Fortunately, I received free voucher for 3 days 2 nights staying at THE BEACH Heights Resort from participation in Facebook: PHUKET E-MAGAZINE activity, and thus, My journey trip to Mai Ton Island begins. I make a room reservation for almost 2 months in advance in order to wait for the airfare promotion whether they are Air Asia, Nok air or Bangkok airways which in the present they have been very competitive and reduced the air ticket price for the benefit to the customer like us. My airfares for this trip are not very low but let's think that just going to change and relaxing in the other atmosphere. At last, I choose Bangkok Airways air ticket which is cheaper than Air Asia at 300 baht amount.

Actually, I have been to Phuket for a several times, let's say that it is uncountable time for me to be there. Travelling in Phuket each time, I always went to the same place. This time, I roughly plan the trip as in the first day when arrive in Phuket, I would head around in Phuket island first and try to find a new place that I have never been before such as Mai Khao beach, Khao Nak Kerd View Point and then go to Phrom Thep cape for the last spot. As for the second day I intend to buy a package tour to Khai island.

The luck is still on my side as my friend who participated in a Facebook:TavelHolic biGbOy activity by guessing the 3 last digits of the first prize of lottery but there is no one guess right on that issue, therefore, the prize is round to the person who guesses at the nearest digits which, of course, is my friend. the winning prize is a one day trip package tour to Mai Ton Island travelling with Love Andaman team.

For that reason, this trip I stay for free at THE BEACH Heights Resort and likewise have a Package Tour for one day trip to Mai Ton Island travelling with Love Andaman team. For other expenses such as traveling expenses, rental car and meals expenses, all is on me.

This trip I travel by Bangkok Airways. Beforehand, I already managed to check in on Bangkok Airways website.

When arrived at the airport, I just only have to drop my baggage.

It does not take too long time as we hardly wait in the line. As the airline has arranged the baggage drop-off counters especially for the passengers who already check in through website. After finished drop-off baggage, I head over to Gate 7 to use Bangkok Airways temporary lounge service, seems that the lounge will be finish renovation at the end of October, but then again I am not sure whether when reach that time, the period will be further postpone again or not.

After the plane took off for a while, there are refreshments serving.

It takes approximately an hour, and then we will arrive at Phuket International Airport.

When arrive at the airport, I call to the car company which I contacted before. This time I use the rental car service by booking through Facebook: รถเช่าภูเก็ตและทัวร์ภูเก็ต. Luckily, by the time that I reserved the car is on the promotion period. I reserved New VIOS for 2 days, it costs 1000 baht per day (but if reserve more than 3 days, the cost per day will be at 900 baht) but the promotion period is already end.

After I contact the car rental company around 10 minutes, they pick me up to sign the rental contract. Moreover, the car that I rent is the brand new car with red license plate.

After finish signing the contract, I head to Sarasin Bridge to our first stop at Mai Khao beach as planned. I try to read the road sign to Mai Khao beach but there are not any, I only saw the road sign to Mai Khao temple. In the end, I end up at Sarasin Bridge and have a walk, take some photos at the view observatory.

Sarasin Bridge is 660 meters long and crossing over the Pak Prah strait connecting Phang Nga province with Phuket Island. In the present, Sarasin Bridge does not permit the car to cross over but there is the new bridge located just beside the Sarasin Bridge in use. Located next to Sarasin Bridge is Sai Kaew beach which link to Mai Khao beach, the beach which I cannot find its entrance.

"An army marches on its stomach" so that this afternoon I will have lunch at Grandmother Jian's Mee Sa Pum. This local restaurant stays with Phuket for more than 50 years. There are varieties of menus here. The restaurant has only one floor in widespread area. I can say that there are a lot of customers coming here.

Let's start with "Mee Sa Pum", a Fried Hokkien Noodles, it is a yellow noodles stir fried with Chinese cabbage and add prawn, squid and fish ball. This menu costs 50 baht for no egg; 55 baht with egg and special large bowl for 70 baht.

Following by Hoi Tod (Fried mussel), Hoi Tod here is nothing like our house does. Usually we would mix mussel with flour and stir fried together with bean sprout and egg. But here, they use Hoi Tib or small oyster stir fried with bean sprout and serve with crispy thin folded flour, eat with the chili sauce. it's so tasty. This menu costs only 50 baht.

Then we have Oh Tao, this menu is similar to Hoi Tod we usually eat but here they use Hoi Tib fried together with wheat flour mixed with tapioca flour, that makes the flour soft and sticky, stir fried with steamed taro and egg, garnished with dried shrimp and fried shallot flakes serve with raw bean sprout, then eat with the chili sauce. This menu costs 50 baht.

Besides the above menus that we have mentioned, there are still a lot of menus such as Oo Chae, Hor Mok Pla, Blanched Fish Ball, Mee Hum with pork rib, Lo Ba, Fish Stomach, Rice Mixed with Shrimp paste and many more.

At last, Ou Aew, we could only eat this in Phuket. Ou Aew is made from jelled banana and jelled Ou Aew with ice and sweet syrup. This menu is so tasty and feels fresh. It costs 25 baht.

After feeling full, my next program is to go to Khao Nak Kerd for viewing Phuket city view. The direction to Khao Nak Kerd is the same way to Cha Long temple; the entrance is just not far from the temple. Only you do not have to reach five intersections, there will be the alley on the right side. Some parts of the way are quiet decline, so you do need to be very careful when driving this route.

At the top of Khao Nak Kerd situated the Prabuddha Mingmongkol Akenakkiree statue or more commonly known as the Big Buddha. The Big Buddha statue is the large contemporary art seated Buddha statue in the attitude of subduing Mara, decorated with white jade marble called "Suryakant" from Mynmar. It is said that let alone the weight of the white jade marble is around 135 tons already.

From the area around the Big Buddha statue, you can see the Phuket surrounding city view which can see Wat Chalong Pagoda and Chalong Bay. I think that travelling to Khao Nak Kerd for viewing the view is more convenient than going to Khao Khard View Point, but at Khao Khard View Point, you can see the 360 degree view.

After that I go direct to my hotel to check-in at THE BEACH Heights Resort which located at Ka Ta beach to have some rest before I head out to take some pictures at the twilight time at Phrom Thep Cape.

THE BEACH Heights Resort is the resort in The Beach Group network which has The Beach Boutique House, another branch hotels in the network and the hotel is located in the same area.

As per the picture, on the left side will be the Lobby area of THE BEACH Heights Resort, as for the right side is The Beach Boutique House area.

The buildings feature of THE BEACH Heights Resort, for now the resort has 2 buildings and the additional buildings beside are on process, they are under construction at this moment.

The lowest floor of the building made to be the underground floor for car parking lot.

Elevator is fairly outsize and has a spectacular decoration, the elevator floor has been covered with the artificial grass and the press buttons is in touch mode, moreover, inside the elevator also has speaker for informing the floor number. Plus the elevator is also moving pretty fast.

The corridor between the rooms were definitely decorated in the modern style.

Let's have a look inside the room.

When open the door and come inside, the restroom is on the left hand side and there are the closest and refrigerator on the right hand side.

Next to the restroom is the bed area, the area is quiet spacious and there are armchairs for sit and relax beside the bed.

Above the bed, there is the beautiful big crafted wooden plate which pleasantly adds luxurious to the room. Moreover, there is the small lamp provide for reading for guests who would like to read books while lying down on bed. The 4 outlet plugs are also provided.

At the end of the bed, they also provide a work table and LCD television.

You could observe the room floor, it is covered by the wooden pattern tiles which unlike the floor that cover with tiles or carpet, I think they make the room look more natural.

Let's explore the rest room, the decoration inside is captivating, but at the same time I feel that it is a bit narrow. The wet and dry areas have been separated by the large clear glass and curtain. The water splash out to the dry area when showering a little bit. Another side of the wall which is close to the bed area is a clear glass that can see through on the outside. If you would like the privacy in the restroom, you are able to close down the venetian blind.

Every room has the balcony for breathing the fresh air; there is also the clothes hanger provide outside. My room is on the 8th floor which can overlook the pool from the above.

The minibar arranged by the hotel.

Do not disturb sign; the design of the sign is so adorable. As for the room door, if the door does not properly close, the alarm will be alerted.

There also provide the cloth bag for putting in the towel when you go out during the day.

Now, let's go and see the surrounding atmosphere of the hotel.

There is a large swimming pool available for service, this hotel has 3 swimming pools and this pool is the largest one.

There is a two small bar stories, coming to sit and chill out when the sunset, the ambience is pretty gorgeous.

Another building located besides the one that I stay, the room at the ground floor could just open the door and walk out to the pool.

Chic lamps at the Lobby area.

This is The Beach Boutique House area.

After finished taking the photo of the surrounding area, I have not even moved to anywhere yet, the rain just falling down hard which I have to cancel my evening program to Phrom Thep Cape. So anyway, let's consider that as taking a rest and charge myself some energy for the next day trip to Mai Ton Island.

In the morning, before taking off on the second day trip, let's fill some energy by having nice breakfast at Ya Nud dining room. Ya Nud dining room located next to the Lobby and the swimming pool, open from 06.30 am.

The interior design inside use white and orange color tone, it looks clean and the decoration is adorable. The food line for breakfast is not a lot to choose, they have cooked food and made-to-order food such as noodles, fried egg and omelet.

After breakfast, I have to wait for the Love Andaman van to pick me up to travel to Mai Ton Island. During this time, I go to Lobby to borrow the towel and take with me to the trip.

Love Andaman van continuously to pick up all guests from each hotel on the way. According the appointed time, the van will pick me up on 09.00 am and the van arrives just precisely on time. Then the van will send us to Lam Pan Wa pier.

At the pier, there are staffs waiting and greeting us when we arrive. The beverage; water, tea and coffee will be arranged ready to serve. And there is also a table arranged for check in guests. When finishing on check in process, the staff will hand out the wristbands indicating which boat the guests will board into.

For the check in and waiting area, I think it is still messy.

Before the trip, our tour guide will introduce Mai Ton Island and the activities which will be held for the trip. Now seems everything is ready, and then let's go.

I travel by a big speed boat. Before boarding on the boat, the staff inform guests to take off their shoes so that it won't dirty when walking in the boat and they will return the shoes when arrive at Mai Ton Island. After take off for a while from Phuket Island, I could see groups of large cargo ships moored at the port. It takes just around 15 minutes from the shore to Mai Ton Island.

Mai Ton Island is away from Phuket Island seashore for around 9 kilometers. Looking from above, the island shape is like a log which is why the island's name "Ton Mai"(Log). However, Ton Mai Island sounds not quite good so the name is changed to Mai Ton Island instead. This Island originally belongs to (a well-known star) Mr. Phuri Hirunyapruek's family which is bestowed since Rama 5 reign period. But in the present the island is changed the ownership to one of the famous paper business owner in Thailand already.

When the boat arrives, it will stop for guests to go on skin diving and let the guests to swim toward the seashore. The point area where the boat stops, the water is very clear that I can see the sea urchins by our eyes. After sending some of the guests on skin diving, the boat will continue toward the seashore and send the rest of the guests who do not want to dive down to the island.

The water around the pier is crystal clear, but kind of pity that the sky is not very bright enough as it should be. Nevertheless, the weather like this plus we do not face the rain is lucky enough already.

During the walk from the pier to the guest building, we walk passes the Beach Morning Glory which its flowers and leaves fully flourish.

There is a area that provides for guests to relax in 2 storey. At the ground floor, there is the refreshments buffet arranged to serve which are tea, coffee, bakeries, fruit juice, beer and smoothies drink to choose from. The smoothies are very refreshing. I take 2 glasses of smoothies and also other drinks for myself.

I choose to sit and relax at wooden balcony below the Hu kwang tree (Indian almond tree). Having some refreshments and taking the beautiful sea view, this is awesome.

After filling refreshing, I walk along the beach and take some photos.

Besides being a tour guide, the guide of Love Andaman team can really do almost everything from arranging foods to taking photos for guests.

For lunch, we have grilled squid, grilled shrimp, Nam Prik Goong Siap (Shrimp Paste Dipping Sauce), Spaghetti, Seared sea bass fillet with sweet chili dressing, fried chicken drumstick, soup and many more, besides there is also many kinds of fruit such as melon, watermelon and pineapple.

I have just a small portion for lunch, actually because of the refreshments, it make me a bit full. The food here is fully served, you can eat whenever you would like to.

At last, I take a coconut ice cream for dessert, it's so yummy.

After lunch, our guide informs to those who are interested to go to the viewpoint to gather together and then then take them to the viewpoint by foot around 400 meters. The path condition is paved with cement, a bit declined; there are mosses on some parts of the path. Although the distance is not far, but can make you feel a little tired.

Finally we reach the viewpoint, up here we can see view of three provinces including Phuket, Phangnga and Phi Phi Islands, Krabi. But today, we cannot see Phi Phi Islands as the weather is not clear enough.

Going down from the viewpoint, we are still not recovering from the tiredness; we once again have another refreshments. Love Andaman team already prepared French-fries and Ou Aew for appetizer for us.

Happy time always flies so fast, it is time to say goodbye to Mai Ton Island, the staff prepare the boat for us to Phuket seashores. These are the last photos I take at the pier.

We have not yet set our foot at Phuket seashores, the cloudy sky are coming. During travel on the way back to the hotel, the rain starts pouring again. And my program to take the last light of the day photo is, once again, have to be canceled.

In the evening, I do not want to go out for dinner as I am still feel very full from the lunch meal on Mai Ton Island, hence, I go for a walk around the hotel area and take some photos in twilight ambience instead.

The hotel lobby area.

Beside the hotel area.

Beside the lobby close to the swimming pool zone, is the small bar.

The hotel swimming pool can change its color.

There are also two small swimming pools inside the hotel.

Yan Nad dining room.

The hotel building that I stay, downstairs located the Kid Club and fitness.

The main swimming pool, the photo is taken from my room angle. Changeable colors pool is very fascinating.

The Beach Boutique House.

After finish taking some photos of the hotel atmosphere, it's time to have some rest as I have to prepare to travel back tomorrow.

In the morning, I prepare to take off from the hotel and travel to airport ahead of time as I need to have an extra time in case of traffic jam. During this time, some parts of the road from Ka Ta beach to the airport are under construction for the tunnel which make the traffic is in a bad condition. But as today, it's Sunday plus also still early, the traffic is not as bad as I expected. Therefore, I arrive at the airport a little before time. As I calculate the time, I am able to take a short visit to some sights before I go to airport. And as I remember, before I arrived at the airport, there is a left junction to Nai Thorn beach; this beach is not far from the airport.

Nai Thorn beach is very peaceful beach, a little privacy. May be because this beach is at the far end from the main road, not so many tourists come to travel here. Only the foreigners who stay in the luxurious hotel close by this beach come for a swim and take a sunbath. The sand color of Nai Thorn beach is not white as it should be but overall the sand is fine and clean. There are heavy waves here sometimes. This beach is remarkable for those who like to peacefully sit and watch the sea view.

After finish returning the rent car, I go to drop-off my baggage as I have already check-in through the website in advance. Thus, I don't have to wait in the line, save me a lot of time. After finish dropping-off my baggage, I head to the service Lounge of Bangkok Airways right away.

Lounge Bangkok Airways of Phuket airport is located inside the gate, there are varieties of refreshments here.

The trip back, I fly with the airplane named "Samui", it has a vivid decorative style with the underwater world look.

Ever since I travel, I think that Phuket airport has the most beautiful location in Thailand because it is close to the sea.

There are small screen inside the plane, telling the story of Thialand tourism.

This flight is around noon; therefore, the airlines provide hot dishes for serving. They served fried chicken with sticky rice, the good smell of fried chicken hits my nose, however, when I take a bite, I would like to put it down as fried chicken is so dried and sticky. I think if it changes to grilled chicken menu, it may be better. The chicken should be softer. It takes me several minutes for chewing it out. I think of those passengers, who have bad teeth, Can they chew it out?

After I finished my sticky fried chicken, the airplane is landing down, and finally we arrive safely at Suvarnabhumi airport.

This trip is considered to be another trip that I am impressed. Due to the fascinating attractions, for me, they are the new attractions I never travelled before in Phuket. Next trip to Phuket, I certainly will try another locations because there are many other islands that I have never been before such as Ra Cha Island, Khai Island. That is why I will come back again for sure "Phuket".


 Tuesday, May 12, 2015 1:30 PM