After 3 days 3 nights that we have passed through so many things, finally we arrive to Larung Gar that we are looking for from Chengdu - Kanding - Ganzi - Luhuo - Sertar - Larung Gar.

The bus that we take drop us off at the entrance of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy due to they do not allow any car from out side to get in. So we need to change to another bus with the sticker pass then negotiate the price and tell the driver to drive us to the only one hotel in this Buddhist Academy. We did not book the hotel in advance because they only accept walk-in guest. Luckily there are rooms available for us at 340 CNY per night. We stay here for 2 nights; there are electronic blanket provided and hot water for showering. The weather here is very cold during the day is around 10 Degree Celsius and at night -3 Degree Celsius. Even we are in the room, it is still very cold.

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After leave everything at the hotel and have lunch, we go out to discover the area.

This is Larung Gar Buddhist Academy or Narung in TIbet. There is Lama and Germoo (Female Priest) in total of 40,000 which can be the biggest Buddhist Academy in Larung Valley, Sertar, Sichuan

All wooden houses are built for Lama and Germoo to stay which is very close to each other located at 4,000 meters above sea level. To stay here, we have be careful, do not disturb all Lama and Germoo who praying and practicing the dharma and do anything slowly otherwise you might get Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

Up there is the hotel, the rest are guesthouses.

They paint the house color the same the color of monk robe.

Use Gopro to takeTimelape

The biggest building is the hotel that we stay.

On the other side of the mountain

This is also another side of the mountain, there are so many Yaks.

He allows us to take his photo and we give him a pen for souvenir.

Still tease each other

With believe

Another picture that I really like>>>

There is only vegetarian food here and we need food that give us a lot of energy because we are afraid to be sick and do not have any medicine for altitude AMS so we need to have special care of ourselves.

Tonight I also have a headache and cannot sleep, so I just take anti pain and anti allergy medicine to make me sleep. After wake up I still can continue my adventure journey :)

Fresh Market

Food selling some of them I do not even know the name

How to wash clothes here

Shoes shelf for Lama before go in to the church


Most of Lama will not allow us to take photo of them. If they see camera, they will try to cover their face and we also respect their right.

Or standing among them

Right now we travel from Chengdu - Kanding - Ganzi - Luhuo - Sertar - Larung Gar. Please wait to see our next destination.

Someone believes in something even they did not see the way but they still believe.

This is life of journey, the experience that you will not have if you stay still.

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