sala ayutthaya

We are going to spend this weekend in Ayutthaya.

We plan to chill and also go to temples over there.

We are bored with Bangkok... We don't like the busy traffic here.

We have arrived in Ayutthaya and it took us only about one hour to get here...

And today,

Fan Pa Teow, will introduce "sala ayutthaya" to all of you."

sala ayutthaya is a modern-style hotel. It looks chick, cool, and luxury at the same time. I bet you are getting excited and would like to see it now how the hotel would be.

sala ayutthaya is located on U-Thong Road, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

In other words, you can spot it easily since it is on the same road as the hospital and almost opposite Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park.

The hotel is right by the main road.

Look at the front part of the hotel! It looks so cool already, doesn't it?

The Front Desk is the first thing we have found after entering the hotel and we find it very charming.

Even though the wall and ceiling are raw materials, the chandelier has made the area looks simply luxurious.

We have done checking in and we are ready to go to our room.

We are excited and can't wait to see what would surprise us along the way.

If you are ready, let's get the official exploration of sala ayutthaya begun!

I shout Wow! out loud.

Are you serious that this is a hotel? I unconsciously talk to myself.

I feel as if I was walking in an ancient town and what I see is the city wall.

Wake up! ... This is a hotel and it is sala ayutthaya.

The staff told us earlier that the hotel looks like this because the main design of the hotel is contemporary but they would like to add the indigenous charm into it.

Therefore, sala ayutthaya looks modern with the uniqueness of the ancient Ayutthaya architecture.

This wall is not like any other walls either. It is curvy.

So the light and shadow make it look even more interesting.

They pay a very good attention to details.

We spend quite some time with this amusing wall and we guess, we should go to our room now.

We stay in a Deluxe River View Room this time.

Well, I will keep it to the end.

For now, I will show you other types of rooms available at sala ayutthaya first. There are 5 room types here in total as follows.






Let's start with the standard one, Superior Room!

Although this is the standard room type, the room is huge.

Every room type has the same design and the size is pretty much the same. They all come with the bathtub as well.

The main difference is that Superior room has no river view.

This is the area in front of the Superior Room.

However, one good thing about Superior room is that it is close to the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is not that big but I love its design and cleanliness.

With the white wall of the building and the marble floor of the pool, this pool looks even lovelier.

Let's continue with the second room type, Deluxe River View Terrace!

This type of room is similar to Deluxe River View Room that we stay.

The two differences are the size and this room offers you a terrace overlooking the river and Wat Phutthaisawan.


The next one is One Bedroom Pool Suite.

The room is spacious at 13 square meters. The highlight of this room is definitely the private pool.

It even has an outside area where you can sit and relax.

And yes, like I have said earlier that the interior is the same for all the rooms.

The highlight of the rooms at sala ayutthaya would be the quality bedding. The bed and pillows are totally comfortable. The pillow size is also different from other hotels.

Last but not least, The Deluxe River View

This is the room type that we are staying in.

Let's take a closer look at this type of room!

Everything in the room looks so cute.

With this photo, who would have known that this small chair is actually a part of a lamp.

This long sofa lets you sit or lie down comfortably with a nice view of the outside.

The floor is the skim coat concrete so it makes the room very chilly.

The floor makes the room look stylish as well.

What do you think about this view? It is beautiful, isn't it?

One major difference of this Deluxe River View Room to other rooms is that the wall of the whole room is white.

On the other hand, it will be in brick natural color on the wall at the headboard in other rooms.

What is also different and more special about this room type is this long white sofa, the one I sit earlier this afternoon.

I would say it is the prime charm of this room especially with this kind of view.

It is getting dark now and yes, it is time for our dinner.

The restaurant is so pretty. Even though you are not staying here, don't forget to come and have a nice meal here, I highly recommend.

There are 3 major zones in the restaurant.

This is the first zone which is a perfect place for those who don't like the wind or would like to escape from the heat, or the rain.

It is a very nice zone decorated with special designed hanging lights that look similar to the bell.

Interior walls made of bricks also go so well with the overall ambiance.

You will have the view of Wat Phutthaisawan from this zone of the restaurant as well.

The second zone is still in the building but it is open-air.

The number of tables are limited in the zone.

Lastly, this is the last zone of the restaurant located right by the river.

I love this zone very much but only in the morning and evening.

Today, we will show you how romantic it would be to dine here.

Coming here in a group or with your special one, are good ideas.

But it might be better to be with your loved one like I am, since it offers you such a chill and relaxing experience.

The light wind by the river is also very favorable....

And now, let's see what do we have for dinner!

I would like to confirm that the foods here are superb especially Thai foods.

The first dish is this Wing Bean Salad with River Prawn.

It is a simple menu but it totally blows my mind.

Look at this nicely-decorated Thai dish, Spicy Minced Pork Salad served in Crispy Golden Cup!

It is very spicy.

It would be strange if we don't eat the river prawns when in Ayutthaya.

That's why we order one of them. The prawn is huge and it is served with 4 different kinds of dipping sauces.

We end our dinner with Thai dessert, Bua Loy Kai Waan (Sticky Rice Balls in Sweet Coconut Cream). It is served in a young coconut.

The new day has arrived and we are here for breakfast. We will also go to explore another angle of the hotel later.

I mean we will look at the hotel from another side of the river.

You can order breakfast through this a la carte menu.

There is a variety of set menus for you to choose from.

Let's start with the drinks! … They serve both hot and cold beverage.

Mine is Iced Mocha. It is very good.

Then the food is here and this Egg Benedict is totally delicious.

The bread is perfectly toasted and the egg is perfectly cooked topped with a nice mild sauce.

The texture and the taste are absolutely satisfying.

Then we have the set menu named "Chao Phraya".

The main dish is Boiled Rice that you can choose to have it with shrimps, pork, or chicken.

This set also includes Spicy Chinese Sausage Salad, and Stir-Fried Morning Glory.

I would highly recommend this set menu because it is served in a big portion so you won't be hungry until lunch and all dishes are delicious.

Then we have a dessert set as well but I don't remember its name.

This Chocolate Croissant is in the set. It smells so nice and taste so good. I totally love it.

This little basket of bread is served with the English Set.

This is the whole English Set.

All set menus include fresh fruits, coffee, and fruit juice.

It has been such a great breakfast today.

The ambiance is also truly nice and relaxing.

We don't forget to get a few photo shots before going back home.

We start at the Art Gallery. It is a white room decorated by colorful paintings and we would say this is another charm of sala ayutthaya.

The Art Gallery is right next to the Lobby.

Apart from the total relaxation we have got from this stay at sala ayutthaya, we also have a lot of fun especially when it comes to taking photos.

Those who like to take a portrait photo shouldn't miss to come here. You will definitely get a fantastic photo back with you together with the happiness.

You may also gain some kilos because the foods are totally superb.

Therefore, once you have got some free times, don't forget to take your loved one here.... as sala ayutthaya is very close to Bangkok.


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sala ayutthaya

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