Hello everyone! Today I will take to you to visit Koh Chang for 3 nights 2 days.

This review is Vol.17 now, it is the first day of the trip.

But we just go straight to the resort immediately because we departure from Bangkok late so we reach Koh Chang in the evening. Just follow me here.

*** For the first day, I stay at Panviman Koh Chang Resort by using Voucher that I get from auction ( forget the page's name), around 2,250 Baht. So, let it be a Sponsored Review for this trip.

Panviman Koh Chang Resort http://www.panviman.com/

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Going to Trad by personal car can takes around 4-5 hours, depends on the speed of driving. Driving through Motor Way at Ban Bueng to the route no.344. Turn left when arrive Klaeng district to the route no.3 (Sukhumvit Road), driving through Khlung District.

and crossing Welu River Bridge to Trad province, totally 315 kilometers.

You can take public bus and van at Victory Monument near Rajavithi Hospital and Century mall which takes time like travelling by your personnel car. It costs around 300 baht per person, departure around 6.00 am. to 20.00 pm. for the whole day, it stops at the pier, very convenient also.

You can take a coach service at Ekkamai area (Ekkamai BTS Station) and Mo Chit, there are 2 companies provide a service to Trad which are 99 Transportation and Chirt Chai Tour. Bangkok Airway Airline has a direct flight to Trad ( Khao Saming District, Trad )

Please see www.bangkokair.com for more information of taking boat to Trad - Koh Chang.

* Anusaowaree Yutanavi Pier Koh Chang is a wooden pier, it cannot freight any vehicle, just carry people on it.

Start departure every hour from 9.00 am.-17.00 pm. The boat is parked at Darn Kao pier, taking 1 hour for travelling, 100 Baht/person.

* Center Point Pier, this pier is located before AoThammachat Pier. It's a ferry that can carry cars on it.

Start departure every hour from 6.00 am.-19.00 pm. It takes 45 mins and cost 120 Baht/person, 4 wheels car is free and 100 Baht for 6 wheels drive car.

* Ao Thammachat Pier is the nearest pier to Koh Chang because between Ao Thammachat Pier and Koh Chang is the narrowest point. The ferry departures every 45 mins, starting from 6.30 am.-19.00 pm. and park at Ao Sapparot Pier. It takes 20-30 mins, 80 baht/person and 120 baht/4 wheels drive car.

I choose Ao Thammachat Pier for this trip.

I travel on a normal day so there are not many cars on that day.

Getting on the ferry now.

Water is so clear.

Since this trip is out of Bangkok at noon so we arrived to Koh Chang a bit late.

Thank You the map from http://www.panviman.com/kohchang/location.html that leading me to this resort.

Please turn to the right and walk inside, you will see the front desk (no air-conditioner).

A cool sweet drink for greeting.

Here is my deluxe room.

The room is very big, you would be lonely living here only 2 people.

Here is a bathroom. I really like it because the room and the bathtub is very large.

Having fun observing the room. It nearly 6 o'clock now, lets go out to the beach.

It's time, the sun is setting down.

The sun sets. It's time for dinner.

Recommend you to come early because tables near the beach is full so quickly.

This is a set meal, I can't remember the price but it's high, I think.

I wake up late this morning because I feel very full for last night meal.

I am so hungry after waking up, so lets have breakfast.

The sidewalk is sylvan.

Let's go upstairs.

I eat a lot of eggs for this meal, very delicious

Then Pork dumplings, pork and dumpling are both big enough.

Mixed seafood porridge

Let's go for a walk after breakfast.

Foreigners like to sunbathe in this zone.

This zone is where I sat and ate last night.

It also looks beautiful in the bright day.

I really like this zone of swimming pool.

It makes me think of a Thai TV series that I watched when I was a child.

I forget the time and don't want to go back now since I'm having a great time strolling around here.

But my money is going to short for this trip.

While walking back to the room,I just peek at the Deluxe Pool Access room because today there are many guests so we are afraid of disturbing them.

Really beautiful, I also want a chance to stay at this room too.

I don't really want to go back but I have to prepare my stuffs for going back now.

Personally I think this place provide good services and most of clients are foreigner not Thais.

Staffs are gentle and greetings friendly to every customers. There are various kind of breakfast.

The room service fee is quite high for normal office workers. So I suggest you that the price be acceptable if finding a promotion in travelling exhibition.

Now I have to say goodbye to you with a beautiful lotus flower.

I still travel in Koh Chang, see you again in the next review and I will finish the next review as soon as possible because I know you guys are waiting for me.

*** I don't get any privilege of staying in this resort **

I would like to apologize for any mistake caused by me.Thank You for following my review.

S Travel My Story

 Thursday, May 14, 2015 1:46 PM