Have ever heard that we are able to see many butterflies in rainy season.

This is the beginning of this trip... it is time to search for some information.

There is the popular place to watch the butterflies, it is Pang Sida National Park.

Let's pack the luggages. We choose to stay at Kantary Kabinburi.This is because it is more comfortable to go to other places.

We arrive at the hotel around noon, so we will have lunch at the hotel.

At first, we thought whether the food will be delicious if we eat at the hotel. However, we see the menu and be surprised that Japanese menu is also available here.

We have ordered Bento and Sushi ( Sake Shioyaki Set) at THB 210 per set.

We are really satisfy with the menu.

The second set is Sashimi Set at THB 280 per set.

And the last set is Sashimi, we could not remember the precise name of this menu but it is not over THB 300.

Once our stomaches are fulfilledm, we prefer to go to our rooms... it is the activity which we always do for the first day trip.

We do not want to go anywhere because we are quite tired.

We prefer to take some rest and we have only one desired destinaton, Pang Sida National Park where we intend to go.

In the afternoon, we wander around the hotel Kantary Kabinburi.

There are 3 room types; Studio / One bed Room / Two bed Room

So, we will start with the first room type Studio

We really like the chained hotel because it is very spacious and clean especially Kantary Kabinburi, it has spectacular view.

The general atmospher of this room type

There are Sofa, LED TV, working corner and dinner table. Furthermore, there is also the kitchen zone available.


To continue with the second room type: Two Bed Room

This is the biggest room of this hotel. It is very spacious and luxurious. We personally like the living zone.

There are 2 spacious bedrooms in this room type.

We are extremely excited once we see the kitchen. We feel like we stay at home. The oven and washing machine are also available.

The dinner table is very big, it is suitable for 6 people.

This room type is the best option for gang or family.

Let's discover the last room type: One bed Room (We stay in this room type)

According to the its name, this room type has 1 bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The room is very spacious. There is another TV in the bedroom.

The general atmosphere of One bed Room

We still have the dinner at the hotel because the taste of lunch has caught our interest.

Hence, we have imagined that the dinner will be also good. As it is right as per our imagination, the dinner is very tasty. The restaurant is just in front of the lobby.

As we are very hugry during lunch time, we have forgotten to take the photo of the lobby.

Here you are, some photos of the lobby.

We are very impressed with the service and staffs.

The restaurant is also spacious, there are 2 types of the tables which you are able to choose.


While, we are waiting for the food, we are served with some bread.

The first dish is pork steak, it is so tender.

It is so delicious.

This is also another dish of beef steak.

We end up our main course with fish. It is so delicious.

But, the main highlight is the dessert. Chef has illustrated how to cook this dessert at the table.

Here it is! The dessert which we are waiting for.

We are also served with vanilla ice cream coverd with chocolate. This is complimentary only the customer who has ordered for beef steak.

After having dinner, we then go back to the room and sleep right away

The morning view has amazed us. We think that it is very difficult to find some nice view in urban area, we are so lucky.

After enjoy seeing nice view, it is time to take some shower and go for breakfast.

It will be such a long day of adventure, we better charge our battery by having Japanese food as our breakfast today.

Once we finish breakfast, it is time to start our trip to Pang Sida National Park, it is quite far from the hotel.

It takes about 1 hour by car.

Pang Sida National Park is in Muang District, Sa Kaeo Province. The forest of this national park is perfect due to natural diversity

For those who like to watch birds, they should not miss to visit here.

And the highlight is butterfly, you can see many butterflies from June to August. Theres is also butterfly festival and other activities.

We have seen various butterflies at the entrance of the national park which you could not see it during the normal period.

The sky is very cloudy once we drive the car into the national park. The staff told us that it just stops raining and it will start raining again.

Furthermore, they told us that it is only 20% of the total amount of butterfly today.

We feel a bit sad once we heard this but our sadness has been relieved once we have seen butterflies in national park. Wow! it is a lot of butterfiles even though it is only 20%

We have read the sign to make better understanding but we have found there is some weird information, the sign has been indicated that there will be many butterflies in the rainny season but we have found that there will be many butterflies in the sunny day. We wonder which type of climate that butterfly usually likes.

The best time for watching butterfly is 09.00 - 11.00 hrs.

We never know about the far end of the destination, hence it is necessary that we keep walking till the end of the destination.

Finally, we will love travelling.

We keep taking photos till noon.

We feel hungry now, we then drive back to downtown of Kabinburi and head to Cafe Kantary 304


304 This cafe is located in front of Kantary 304 hotel.

There are some lovely corners but it is suitable to sip some coffee at night because it is quite hot duing day time.

It is so lovely inside the cafe.

There are various kind of desserts and snack.

We prefer to sit at upstair. Luckily, it is the weekday, it is not crowded. Hence, we are able to choose wherever we want to sit.

Once we step up to the second floor. Oh my god, it is such a nice decoration.

Our faces are less outstanding due to the background of Mardy (cartoon)

Another chic corner

But, the loviness of the cafe could not fulfil our stomach, we are not reluctant to order for some food

We start with Hokkaido Salad. It consists of fresh veggie, salmon, tuna, seaweed etc.

To continue with Smoke Salmon pizza

And order for rice with stir fried Tom Yum Kung (accompanied with omelette). We have actually tried this menu at Kantary, Rayong. The taste is great.

Another menu is also delicious. It is Thai authentic spicy spagetti.

To end up this meal with dessert and some beverage.

Honey toast is so nice.

We still regret for promotion menu in June, we want them to be available for all months because they are so delicious.

And babana crepe

At first, we tend to continue travelling but we are so full and prefer to take some rest.

So, we may excuse to go back and take some rest since we need to pass the hotel to the next destination anyway.

We choose to take some rest at executive lounge. It is the place where hotel's guests can read books and work

This room is very spacious and cozy. Importantly, beverage and dessert are provided as complimentary.

In the evening, we go to Verona at Tublan, it takes around 25 minutes from the hotel.

It has the theme as Palio Khao Yai but it is bigger than Palio Khao Yai.

The Verona Tublan is the land of love. The architecture is inspired from Verona, Italy.

It is not so crowded but it is good for us in term of taking photos

There are some place to take some rest and restaurants.

It is well served our objective. For those who like to take photos, they should not miss to visit this place.

For those who like nature, we highly recommend to go to Tublan National Park, it is just opposite Verona Tublan.

Once, you come to Verona, you will find various corner to take chic photos.

We arrive at the hotel in the late evening. We will relax by swimming.

Before swimming, we would like to present you the ironing room. It is such a cool idea, we are provided with washing machine and ironing room.

Unfornately, there are so many people at the swimming pool, we then go back to our room and soak in the bath tub instead.

It is time to say good bye for this review. See you again.

The clip of watching butterfly

Hotel Clip

To provide some information about our accommodation

Kantary Hotel and Serviced Apartments, Kabinburi

349, 349/2 Moo 8, Suwannasorn Road, T.Muang Kao, A. Kabinburi, Prachinburi 25240, Thailand
Tel: +66 37 28 2699, +66 37 20 3193
Fax: +66 37 28 2655, +66 37 20 3224
E-mail: [email protected]


Pang Sida National Park

Post Box 55 Muang District Sa Kaeo Province 27000 Tel. 0 3755 6500 (VoIP), 0 3724 3775,0 37246100 Fax.0 3724 3774
Pang Sida National Park Tel.0-3724-3775, 0-3724-6100, 0-1862-1511
Pang Sida Club Tel.0-1429-2842 และ www.rakpangsida.com


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