Are you tired of working life? Only 2 days off but want to go everywhere!!! Want to see the sea view, want to visit the waterfall, breathe the fresh air in the mangrove forest, and want to see the beautiful view on the mountain. The desire is endless, but oh well, "This trip to Chanthaburi makes dreams come true".

Look at the map first. If you want to go somewhere, go. If you don't want to go, skip it ; p For accommodation, we will review it last so that you can see all the nearby attractions first because you have to drive past Khlong Narai Waterfall for about 56 km.

Let's start at the first point, which is to say that I woke up at 6 am because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to visit everything. It took me 3 hours to drive from Bangkok to the first point. (When it comes to traveling, I'm always in a hurry, even before the sun comes up, lol.)

1. Khao Hin Sorn Viewpoint, the most beautiful viewpoint in the eastern region

This place has been selected as a Dream destination by TAT. They say the sunset is beautiful, but we probably won't stay to watch it. We're too lazy to wait around for 8 hours. (If you pass by again in the evening, don't forget to stop by.)

Take a look at the other side. The view is just as beautiful.

Just sit, walk, take pictures and move on to the next spot.

It is a viewpoint, just for taking pictures, not for swimming. 

2. Ao Khung Kraben Mangrove Forest - Ao Khung Kraben Mangrove Forest Development Study Center

Opening hours 8.00 - 17.00 hrs. (comfortable walking time, not too hot, from opening until before 10.30 hrs. and again after 15.00 hrs.)

This place is about 15 km from the first point. **Suitable for those who like to walk and see nature, take pictures on the wooden bridge, chill out, and enjoy the beautiful view.** The area open to visitors is approximately 200 rai, with a wooden walkway approximately 1.7 km long. *Don't forget to bring a bottle of water to quench your thirst along the way. The path is good. It is a wooden bridge that extends all the way. It is not muddy.

How cool is that? We took pictures at almost every spot ; p

3. Pak Nam Kaem Nu Viewpoint (10 km from the mangrove forest) #Chalermprakiat Bridge

I think the bridge over this river has a really cool view. It's a bridge where you can see a wide view of the Wang Toanod River, which flows into the Gulf of Thailand. One side overlooks the sea

Akfang looks like a place where you can see the way of life of the villagers who fish in the area.

At first, I drove past and didn't think anything of it, but the view was so beautiful that I had to pull over and grab my camera...

Let's take another look at the view from the middle of the bridge when there are no cars.

The sky that was really beautiful.

The bottom angle is also beautiful, I tell you.

Seeing the atmosphere like this, stand and take a deep breath.

4. Saem Singh Bridge (drive from Pak Nam Kaem Nu Viewpoint for 14 km.)

This is another viewpoint that you must visit. It's really beautiful. The bridge is very long. You can park your car on the side of the bridge to take pictures. When you drive up, you will see that there are many cars parked to take pictures. The view you will see is the view of the mouth of the Chanthaburi River and the deep-sea port.

If the day is clear, you will definitely forget the time taking pictures.

I must say that the view from the bridge is really beautiful. After taking pictures, drive down from the bridge and you will see Kook Khai Prison and the Red Building.

5. Kook Khai Prison + Red Building (about 1 km from the bridge)

There's nothing much to see here, but since we're already here, let's take a picture. This prison was built by

The red building section is located a few hundred meters away. It was used as a garrison for French soldiers who were guarding the mouth of Laem Sing when they occupied Chanthaburi. It is a long building with 5 rooms painted red all over. It is about 5 meters wide and 30 meters long.

There's nothing much here. I recommend driving to Pliew Waterfall.

P.S. We finished our trip by this point and went to our accommodation and continued to pack for the next day. If anyone is not tired or has time left, you can continue because it is not far.

6. Namtok Pliu (from Khao Kho, drive about 18 km.)

Park entrance fee: Adults 40 baht, Children 20 baht

They say that Namtok Phlio National Park has water all year round. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but when we went in June, there was a lot of water. The water level may not be constant, but I can tell you that the beauty is lasting. The water is so clear that you can see the fish. You can even swim with them. : )

We arrived around 3 pm. The sun was scorching hot. Getting out of the car, we were burning up. But believe it or not, when we walked inside, it was shady. We felt the cool air from the waterfall.

This is the path we walked in. Look how shady it is?

Along the way, I saw people playing in the water from time to time. Some people came to sit alone, soaking in the cold water without thinking about anything...

Walk straight until the end, you will see many people playing in the water at the beginning of the waterfall.

And what they said about playing with the fish... they are very big. Some people like it, but I'll pass; p The fish aren't afraid of people, but people are afraid of the fish. But they don't bite, you can play with them... Don't ask me how I know, I didn't play with them. I just sat and watched... I didn't hear anyone scream. They were having fun.

ake another good look at the fish... Big, huh? That's why we didn't go swimming, lol.

Then not playing in the water ... what to do? Here is the answer

We went to hang out and took pictures together. That was enough to make us happy. : )

I actually wanted to play, but there were a lot of people and the fish were really big, so I decided not to. Plus, everyone was wearing full makeup, so I didn't want to get in the water. 555+ So, I moved on to the next spot.

7. Khlong Narai Waterfall (11 km from Phliu Waterfall)

This place is not very famous... There are no people here * But I must say that I am very impressed. I must confess that we drove in here because we got lost. We saw the sign for the waterfall and decided to stop by. At first, we rolled down the window and asked a local, "Excuse me, is the waterfall inside beautiful?" She replied, "I don't know, dear. I know that there is one, but I have never been there." 555+ Okay, since we are already here, let's check it out.

It is a small waterfall with clear water and no people ... When we went there, there were only us. Would it be strange to say that we liked this place the most? It is small, but everyone can rest, sit and think about anything. We can sit in the cool breeze and soak our feet in the water. Our brains stop working, and we don't have to listen to anyone's noise.

Sitting around playing, each in a corner, in a flash an hour has passed.

Some places are more beautiful than this, but none make me feel as comfortable as this place... That's all I want to say.

You can take pictures from any angle and sit anywhere... because it's just us. Is that enough? For a vacation...

For us, this trip... this is the little corner that we were most impressed with.

No need to be louder, no need to be bigger, but peaceful like this, this is the place : )

For accommodation: We stayed at "Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao, Chanthaburi"

We had a great time and it was already dark when we arrived ... We were tired and exhausted, the resort was a bit far, about 50 kilometers from the waterfall, but the advantage is that it is beautiful and very peaceful, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view !!!

The resort is surrounded by mountains. At night, you can see a lot of stars!!

Don't ask why the picture is not clear 555+. I took only one picture to show you the stars. There are a lot of them. I'm tired today.

This is our room. It's a new room with a big bed. The sofa can also be used as a bed for another person. It's comfortable enough for 3 people to sleep in.

For tonight, we took another picture as a souvenir, and then we went to bed : ) Sleep well, we are too tired for today.

Woke up at 9 am with hunger. Didn't even take a shower, went to eat first ; p

After eating, I'm full of energy. The bacon needs to be digested quickly ... so I took the opportunity to go cycling. They have free bikes to borrow. I must say that you have to cycle because the view is amazing.

This winter, special prices start at 1,600 baht. Check the price at (check Sat-Sun, some weeks have this price too)

See the fog, mountains and rivers, cycle along the way, rest when you are tired, take photos and relax, suitable for those who really want to relax.

Whoever likes where can just click on the points and mark them. Just set the Navigator and it will take you there for sure.

Have a great trip : ))))


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