A beautiful [email protected] Mae Kampong village written by แตงโมเนื้อทราย

Although I have been to Chiang Mai several times, this time is my first time to stay in a homestay with local people in Mae Kampong village and I think it's a good choice for this trip. I want to say that it's amazing to stay in this homestay. Let's see how great is this trip... We booked a

A beautiful [email protected] Mae Kampong village

A beautiful [email protected] Mae Kampong village

Although I have been to Chiang Mai several times, this time is my first time to stay in a homestay with local people in Mae Kampong village and I think it's a good choice for this trip. I want to say that it's amazing to stay in this homestay. Let's see how great is this trip...

We booked a cheap round-trip flight ticket with a promotion, which we had to book 1 year in advance. The price of a round-trip flight ticket for 2 persons was only 828 baht. No matter how long we had to wait for our trip, we could wait until the time is coming. Luckily the flight on the date we booked was canceled so we could rebook on another date. Finally we changed the date to 5-6 December 2015.

It's only 2 of us in this trip. We already called to the homestay for making a reservation. However, we didn't book a shuttle service because we wanted to rent a motorbike while we arrive there.

Once we arrive to the airport, we look for a shuttle service from the airport to the city center and we've heard that there is a minivan service for 40 baht per person. Unfortunately, there's no minivan service at this time since they don't have enough van at the moment. The officer tells us that we don't have to wait for this and also leads us to take a service from a taxi or a red Songthaew (a passenger vehicle made from a pick-up truck with 2 rows of seats in the back and used as a share taxi)

So we have to walk back to take a shuttle service from a red Songthaew. We bargain the price to 40 baht per person, which is the same price as the minivan service. Then, we tell the driver to drop us at a motorbike rental office. Whichever the driver knows or whichever the closer we can reach (I think taking this Songthaew is a better option...Ha ha)

We finally rent a cute motorbike with 125 CC. We heard that this model is quite good for riding in mountains. However, I am the one who only sits on the back....Ha ha. We can ride the motorbike slowly, with a "Slow Life" concept...

We visit a local restaurant called Khao Kaeng 30 Mor (It means 30 curry pots) and have a meal before continuing our trip. The price is not expensive, only 30 baht for 2 kinds of curry on rice. Free clear soup and drinking water. Coffee is also good. The restaurant owner is very friendly and she tells us about the route to our homestay in details (But we don't remember how to reach there. We only remember that it's on our left hand side on the way to our homestay).

After having lunch, we continue our trip by riding a motorbike along this road. It's at noon but the weather is quite cold and foggy because it was raining in the morning.

We pause at this amazing rock, make a wish and try to move the rock as it's written on the wooden board that we will have a good luck if we do this.

The rock is enormous, so we can't even move or shake the rock. I just place a glass of water on top of the rock and make a wish. I see the water in the glass is moving and I think my wish will come true...Ha ha.

Finally we arrive to the entrance of the village. Yeah...

We see many small and cute houses. For us, they are so beautiful and cozy.

We are passing a famous restaurant with many customers inside. However, it's not our destination.

We booked a homestay with uncle Phrom Minh (A village headman), so we have to ask for information here. This place is also a restaurant and a coffee shop.

After waiting for a while, the host comes to us and takes us to our house. We are so excited about the house that we will be staying tonight. Every house in this village can be served as a homestay, so everyone will be able to get an income evenly.

We arrive to our room. Is it cute? He he.

The room doesn't need to be luxury. Plus, there's no mosquito here so we don't need to hang up a mosquito net.

The price for accommodation is 520 baht per person includes 2 meals. If we choose 3 meals, the price would be 560 baht or 580 baht (I don't really remember). So, we choose only 2 meals, which is breakfast and dinner.

After check-in to our room, we are going to travel around this area by driving and we choose to visit a temple at first.

It's quite calm with reverence.

Around the temple.

It looks so green everywhere....I am feeling so good.

A pavilion among water.

There is a group of housewives beside the temple selling some pillows stuffed with dried tealeaves.

Don't forget to support them by buying their products from tealeaves.

We bought 4 pillows. They smell so good.

We are so hungry. So, let's eat some papaya salad!!!

These houses are connected to the main road while behind the houses is close to a waterfall...I envy the local people here.

Some hammocks have been removed because of large number of tourists.

Let's drink coffee after having papaya salad... ^_^

After refreshing ourselves, we continue to ride a motorbike to visit a viewpoint on a mountain. It's quite steep here, so we have to ride carefully.

Let's travel to Lampang!!!

You can travel in 2 provinces by walking 1 step only...He he.

We have been walking only 200 metres but we feel so exhausted. The weather is quite cold today.

I want to bring this fresh air back home.

We pause at Mae Kampong waterfall on the way back.

The water is so fresh and cool.

We are so excited to ride across a weir.

We visit other houses in case we have a chance to come here again.

This house is so cute. That house is also beautiful. It's difficult to choose...Ha ha.

We arrive to our homestay. The host already cooked dinner for us.

The weather is quite cold and we didn't bring any winter clothes here. So, we can't take a walk in the night. Next time we will bring them for sure.

After waking up in the morning, let's take a walk in the village and find a cup of coffee to wake up our eyes.

While we are talking with the village headman, we see many foreign tourists visiting Mae Kampong and we are really surprise...They are from somewhere faraway from Thailand but they find Mae Kampong as their destination while we just recently discovered this place...Ha ha.

These are some beautiful houses of the village headman. Next time we will stay here for sure.

The bottom of the stairs look so green...I really like it.

This house is also beautiful and cozy.

There are some coffee trees in every house since local people usually make their own coffee brand.

We are so regret that we didn't eat hotpot here. It has a great atmosphere with beautiful decoration.

It's time to go back. Many thanks for the host for accommodation and delicious meals.

We are riding a motorbike out of Mae Kampong village. Since we still have a plenty time, let's turn right to visit this restaurant.

There are some chic restaurants along the road.

This house is so beautiful.

We finally arrive to a coffee shop on a giant tree. I think some you know this place already.

There are so many people here. All seats are full with customers, so we don't order anything. If you guys want to visit here, please consider the timing.

On the way down from the mountain, we pause at a noodle restaurant which sells only 5 baht per bowl...I didn't type wrong. It's actually 5 baht!!!

Actually we are not really hungry...he he.

We order only 10 bowl and we eat them all.

We visit Bo Sang village. It's been 30 years already that I visited here last time.

Before returning a motorbike, let's visit some temples and make a wish.

I wish I would have fortunate in the future...Sadhu! (Amen!)

Here is another temple, "Wat Pan Tao". It's so beautiful as always.

We return the motorbike to the owner and the rental price for 2 days is 400 baht, which is 200 baht per day. We pay 90 baht for refueling (actually we can only pay 70 baht). Then, we ask for a shuttle service (from a red Songthaew) to take us to the airport. The first price of the shuttle service is 150 baht but we say no to this price. So, the driver lowers the price to 120 baht and we say no. After that, the driver lowers the price to 100 baht and we eventually say yes because the price was 80 baht (40 baht per person) when we took at the first time we arrive. Finally, we jump to the Songthaew and say goodbye to Mae Kampong.

We didn't plan anything for this trip but it's ending with joy and happiness. It's beyond our expectations since we thought that there would be many tourists but it wasn't. This is the source of the story.... A beautiful life @ Mae Kampong village.

Thank you for visiting this page and reading this review.