Today's challenge is... I want to take a boat, enjoy the view, travel, and watch the sunset, but I don't want to go far to the provinces!

Another important point is ... looking up at the clock, it's 4 o'clock now (still near Central Ladprao)

Finally, we decided on "Bangkok Sea View", a restaurant that is said to have one of the best atmospheres in Bangkok. It is located in the middle of the water (you have to take a boat to get there), so we decided to go there!

It is also a conservation tourism site, offering boat tours to view the mangrove forest. The two sides of the path... are definitely worth seeing.


- Open Navigator and go straight to the place named Bangkok Sea View (Bangkok Sea Viewpoint Restaurant). You will arrive right at the pier. (We came via the Dawkanong Expressway and followed the signs to Bang Khun Thian Beach.)

- Plenty of parking (free of charge)

- Round-trip boat ticket price 50 baht / child 20 baht >>> It takes about 30 minutes (with time for taking pictures and sightseeing)

- Boat leaves every half an hour! *** Last boat 7pm

We boarded the boat at around 5 pm, and the weather was perfect. (We think this is the best time to come, so you can enjoy the beautiful views without getting too hot.)

The boat sailed slowly, the weather was good, so we could sit and watch the scenery all the way. There was time to relax and enjoy the views on both sides of the way ... On both sides there were restaurants by the water and mangrove forests.

The view is amazing ... The birds are amazing ^^

Most people around here live their lives close to the water... so every house has a boat dock... for us who live our lives stuck in traffic lights on the road every day, when we come to an atmosphere like this, it feels a bit strange... but it's something that we're impressed by. It's like the real slow life : )

Some of the houses... we couldn't help but wonder how people live in them when it rains... It's another side of Bangkok that we've never seen before.

If we are not mistaken, his profession... is probably a fisherman...

As we continued our journey, the sky began to change color. ^^

And soon we reached our destination ... where we could see seats on every side!

We chose the inside, the left wing ... I just happened to see the view here: )

The price of food (with rice) is around 120 - 300 baht.

If it's a single-dish rice dish, it's about 80-120 baht (fried rice, stir-fried basil rice)

About 300-500 fish. The price and taste are okay. The view is very good. I recommend that you come here once. :)

To summarize once again.

- Getting there  It's easy to get there. Just open your navigator and set it to "Bangkok Sea view point" (take the expressway to Dawkanong and exit at Bang Khun Thian beach). *If you're not driving yourself, I don't recommend it. I don't think there are any public buses that go there.

- Open from 11.00 - 21.00 hrs. Closed on Mondays.

- Adult boat fare 50 baht, children 20 baht (travel time 30 minutes per trip) Last round 7 pm

- Arrive at the pier around 4-5 pm, just in time to watch the sunset at the restaurant.

- The damage depends on what you order (the average price is around 120-300 baht per item). As for seafood such as crabs and shrimp, they are quite expensive. Blue crabs are around 700 baht, while sea crabs are around 1,000 baht.

*** The view is very good. It is recommended to come once. You can both travel and eat. It's so cool!!!!!

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 Tuesday, May 21, 2024 10:56 AM