Now is rainy season which I personally like to travel during this season. I see many attractions on the internet making me wanna go everywhere. However, with limited budget, I choose to go to somewhere nearby. I have 3 locations in my mind consisted of Suan Peung, Kaeng Krachan and Sai Yok. So, to make it more exciting, I create labels for lucky draw. Actually I wish I would get Suan Peung but turns out to be Sai Yok. Alright, I gotta follow the rule. I start searching information in Google which I find lots of accommodations. Some I have been already, some didn't. (The price is slightly too high.) Therefore, I try to find reasonable price with nice ambiance. "River Kwai Jungle Rafts" catches my eyes, quite interesting. It has rafts in Kwai river. After reading details, OMG, they don't have electricity, TV, fan, air condition or even WIFI. Oh my!! What should I do? I really wanna stay here since other places are fully booked. I take 10 seconds to consider. Okay, let's do it!! It might not be like I thought (calm myself). I make reservation and prepare for the trip right away.

Before continue, may I introduce my traveling page ^^

Talking about a location with good atmosphere full of nature, many must think of Kanchanaburi as primary option since it is not far from Bangkok. Takes only 2 hours driving. But in this review I won't talk about the route and transportation. Let's say the lodging is located in Amphoe Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, 60km. from downtown. Before the journey, I call the resort (Sometimes cannot reach due to bad signal) and know rough information. I cannot park my car at the resort. I gotta park at Resotel pier and transit to resort's boat. (I'm concerned about the car. Don't know if it will be safe or not.)

Driving from Bangkok takes around 2 hours to the pier (since it is along the way). Park anywhere you like. There are limited spaces since today is day off.

After that, walk to the pier to wait for resort's boat to pick up. The boat comes within short time and it's still raining. From the pier to resort takes approximately half an hour. Atmosphere along riverside is very nice. The rain even makes it look more attractive.

The first thing I do after check-in is going to my room, haha. It is what I worry since beginning, so I need to see if I can sleep here. Upon seeing the room, I suddenly feel relieved. It is nice and tidy that I wanna lay down. The room is only equipped with mosquito net. As I mentioned earlier, there is no TV, air condition, etc.

After surveying the room, it's time to watch landscape outside. I have to say the atmosphere is very nice. Everywhere is green. Taking photos while breathing fresh air. With this ambiance, I'm not surprised why I have to ride the boat this far. Natural beauty is hidden here.

Oh, every room has hammock for laying down. This is what I call real relaxation.

After satisfy with atmosphere, I go get welcome drink. I can't remember what it is but it's sour, haha.

Oh ... I forget to mention that most of staffs are Mon because resort is next to Mon village. So, don't miss a chance to anoint your face with Tanaka in order to be harmonious with locals ^^ Which I send someone else to try.

Next item I gotta have is "storm lantern". Actually not only me, every room must get it because it is getting dark. I have to prepare in advance as it is the only light we got in the night T-T

After obtaining the lantern, last thing for tonight is "dinner", haha. It is served in buffet style, so you can eat as much as you like. I'm waiting for it patiently since I'm getting hungry now.

While waiting for dinner, I walk behind the room and oh! .. there is another hammock. I tell her to lay down. She does immediately. Snap!

Tada!! ... This is our dinner. Look appetizing!! I can't remember the food's name. However, I super like it since it's buffet. I eat heavily before going to bed.

A light from lantern is the only thing helping we to see while eating. So, we gotta eat fast before it's darker. Let's do it.

After that we take some rest in the dark. We barely see each other, haha. Anyway, it's a strangely nice feeling. Don't have to check on Facebook. Don't have to read Line. It's a real resting. No WIFI and bad telephone signal. It obviously allows us to spend more time with surroundings. We go to bed early ... but why the weather is so hot thought it rains. One thing to do before sleep is "set up mosquito net" otherwise you will be in trouble. There are lots of mosquito here. If you are coming, don't forget to bring mosquito repellent. Time flies. Next morning I blow the cobwebs away. Oh ... I exclaim in my mind regarding the scene in front of me. It is stunningly beautiful. Thin fog floating in the air above mountain. I'm suddenly lively. Bird's song (famous Thai singer) pops up in my thought "Faded fog....".

It would be an utmost satisfaction to drink a cup of coffee together with this ambiance. Grab one immediately.

PS. I just wake up and still feel giddy. So, the photo is a bit askew, haha. I'm also too lazy to adjust it. I decide to post the way it is.

Coffee helps my body to refresh my body. Go for a walk and appreciate morning ambiance before having breakfast.

I forget to tell that it's still raining when I wake up.

Write a long story but I forget to show our room number. How come I miss that?

Glance at a woman absorbing the ambiance. I take a snapshot.

Finally it's breakfast time. It is a normal food that everyone are familiar with. Let's refill energy before running out of time here and moving on to next place. We take quite long time to have breakfast because we don't wanna leave, haha. I know many of you used to feel like this

While eating, I hear a voice of some kind of huge animal. I hurriedly go out and see elephant giving morning greeting to guests. You may wonder where they come from. They come from Mon village above the hill. Villagers feed and take care of them. If you want to see elephant, you gotta wake up early like us. Elephant will be at this area only half an hour before returning back to village.

Finally it's time for us to get on a boat and go back to grab our car at the pier. Happy time flies. If you want to experience a real relaxation close to nature, try this resort. About the price, please contact the resort directly since it changes all the time. There are plenty of promotions. Very worthy. I have to say that this trip allows us to fully charge energy in order to fight with pollution in the city.

For further details, please visit website;

Thank you for reading till the end ^^ Should there be any mistakes, I herein apologize.

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 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:32 PM