A quick trip of 3 days 2 nights, first night we stay at Baan Mae Kam Pong.

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We start to have pains and aches on second night due to riding motorbike for long time. So, we decide soak at outdoor hot spring.

The trip is only 3 days and 2 nights but why there are plenty of photos. I mean everything is so picturesque that I want to photograph all things. At some gorgeous places, I take photos nonstop. I select photos that I think everyone will think the same. (The real site is 10 times more beautiful. You gotta see by yourself. Photos can't even compare to real thing.)

Along the way to Chiang Mai, it is a combination of sunlight, wind, rain and fog. We face with all seasons. Riding motorbike to travel allows us to feel the weather at the moment with our skin. (To make it easy, our face counter with the wind, sunlight and rain.)

We make it fast on main road, over 100km./hr. I can hear ringing in my ear. The wind hits my face and hat is almost blown away.

Or when it's rain, we pause to wear raincoat and move on. There's nothing can stop us because we are well prepared.

Everyone bring raincoat as we have checked from weather forecast. It's certainly gonna rain. Wear raincoat, pack all things and go.

During sunny time is the best because we are confident of what we prepare including hat, veil, sunglasses, long sleeve shirt, pants and sunblock. The flowing wind helps to reduce the heat. Weather is nice.

What beyond our expectation is the fog, like in movie called "The Mist". It happens during return trip from Wat Chaloemphrakiat Lampang to Chiang Mai.

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The route cuts through multiple mountaintops. OMG, super gorgeous that I can't explain. I'm so happy with the way. I take lots of photos but they are blur, haha. Alas!!!

These 3 days are very fun. Please follow our second day trip. // This way.

We arrived at Chaeson National Park, together with heavy rain, at 4.00PM. The weather is cool and humid.

This hot spring is huge and beautiful. There are various hot springs with different levels of heat. The park is well managed. There are accommodations, restaurants and bathing facilities. Everything is nice and tidy plus lots of trees and pleasant weather. Just the right place to sip beer. (Honestly all kinds of weather are suitable for drinking beer.)

Once cool rainy weather touch with hot spring surface, it creates foggy and misty scene like this.

Hot spring raises from the ground.

There is warning at some pools because each pool has different temperatures. Tourist can swim if it's moderately hot. But if you see this board, don't even think of it. You will be ripe for sure.

Boiling egg pool with instruction board. If you boil the egg according to instruction, you will get onsen egg which yolk is medium ripe and egg white is watery. Just perfectly delicious.

We gotta complete our mission. Boil eggs in the pool. Hook basket with a wood and dip it into the water. If there are few eggs or they are too light, the eggs will float out from basket. Pay little attention if not they will be wasted. We sit, wait and prepare Maggi (seasoning sauce). When the eggs are ripe, carefully peel and eat. Super happy. (Don't forget to put garbage in a bin. Please keep the place clean.)

Canal is very cold. The water flows from mountain and meets with water from hot spring becoming canal. There are various hot spring pools with different shades of green and temperature. Those houses are bathing facilities requiring little fee. The board says person who has heart disease or hypertension can't swim. Please be careful.

This is a pool inside bathroom with entrance fee of THB50 per person. You can use as long as you want. Only dipping my hand into water, it's super hot. It's so hot that I wonder whether we can take a bath. We touch our arms and legs with water in order to get used to the heat. It's too hot.

It could be because it's our first time. We thought it would be more relaxing but turns out it's not. Water is too hot for us but others are okay with it. So, we soak just a few minute and give up or else we will be ripe.

For accommodation, tonight we stay in the park. It is a house with two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, fan, TV and more importantly water heater. So happy we don't have to bear with cold water.

Next morning we pack our bags and move on to Wat Chaloemphrakiat which is one of unseen Thailand attractions. Climbing up the hill is very tired but what we see is more than worthwhile.

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