My heart pounds so badly every time it is a day off... because I have tons of things I want to do...

I want to chill lying by the river and staying by the water, this must be very relaxing. It will be even better if I could just jump into the river directly from my room. I also would like to ride an ATV, do adventurous activities, take cool photos, and many more. There are so many things I want to do but I have only 2 days on the weekend as I work for an ordinary office! hahaha

Let's see if I can complete my list within 2 days at Suan Sai Yok Resort Kanchanaburi! Suan Sai Yok Resort is a very nice resort with an invaluable view and their room is totally cheap. One standard room costs only 1,460 THB for two persons. We have booked Pae Ing-Tarn Room from You can call them through this number +662-937-4499 as well (extra bed with breakfast should be around 500 THB per person and there shouldn't be more than 4 people in one room because you won't be comfortable. : ) The room rate might be different especially during the long weekend so please give them a call to check right away.

This view is just incredibly amazing. : )

This is the scenery from our room where it is right in the river. This also mean if we are bored lying down on the bed, we can just jump directly into the water from our room. It sounds fun, doesn't it?

Here at this very moment with our favorite playlist together with this relaxing ambiance, it is just way too perfect and we love it. Therefore, don't miss this time before the sunset with good music and a can of beer, your life will be wonderful !!!

This is our Pae Ing-Tarn Room. It is air-conditioned but with no private bathroom. The shared bathroom is about 200-meter away. The private bathroom is not available for all the rooms on the raft house, it is only available for those rooms on the shore. But trust me, staying on the raft house is better since it offers better atmosphere.

Moreover, the resort offers a wide range of activities from relaxing, a little exciting to extremely exciting... They also have a special promotion these days. You can pay directly to the resort and get up to 50% discount on some activities and you don't need to make a reservation in advance either.

We start the day with something easy and relaxing. We guess we will just enjoy the view along the way when riding an ATV. However, it is not like what we have expected. The route is pretty rough. hahaha We even sweat but the scenery is quite impressive. It is 250 THB for a 30-minute ride.

You can also make a stop to get some photo shots if there are not many people on the track. The scene is fantastic as if it was in the music video. You can have a look at my photo for an example... Is it good enough?

But I am here not for making a music video, I am actually taking a break because I have got a stomachache... so let me rest a bit. hahaha

Then we continue our day with the activity named "Flying Train". This activity offers 50% discount so it is only 150 THB (300 THB normally). It is a zip-lining adventure that enables you to view the resort and its surroundings from high above. The station is 18-meter high and the length of the zip lining is 175 meters.

One you reach the ending point, you need to rappel down to the ground yourself. You will be trained how to use the pulley and unclip the carabiner safely before you start the activity... It is not complicated at all (very easy but hard to remember what we need to do on the left side and right side).

After that, we are here at the Krasae Swing. It is 150 THB after the current 50% discount promotion (300 THB normally). This activity is extremely exciting !!! It also offers a nice view over the river, Krasae Cave, and the railway... But trust me, you can't barely keep your eyes opened. You will close your eyes and scream so badly while doing this activity. hahaha

Let's get it started!... You need to stand at the edge of the 11-meter tower firstly. The staff will keep you standing steady before letting you go...

Suddenly you will be in the middle of the air.

And you will scream crazily just like him...

This is the reason why I don't think you can enjoy the view. Your eyes will be completely closed...hahaha

Warning : Please don't pee your pants! Because it might pour down to those who are on the ground below you. It will also swing your body for a certain time before it stops.

Who told us that the ride will be relaxing and we can see the view from up there?... We all have ended up screaming with our eyes closed Lol...

Then we continue the fun with Raft X-Team at 250 THB. The raft is right in front of our room and we are dragged to about 2-kilometer far from the resort. Then the raft just flows along the river back to the resort... If you ask us "Is this tiring?", the answer is "No". And "If this is relaxing?", the answer is "Totally relaxing !!!". *I highly recommend you to do this activity when in Suan Sai Yok Resort !

I also would like to tell you that I only have a few photo when we do the Raft X-Team because my camera in not waterproof. Therefore, I didn't bring it with me. I am scared that it will be broken and I don't have much money to buy a new one either. >_<

We have arrived back at the resort and we continue with this "Water Adventure" right away. It is 300 THB per person now (500 THB normally).

We have so much fun today doing so many activities but it also consumes a lot of our energy !!!

Last but not least, the activity I would like to recommend to all of you is this Safari Paintball at 250 THB (500 THB normally). The main reason we would like to do this is the costume. There are up to 20 varieties of costumes for you to choose from such as tiger, lion, bull, and so on. All costumes are very cute and it makes this paintball even funnier.

But wait, it does hurt just like any other paintball when you get shot !!! Wearing cute costume for paintball doesn't reduce the level of pain. In other words, the level of the pain is the same but just adding the cuteness of the costume. >_<

*I have checked the price for activities available in the resort from the official website and prices are with current discount promotion. However, it might be best to give them a call to recheck.

It is late in the afternoon and this is the atmosphere around the resort during this time.

Today ends here. We have done so much in one day and we don't have energy anymore...

Breakfast for the new day, I have regular foods such as bacon, ham, sausage, fried rice, waffle, and so on. However, I didn't have a chance to take many photos since I woke up quite late and my body is sore... I have only 15 minutes to finish my breakfast before they close the restaurant. Anyway, at least I have taken one photo shot.

Moreover, you can walk to the railway from the resort as well. You can take photos over there. You can even walk to Thamkra Sae Station and you will be amazed with the scenery along the way. Don't forget to also pay homage to the Buddha Image in the cave nearby!

The scenery is like this... with relaxing atmosphere.

There is a cave on the way from the resort to Thamkra Sae Station so you can go inside and pay homage to the local Buddha Image.

This is the view right in front of the cave... beautiful, isn't it?

If you keep walking, you will find Thamkra Sae Station not long after.

This is the train timetable at Thamkra Sae Station.

I am telling you that this walk is totally nice with fantastic scenery and great atmosphere. I really don't want you to miss this...

It is around 3-hour drive to get to Suan Sai Yok Resort from Bangkok. It is about 170 kilometers from Bangkok and 40 kilometers from downtown Kanchanaburi. You can set your navigator to Suan Sai Yok Resort directly.

In addition, you can reach Kanchanaburi by train as well. It is not a bad idea to go there where you can relax truly, and get many interesting photos. : )

A one-day trip with the train to Kanchanaburi is 270 THB per person. The train departs from Bangkok at 6.30 AM and returns at 7.25 PM (it might be late as we all know). For more information, please go to > This below information is from State Railway of Thailand official website. I haven't tried this tour yet so those who have done it before, please do share with us! ^_^

Cr. State Railway of Thailand

Thank you very much for reading through my travel blog and I will see you all again next time >_<

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