Traveling across different places in Thailand and Taiwan is not only incredibly easy but also surprisingly budget-friendly. During my recent journey, I opted for the MRT to explore the vibrant Night Markets, choosing Taipei Huaxi, Raohe, and Shilin as my destinations.

Let's start with Taipei Huaxi Night Market, famously known as Snake Alley. Simply take the MRT and disembark at Longshan Temple Station, Exit 1. This Night Market isn't just a place; it's an experience.

During my visit to Huaxi Night Market, I want to clarify that I didn't do much research beforehand on what to eat. All I knew was that I had to visit this market. When it came to choosing where to eat, I simply went to the stalls with a crowd, following the principle that more people meant better food. At that time, I was casually exploring the market after visiting Longshan Temple with a friend. We were not particularly hungry as we had already had dinner, so I ended up buying a few snacks from different stalls at Huaxi Market.

The first thing I bought was something similar to dough balls coated in a sweet and savory sauce. I had no idea about the ingredients, but the sauce was incredibly delicious—sweet, salty, and flavorful. It wasn't surprising why so many people were buying it. The set I purchased cost 50 Taiwanese Dollars, and I also bought a sweet drink after finishing the dough balls. I think the drink was made with honey, lime, and possibly some jelly, and it was so tasty that it felt divine. If anyone knows what it's called, please let me know. If I have the chance to go again, I'd love to buy several bags of it.

Heading to the next night market adventure, Raohe Night Market, which happens to be my favorite in Taiwan due to its diverse and mouth-watering food options. To reach Raohe Night Market, take the MRT and alight at Songshan Station, Exit 5. Get ready for a culinary journey at Raohe Night Market!

I went to Raohe Night Market when it's early evening, and some stalls were still setting up. My friend and I were excited and arrived when the market just opened! For me, Raohe Market isn't very large, but it's packed with delicious food. We strolled through the narrow alleys and encountered numerous claw machines. We spent quite a bit on them, even though we didn't win any dolls.

The first thing we bought was buns with pork filling. The stall was right next to the entrance, and they baked the buns in large containers. I got a slightly crispy one, and it smelled amazing. The pork filling inside was also flavorful. I heard it's a very popular stall, and we were lucky to arrive early and avoid the queue.

After enjoying the main dish, it was time for dessert. I quickly headed to the bakery with ice cream-stuffed buns, which claimed the top spot for me (later, my Taiwanese friend told me it's an original Hong Kong pastry). This stall was also quite popular on social media. The next sweet on my list was Baobing, a refreshing shaved ice dessert with chewy toppings made from flour. It was a delightful and satisfying chew!

And the last night market I would recommend is Shilin Night Market (Jiantan Station, Exit 1). It's the largest one I visited, and I practically dragged my feet because of its vast size. The pathways were somewhat confusing due to multiple intersections. The hot weather in July, coupled with the crowds at almost every stall, made me hesitant to buy anything that required waiting in line. As a result, I ended up trying only a few items.

I tried papaya juice and a sticky rice with green onions-flavored sausage. The papaya juice, while familiar, was enjoyed by my foreign friends. The sticky rice with sausage had a rich, smoky flavor with green onions, and I especially liked the slightly spicy kick.

Exploring Taiwan's Night Markets was an exciting experience! From the vibrant Taipei Huaxi Night Market to the delicious Raohe Night Market and the bustling Shilin Night Market, each had its unique charm. To those familiar with unnamed dishes I encountered, please share your insights!

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope everyone enjoys my article. See you in the next one!


 Saturday, February 3, 2024 11:23 PM