This trip begins with seeing a flight ticket promotion from one of international airlines, which we have to book as multi-city tickets. In fact, Noolek (myself) doesn't have any idea about this kind of promotion. Noolek only sees the price and it makes Noolek want to book the ticket immediately. After that, Noolek finds some information on the internet as well as asking some friends and decides to book the ticket since we can fly to Europe with the price of 16,000 baht per person...This price makes someone like me want to get the ticket before it's sold out.

The flight tickets that we have mentioned are a one-way flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Paris and another one-way flight ticket from Venice to Bangkok. For a flight ticket from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur is not a problem because there are many low-cost airlines flying from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur with many flights per day, so we can wait for a promotion and book our flight tickets later. The most important thing is getting cheap flight tickets from here to Europe. Apart from Piyai and Noolek, there are also 3 friends joining with us. So, there are 5 persons in total for this trip....Well, I will tell you guys about our fun story with beautiful pictures during our journey.

After booking our flight tickets, Piyai and Noolek have to start planning our trip, as well as booking a hotel and making a Schengen Visa...Well, we have to book a hotel in order to fulfill the Schengen visa requirements. Piyai wants to submit all documentations to The Embassy of France because he wants to avoid a service fee if we submit to a visa agency. However, the Embassy of France only accepts any visa requests on Monday and we have to make an appointment in advance.

Once all booking confirmations and personal documentations from our group members are ready, we call to the representative of the Embassy of France to make an appointment and we get our queue one and a half month later. We are so spiritless after knowing this. Our plan is stuck with thinking of the visa, as we are not confident about our visa applications. However, all of us are working in a government business enterprise with a good position. Although our bank statements don't have such a high number but that number is not very low either...Well, we accept the fact that we are not 100% sure about the visa application. Finally, after submitting our visa applications for a week, we receive such good news that our visa applications have been approved. Thus, we have to plan our trip so well within two months before starting our journey.

Noolek and friends have to submit all documentations by ourselves at the Embassy of France, which is located in Charoen Krung 36 Alley.

These are receipt and appointment card that we have to pick up our passport next week.

Finally we receive a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa for 90 days...I'm so happy.

Now, let's talk about the day that we start our journey. Noolek takes a flight from Thailand to KLIA 2 Airport in Malaysia with a price of 1,000 baht per person. Additionally, we choose an early flight because we want to take our time at the airport to have dinner before taking another flight at 2.00 a.m. Another reason is that our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris departs from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), so we have to spend our time a lot there. We heard that we have to spend an hour for dropping our luggage even though we have already checked-in on the airline's website.

We have to claim our luggage before going to check-in at KLIA airport.

This is a food stall at KLIA 2 airport. There are many dishes to choose.

There are many empty tables and seats, so we can choose to sit down wherever we like.

The menus of this food stall are so interesting. Noolek chooses the menu on the bottom left of the picture and waits to see the real dish.

These chefs are preparing noodles for us.

Finally we get this dish. I just knew that it's one of Thai dishes.

We spend our time waiting for our flight by walking inside shops and supermarkets at KLIA 2 International Airport.

After finish having a meal, we travel from KLIA 2 to KLIA by taking a KLIA Transit, which transfers people between buildings in the airport and the city center. The price of one-way ticket is 2 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) per person. We buy a ticket and scan a barcode at the barrier gate to get into the platform. We don't forget to keep our ticket safely until we arrive to the destination because we have to scan the barcode again when we get out from the platform. There are some seats to sit down and wait for a train. Once a train arrives to the platform, we get into the train and realize that the train is quite clean...It doesn't take too long to arrive to the destination.

Once we finish dropping our luggage, we have to take a train to a departure gate...So many steps.

We buy a ticket of KLIA transit to transfer to KLIA because our flight will depart there.

We have to scan the barcode on the ticket at the barrier gate.

One officer told us to wait for a train at Platform B. There is a room with some seats that we can sit down during waiting for our train.

This is the atmosphere inside the KLIA transit. It's quite narrow and small...Plus, we have to spend our time here quite long.

This is the atmosphere inside KLIA building where we have to drop our luggages.

We have to take another train to our departure gate. This airport is very large indeed.

After getting out of the train, we have to walk to our gate.

The airline that we choose has the hub airport at Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates and we have to change our flight here to travel to our destination, which is Paris. After sitting in a plane for a while, we receive bedding equipment and a menu for the main meal that we can choose our main dish. We will receive the snack meal before our sleeping time. For the main meal, we will be served before landing. We sit and sleep on our seat until we arrive to Abu Dhabi International Airport, and we have to wait for a connecting flight from here to Paris until 9.00 a.m.

In-flight bedding equipment is ready to travel with us.

This is a LFML (Low Fat Meal) snack.

This is the main LFML from Malaysia to Abu Dhabi.

We arrive to Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates early in the morning.

Noolek really likes this seat.

This is the departure gate area.

There are many cute Arabian lamps in a souvenir shop near the departure gate.

A packet of Dead Sea salts...It's so interesting.

These cigarette smokers are waiting for entering to the smoking room since only 4 persons are allowed to smoke at once. It looks so humorous for me.

We are waiting for this airplane to be ready.

After the airplane took off for a while, we receive a menu for our meal on board.

The view below is the view of Abu Dhabi city. It looks so distinct for me.

Noolek has a funny story to tell you guys...It's such a long time for Noolek to fly with a full service airline like this, so Noolek just wants to try to choose different meal on the airline's website during check-in by choosing Low Fat Meal: LFML for Piyai, Noolek and my friend Sood and choosing Low Salt Meal: LSML for Pa and Aor, another two guys in this trip. Noolek chooses LSML for these two guys because they really like salty food and Noolek wants to change their behaviour by reducing saltiness. As a result, we don't have to choose our meal on the menu we've received because we will receive our special meal directly on the airplane. The advantage of ordering these special menus is that we will receive our meal before the others and it's good for our health. However, the advantage is that we won't have a chance to choose any items in the menu we've received for the entire trip...I feel really regret about this but we have to accept our choices...For the flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris, we receive one main meal during the flight and one snack meal in 1 hour before landing...Let's refill our energy before continuing our trip in Paris.

I finally get the LFML.

It looks quite normal but it tastes so delicious.

The advantage of taking a flight in the morning is that we can see beautiful view outside the window.

This is a snack before arriving to Paris.

Now, I would like to tell you guys about our journey with this airline in case you guys don't have experience in flying with connecting flights like this. So, you guys will have some information about flying with this airline and you guys can imagine what would be. For anyone who used to travel like this, you will feel humorous while reading my review...Ha ha.

After spending time sleeping and sitting in the airplane for many hours, we finally arrive to Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris with tiredness...Although it takes long hours in this flight, it's quite reasonable for the ticket price we bought...Well, we can accept that.

We are arriving to Paris...Yeahhhh...I'm so happy.

We can see rapeseed fields outside the window.

At this point, we have to enter to the passport control. If we pass from here, we will be in Paris in real.

Finally, we arrive to our accommodation in Paris around 3.00 p.m...Since all of us are really tired, we would like to end our review at this time....You guys can follow us to read our next review. We will take you around Paris.

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