => We get on the minivan with only 4 passengers....Yeahhh...Let's go to Kanchanaburi!

At 07.35 a.m. => We arrive to Kanchanaburi's bus station. We get off from the minivan and go straight to buy a minibus ticket to Erawan National Park. We take the first bus number 8170: Kanchanaburi - Erawan which leaves at 08.00 a.m., so we will be able to choose the best seats for watching beautiful view along the road.

Let's find the best seats as there's nobody getting into the bus at this time...We can choose wherever we want to sit down...

Let's refill our energy before traveling because we have to spend 1.5 hours on a minibus. Otherwise our energy will drop down before arriving to the destination.

There are only 6 Thai passengers in the first bus. The rest are foreigners. I can't believe that the minibus is full of passengers comparing to the condition of the bus (It is too old to carry many passengers).

We enjoy watching beautiful view along the road. During this time we can relax our body and our mind by a following a Slow Life concept.

We arrive to Erawan National Park at 9.30 a.m. The entrance fee for Thai citizens is 100 baht / person and for foreigners is 300 baht / person (If you have a student ID card, the entrance fee will be reduced to 50 baht / person which is half of normal price). The bus station is located in the parking lot of the national park. It is convenient for anyone who wants to catch a bus to the center of the national park.

The distance from here to the waterfall is only 500 metre. If anyone doesn't want to walk to the waterfall, there is a shuttle service from here. However, we are not sure that the price is 30 baht / round or not...

Anyway.....Let's walk to the waterfall.

We pause at the viewpoint because we are so exhausted from walking up here with too many steps.

Finally we arrive to the top of the waterfall...

Although we come here during rainy season, the amount of water is considerably less than usual.

In my opinion, 2nd floor and 7th floor of Erawan waterfall are the most beautiful places because the color of water is light blue. However, the most suitable floor for swimming and playing water is 4th floor because there is a waterslide that we can enjoy playing water more and more. So, every time we visit here, we can't even miss it.

*But the water is quite deep so we have to be strong in swimming since we have to swim all the time in the water. The 2nd floor is also enjoyable with many people around.

At 16.00 p.m. => The rain is coming. So, we should go back to our room to relax ourselves. Plus, we didn't have lunch, just had some snacks that we took from Bangkok.

In fact, food is not really expensive here. The prices are around 50-70 baht.

Here is our accommodation for tonight. It doesn't look bad. Plus, it looks so quiet.

A picture of parking lot at 18.30 p.m. It's totally empty. We only see some guests walking from their accommodations to the restaurant.

The first day has ended with a combination of joy and tiredness from the 4th floor of Erawan waterfall.

Day 2

We wake up at 06.20 a.m. because we want to arrive to the waterfall early in the morning and we can take this opportunity to take some pictures before anyone arrives.

We sit down and relax on the 2nd floor of the waterfall...Only us!!! The water in the morning is quite cold and we feel a little bit lonely here. So, we are not brave to swim around.

(The advantage of staying inside the National Park is that we can go to the waterfall before anyone else)

Time goes by so quickly. It is 09.00 a.m. now and other tourists are arriving to the national park, so we are heading to prepare our belongings before saying goodbye.

Around 11.00 a.m. We are heading to buy a ticket for minibus which leaves at 12.00 p.m.. After that we drop our luggage and find something to eat before leaving...

Summary of Expenses

  • Accommodation inside the national park: 800 baht / night
  • Thai style pork barbecue: 29 baht
  • A price of minivan ticket (going): 240 baht
  • A price of minibus ticket (going): 100 baht
  • National park's entrance fee: 100 baht (with student card)
  • Dinner: 204 baht
  • A price of minibus ticket (return) 100 baht
  • Lunch: 184 baht
  • A price of minivan ticket (return): 240 baht
  • Total expenses: 1,997 baht

Therefore, total expense per person is 998.50 baht. In my opinion, it's such a good idea to travel with a budget less than 1,000 baht per person for 2 days 1 night.

Or if you plan to visit there just for one day, you can go there with a budget of 390 baht per person.

  • A price of minivan ticket: 120 x 2 = 240 baht (round-trip)
  • A price of minibus ticket: 50 x 2 = 100 baht (round-trip)
  • The national park's entrance fee: 50 baht


 Monday, July 25, 2016 11:49 AM