Among all provinces on Andaman coast, I have been to "Trang" most of the time. But there was only one time that I had a chance to visit the sea. Moreover, the trip didn't even complete as my friend got injured from sea nettle. We needed to bring him to hospital. (might be a result from eating jellyfish hot pot ... LOL) So, the sea of Trang still remains in my mind up to today.

Therefore, as soon as I have been invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to join Trang exploring trip, I accepted the invitation within 0.021 second. Without notice that I was running out of annual leaves ... haha

Apart from that, the program is planned to stay on "Koh Lao Liang" ... which once appeared in forward mail for its unseen tourist attraction in Thailand. However, the photos were actually a waterfall in Croatia. (I searched for "Koh Lao Liang" in Google. It showed photos of a waterfall with emerald green water.) ... My mission is to get the real photo on Google so that people get to know the right "Koh Lao Liang"!!

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Most of my companions departed from Bangkok by plane ... while I received special privilege to drive from Phuket to meet everyone at Trang T-T (I didn't want to get that kind of privilege at all.) ... In early morning of Friday, I leaved Phuket to the journey of 300 km. It took me 4 hours to arrive at "Lay Trang Shop 2" which is a meeting point with friends from Bangkok ... When everyone's ready, plenty of food was served on the table including Dim Sum, Steamed Chinese Bun, Trang Grilled Pork, Bak Kut Teh and Roll Shell Crab ... Everyone fully enjoyed trying different dishes until we were completely full. Steamed Dim Sum is excellent. Another favorite dish is full-flavored Bak Kut Teh and Roll Shell Crab full with crab meat ... But what I don't really like are Trang Grilled Por, a bit too sweet, and Steamed Rice Noodle. (I tried only shrimp flavor. Don't know whether other flavors are okay or not)

I didn't have a chance to take photo of Bak Kut Teh. T-T After that, we went to "Amphor Kantang" for visiting the last railway station of Andaman route, "Kantang Station" ... The location is charmingly decorated for being another tourist attraction welcoming all tourists ... Next to the station is a library built from old bogie. Unfortunately, it was closed on that day, so we didn't see inside.

After the visiting station, don't forget to drop in lovely coffee shop of the station called "Love Station". Recommend menu is not coffee one but rather "Light Mango Smoothies". With sweet and slightly sour taste suddenly refresh me. For those who like taking photos ... This shop is nicely furnished, you will absolutely like it.

This drink is a must. I would need to punish myself if I missed it ... "Light Mango Smoothies"

Then we stopped at "Phraya Ratsadanupradit Museum", former ruler of Muang Trang district. He has greatly contributed development to Trang and other provinces in the south of Thailand ... The museum exhibits wax figure of the former ruler and a complete collection of his daily personal items for knowledge of next generation.

We had lunch at "Krua Lampu", another famous restaurant in Trang ... Today's menu was mostly fresh seafood. Everyone enjoyed eating again because not only the seafood was very fresh, the taste was delicious in southern style.

Let's see the food. Highlight was seafood.

Ended "Kantang" program with "Vocational Training Center, Tumbon Wang Won" where group of housewife use dried leaves of the nipa palm with wicker. The process requires mouth and foot working together which becomes Thai proverb "Pakkud Teenteeb", means excessively hard-working that hands are not enough.

Leaving Kantang to the city for checking in at "Rua Rasada Hotel" one of the most famous hotels in Trang city center ... I took this time to take some rest and take a shower as the weather was really hot.

This is the atmosphere of the room ... Look very new and beautifully furnished.

Evening program was getting on "Tuk Tuk Hua Kob" (means motor-tricycle look alike frog) travelling around attractions in Muang Trang. Everyone looked alert as the little Tuk Tuk are very cute ... Tuk Tuk picked us up from hotel brought us to important sites in city center.

Started at "Phraya Ratsadanupradit Public Park (Korzimbie Na Ranong)". A location for relaxing and arranging recreations of Trang people. Phraya Ratsadanupradit's monument is also situated here to always recall his kindness.

Then we dropped by to photograph at "Wongwien Plapayoon" (circle of sea-cow) or "Wongwien Pad Larn" (8 million Baht circle ... kind of being sarcastic with construction cost).

We moved to next destination by Tuk Tuk. The dusk light was magnificent when we arrived. It is a hundred-year-old church (established since 1915)

The golden light in the evening time helped bringing the yellow building look more outstanding from dark blue sky at the back.

Tuk Tuk took us to an old building in Sino-Portuguese style. This kind of building remains only few in original structure. Unfortunately, they have not been restoring and correctly organizing the area to suit being tourist attraction ... However, in other ways, we had an opportunity to see the building in real condition.

Last program was taking Tuk Tuk sightseeing around city. Then it dropped us at shopping district in front of Trang railway station where we could promenade ... My friends who were hungry, could also find something to eat.

This evening we ended up the night with dinner at "Baan Suan Sudaporn" ... Another nice restaurant in Muang Trang

First dishes were locally light menus such as Stir Fried Vegetables, Sour Soup and intense Curry Paste Soup (together with my favorite sea weed) ... We were very full and thought we have finished all food, but then a large portion of Pork Leg with Rice was served. Big eaters were almost unable to finish all of it. Early morning of the next day, we had breakfast at Rua Rasada hotel. There were various buffet lines including local dessert.

Then we got on long-tailed boat heading to " Koh Lao Liang", another island I wish to come long time ago. This island was once mentioned in froward mail for its beautifully unseen tourist attraction in Thailand. However, the photos used to describe its beauty was a waterfall in Croatia. So, everyone misunderstood ... I would see the real one today.

Seashore of Trang while I was on long-tailed boat.

We were nearly there. Saw Koh Lao Liang not too far from here. On the left hand side was "Koh Lao Liang Pee" and on the right was "Koh Lao Liang Nong" where we gonna stay tonight.

It took us around 1 hour, for long-tailed boat sailing on clam sea, to get to Koh Lao Liang Nong. The island is equipped with full facilities needed for tourists. The beside island, Koh Lao Liang Pee, is under concession for swallow's nest, so there is no either accommodations or facilities for tourists.

We reached to the island around noon when water level was raising. So, there was small beach left with clearly emerald green water. I couldn't resists not to take photos before going to accommodation.

The accommodation was a tent beside the beach ... But it was the best tent I have ever stayed before ... The tent when I traveled to Surin province was the best until I saw the tent here. That one was suddenly incomparable ... Space of each tent was separated into bed area (with mattress and bedclothes) and living area that has lamp and fan. This was superb. I got best location, the one in front, nearest to the sea. During the night, I planned to listen to weaving sound again, after abandoning for long time. (Or I got front roll because my friends were afraid of Tsunami. LOL) ... Actually there was a huge antenna for Tsunami warning. (I was little upset to avoid it while taking photos)

This place charged 1500 THB per person, including 3 meals. Round trip of boat was 500 THB per round. For further details, please visit Facebook of service provider at

After fighting ... oops! arranging accommodation, it's time for lunch which was provided not far ... The utility space on island is actually very small. You can see from photos, space approximately 1 football field. The island can accordingly welcome not many tourists which I think it's good. It wouldn't be too crowded.

Oh .. the restrooms are separated between male and female, well covered with wood. Make them get along too well with nature. There are shower rooms, washbasins and toilets enough to bear a group of tourists. The overall condition is okay. Not that neat and clean. You may find empty bottles of shower gel or shampoo left over. But it's not that bad.

There were not many menus for lunch and the taste was common. My friends from Bangkok commented to staffs for its too sweet taste so that they could improve ... Apart from lunch, the same area also provided tea, coffee and hot water for 24 hours. Quite convenient. All staffs were very welcome and friendly.

After that, everyone disbanded to individually take some rest. Some preferred to dive and absorb beauty of coral at Koh Lao Liang Pee in the evening ... But I liked to walk around taking photos and indulging in atmosphere. I felt like I could fully relax and get close to nature ... The sea here is in green tone, not in blue or dark blue like Similan beach, but certainly beautiful for sea lover.

At appointment time, we got on long-tailed boat heading to the back of Koh Lao Liang Pee which took around 10 mins ...

Started the journey. Go Pro's ready!

This side of the beach has high cliff. This diving area is one from few locations that has various colors of soft coral ... I hurriedly grabbed Go Pro and go into the sea to collect some photos. Unluckily the water was unclear and and water level was pretty high reducing visibility of the coral. Moreover, the sea sweep us towards crag full with sharp shells. We had to give up and gave camera to wheelman in order to take photos under the sea for us instead. (I saw photos later on and felt really regret. This kind of soft coral is very hard to find)

Then the wheelman brought us towards the front of Koh Lao Liang Pee for viewing the charm of cliff along the way. As soon as we reached to the front, me and my friend who like photographing told wheelman to moor. The beach at Koh Lao Liang Pee was stunningly beautiful with white sand and clear sea. I super enjoyed taking photos.

Koh Lao Liang Pee is actually under concession for swallow's nest. So, there are only owners of the concession who can stay on the island (temporary) and tourists can only travel within beach area, under supervision of the owners. (Because the swallow's nest is very expensive that many steal it.)

This period was during the break of concession, so it was more convenient to visit. But saw someone often observing us. They might be workers living on the island and waiting for next round of concession.

At the end of Koh Lao Liang Pee beach, there is a huge rock hole. I think it's uniquely beautiful and can be landmark of the island. However, I'm not sure if they would allow to access during concession period.

We switched to be models for a while before went back to Koh Lao Liang Nong ... Water level was decreasing. Wheelman said we could dive in front of the beach. There are anemone and Clownfishes ... The Clownfishes were good motivation for us to dive. We quickly grab lifebuoys and snorkel to go find Clownfishes and we were not disappointed. There were anemone and medium-sized Clownfishes in 3 - 4 areas.

After finishing from diving, we walked to the end of the beach to cheer our friends who wanted to try cliff climbing. As I have tried it once at Railay beach and today I felt exhausted from diving, I didn't want to force myself that much ... Last time I tried, I was extremely tired ... So, there were only 2 persons try this activity, under ministrations of staffs (To follow instructions only. Unlike Railay, I had to learn by myself.) ... This activity is 200 THB per person. (Very cheap, in my opinion. If you are not having an acrophobia, I would recommend.)

After we have done climbing safely, staff brought us to scenic point nearby. We needed to climb a little bit but reached there in 5 mins. (Not tired yet but might be hurt from red ant.)

Came down from scenic point and it was time to photograph evening light ... Spectacular ambiance.

Dinner was served at same place but list of menus were more various. The taste was good as well. We had fresh crab meat that we prepared by ourselves making the meal better absorbing the atmosphere of relaxation on the beach. The nice and cool night passed very fast. I woke up by mobile ring telling me to photograph morning light.

In the early morning of 3rd day of waning moon, I walked to eastern side of the beach where I have observed and aimed to take photos since yesterday evening. Few friends joined me later ... The weather was nice. Morning light and cliff's shape produced magnificent view.

If you are looking for your heart, you may find it at Koh Lao Liang. LoL

Today we really needed to say goodbye to Koh Lao Liang and move to another destination "Koh Sukorn". We had program to see livelihood of villagers but, before going to Koh Sukorn, we visited Koh Lao Liang Pee again for last shot. And what we get wasn't disappointed.

During the way to Koh Sukorn, we luckily found a group of dolphins not too far. But dolphins didn't jump from water so that we could clearly see them. They were pretty shy. They tried to avoid us when we sail near them. So, we didn't get much photos but happy enough.

Finally we arrived at Koh Sukorn which is very close to Trang coast ... The beach and sea are not beautiful like outside islands but I was surprised by existence of resorts on the beach, at least 2 resorts. There were lots of foreign tourists. I'm quite sure those tourists look for clamness and really want relax because this island is not main tourist attraction. There are only local village and the events mainly promoting Eco-tourism & community way.

After drinking welcome drink of "Yata Resort" where we would stay tonight, I started taking photos of atmosphere by the sea ... Though the sea was not that clear, the location of island turning to the west makes evening-time atmosphere even more gorgeous ... Can say that I enjoyed photographing Fiddler crab as much as taking photos of the sea.

This was my room beside the pool and turning to the sea ... It is a bungalow with suitable space. There are balcony and full facilities including TV, refrigerator, water heater and amenities in bathroom.

Easy lunch aside the beach but delicious.

In the evening, the program was taking motor-tricycle around the island which was one of interesting activities on the island.

The program started from the back of resort, we got on tricycle go along the beach passing coconut garden ... paddy (almost connect to the sea) Then we visited watermelon plantations where they switch planting between watermelon and rice. (I deplored the fruit wasn't eatable yet.) Watermelon from this place has sweet taste and is well-known product of Koh Sukorn.

We have been told that people on Koh Sukorn are all Muslims while the name of the island is "Sukorn" (in Thai means pig). There was a story about a rich man, who was Muslim, riding a junk to the coast. His son fall in love with Buddhist woman and took her to live together. Later on, the junk went back. Parents of the woman prepared grilled pork their daughter but she pretended that she couldn't remember her parents. The couple were deeply sad and threw the grilled pork into the sea. It was floating in the sea until became this island.

We enjoyed view along the way passing rubber plantations that was going to shed leaves very soon …

After that, we dropped by fresh pond next to the sea but I didn't taste the water. LOL ... This place should be developed to make it more interesting for being tourist attraction as the environment now is too common.

Almost at the end of another side, turning to mainland, the area is mostly Mangrove forest instead of beach. Going along the way beside the sea, will be the end of road for sightseeing the island.

Before returning to resort, we dropped by to eat grilled chicken and Roti. We firstly planned to have them as entree only. It turned out to be real meal since they tasted really good.

In the evening, I took photos of the beach again. The view of Koh Sukorn is differently gorgeous because you can see sunlight clearly. Adding composition with fishing boat in front, both of Koh Lao Liang and other islands as background.

We had dinner at table on the beach. There were seafood dishes and local food. My favorite dish was grilled seafood and sea weed salad. I ate lots of them.

After the meal, we had a chat about travelling before disbanded ... However, prior to sleep time, me and some friends took photos of stars at the pool because it is very rare to find plenty stars like this.

Next day we had appointment in early morning to have breakfast in Muang Trang ... And certainly I didn't miss to photograph morning atmosphere around resort again.

What I really like was the field behind resort. There were crowd of buffalos and egrets with dawn light giving feeling of countryside pretty well.

Along the way to harbor, taking beautiful photos of daylight with rubber trees.

We took long-tailed boat back to mainland. It took around 20 mins as Koh Sukorn is only 3 km. far.

We reached at our destination for breakfast "Raan Ruenthai" ... This restaurant is Dim Sum style but looks more casual than restaurant on first day, Lay Trang. (That one looks more luxurious.) ... As we were extremely hungry, various dishes of Dim Sum and othe menus were served on table. However, they seemed to be not enough because everything was completely done. The overall taste of Dim Sum is slightly better but Bak Kut Teh of first restaurant is still the best.

After the meal, we had program to visit Chinese pastry factory in Soi 9 which is a very famous bakery in Muang Trang. But to give our stomach a break (because we must eat for sure) we switched to "Tam Kong Year Shire", one of Trang's city shires.

After finishing from the shire, we directly went to Soi 9 in order to visit "Chinese Pastry Shop in Soi 9" ... The shop side, or better called showroom, there are various flavors of Chinese pastry to try together with iced milk tea or Chinese tea. The shop is really sporting. It allows customers to try the whole piece full with stuff, not cut into small pieces to destroy beautiful flavor, like other shops ... At first I was wondering if it provided only for us, coming with TAT, but from the observation, all customers can fully try the pastry ... I have tried Taro flavor (original one), Durian flavor and green tea flavor. They were all excellent so I bought lots of them for souvenirs ... I gave comment to the owner that they should redesign packaging to upgrade product as premium one as the taste of 3 flavors are really good.

Our stomach was fully occupied now since we haven't digested breakfast yet, still adding pastry on top ... So, we asked driver to bring us to "Clock Tower", for photographing Muang Trang and railway station, in order to give time to digest. Then we gonna have lunch.

The food was actually digested only little but we couldn't find anything else to do apart from lunch program. Therefore, we moved to "Raan Seefah" another famous restaurant offering diverse cuisines including local food and healthy food ... Many dishes were ordered to try. The taste was truly good but we were still full from breakfast. We can do only trying small portion of each menu. We were afraid that the restaurant might think we didn't like the food, without realizing that we were super full.

I haven't done with food yet ... To be deserve with Trang's slogan "Trang - The land of Tasty Food". The program ended with visiting well known Trang styled cake factory called "Baan Cake Kanitha". It is a shop aside highway offering plenty of desserts for souvenirs, convenient parking lot and toilets. It is so called real shop for souvenirs ... The shop gave us a chance to go over production line of famous desserts including Trang cake. Real one must have hole in the middle. The owner also revealed a secret that ingredients must be fresh and high quality. And to prove deliciousness, we try the cake (though we were really really full) ... I had to admit that the Trang cake is already good by itself but it even taste better after come out from oven ... Very soft!

Then we went back to Rua Rasada hotel where I left my car ... Saying goodbye to all friends and TAT staffs. Following by saying goodbye to Muang Trang with fullness; physically full and mentally full from experiencing new places.

This is another impressive trip and is the end of mission finding mysterious island in forward e-mail. Satisfy with famous food of Trang (and will be satisfied for long time) ... See you next trip!

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