Chill out at Laos Vieng Floating Market Saraburi written by PuiFai Miniiz

Welcome to PuiFai Talon Tour, today present "Chill out at Laos Vieng Floating Market, Saraburi" This is another unexpected trip with my family, alright then let's go>>> From the city centre, we are heading to Sao Hai District and continue to Wat Ta Khae which will be on the right jus

Chill out at Laos Vieng Floating Market Saraburi

Chill out at Laos Vieng Floating Market Saraburi

Welcome to PuiFai Talon Tour, today present

"Chill out at Laos Vieng Floating Market, Saraburi"

This is another unexpected trip with my family, alright then let's go>>>

From the city centre, we are heading to Sao Hai District and continue to Wat Ta Khae which will be on the right just go inside and you will see the floating market right there...

View from both side of the road

The weather seems nice but we look carefully, a big storm is coming (Later on, there is a heavy rain).

Parking under shady parking that covers by these big trees.

We have high expected on our lunch and think that it will be a big market.

There are few shops and there is nothing as we expect even on Sunday. Information that I have it said the market opens from 10.00hrs. to 20.00hrs. I ask the vendor they said normally 15.00hrs. - 16.00hrs. all vendors start to close. It might be because of rainy season, no one wants to stay until 20.00hrs.

It is a fresh market and vendors are villagers. There are fresh vegetables that they plant by themselves and price is very cheap.

A famous fruit in this area is Nong Saeng Mango which is very tasty when dipped with sweet fish sauce.

Very yummy!!!

They plant, they sell, they eat

It is real organic vegetables and fruits.

As all shops start to close, we just find anything that we can eat and this is what we find pork sausage and rice noodle in Laos Vieng Style. I would say that the taste is quite ordinary but due to we are so hungry everything is delicious.

Recommended menu, pork sausage 15 THB per piece

At first, I think that it is Isarn Sausage but the vendor said it is different. After one piece I have to ask my boyfriend to go get some more...hahahaha^^

Next is papaya salad, sweet and sour

The taste that I like but it is a little bit too hot even I ask her to put only 2 chillies.

Waiting for mommy and daddy to finish the food

All gone...hahahaha

See that big cup, it is only 25 THB

There are many kind of herbal drinks such as butterfly pea, chrysanthemum tea, coconut, guava, passion, mulberry, roselle, corn milk, etc.

This little cute one helps to clean up all fallen food.

Smile ^___^

Here is the atmosphere around the floating market beside Pa Sak River.

There still have water hyacinth in the river which you might not see in the Bangkok because they always clean them up. If you would like chill out with the nature surrounded, Saraburi is another good choice which is not too far from Bangkok.

Laos Vieng is named from the origin of people who live here. Most of them are from Vieng Tien, Laos immigrated to live in Nongsaeng District and Sao Hai District, Saraburi. That's why the culture of people in this area is similar to Vieng Tien Culture. During lunchtime, there is Thai dance show "Ramfonlep" from students of Sao Hai Vimon School but I am not sure if we there is a show today or we arrive too late. It seems very quiet compare to Ton Tan Floating Market (If there is a chance, I will take you to Ton Tan Floating Market).

Let's say cheese ^___^..

Very clear water as you can see a little fish there.

A photo with daddy

Even we have a small child, we still can travel. We are happy, our child is happy too.

The walk way in the market

There is an announcement from chief of village that there will a grand opening of the market again and would like get all vendors to come on that day. They try to make it to be another tourist attraction place with the unique of Laos Vieng. There are few people know the place so most vendors do not come and some of them who knows and already come may not impressed that all the shops are closing and no food. They need to find a well match point how to improve it.

For me, I would like to invite you all to visit as you already see in this review. This can encourage all vendors and villagers to do better and have more income as well as conserve the origin of people who live here.

Cheap price and nice atmosphere confirm by me ^^

Their decoration is very simple as in countryside area with shady and windy atmosphere. There are many kinds of traditional food that you can try and other OTOP items for you to buy.

There are many Sal Trees on both side of the market area. Leave our busy life behind and come to chill out here with the nature surrounded.

Nothing can stay forever

After that we walk around the temple

For direction, you can search on Google Map for Laos Vieng Floating Market or Wat Ta Khae.

There is historical site in the temple as well. Not many people know about the historical site in Saraburi for you to visit.

According to the documents, they believe that this temple was built in Ayutthaya Period or in 1703 by royal family. People named this pagoda as Dhammachindamahesi that's why they named the temple "Wat Dhamachinda".

And some people said that there was a pair of Ta Khae (Jack for dragging heavy items) here that's why they called "Wat Ta Khae"

There is 2 historical sites in Wat Ta Khae which are 2 pagodas located on Pai Tee base with bell design but different size surrounded by 7 small pagodas and glass wall. They found that this design was famous during the beginning of Rattanakosin especially in Rama III.

Dhammachinda Pagoda is a historical site that can be found in Saraburi. As we have been to Ayutthaya so many times, here can be a new place for your to visit and study.

It is time to go home...

Avoid your busy life and come relax here, this can be a way that we can support these villagers.

(I review this for free, if local government sees this review pay me the advertisement fee please...just kidding ^^)

Good bye, see you on my journey in Saraburi


From the city centre, you are heading to Sao Hai District for about 4-5 KM. you will see the temple on the right. Moreover, there is a sign along the way to temple or you can use Google Map.


It opens during weekend only and you should come in the morning until midday which is a prime time. If you come later than that, all shops might be closed as there are less tourists come to visit. So please come here for chill out and relax.