20 Signature Menus in Taiwan (When you arrive) My friends and I must eat!!

Taiwan is another paradise for gourmets. This small island is packed with unique and delicious dishes, most of which are said to be incredibly delicious! If you are one of those who have plans to visit Taiwan, we recommend that you look for great deals on flights on the website Traveloka. They have great promotions that you can grab quickly. Booking is easy, tickets are valid and hassle-free. Once you have your tickets, let's take a look at the must-try dishes in Taiwan. When you visit Taiwan, you must try all of these dishes, as they are considered the national dishes of this island. Since you're already there, you have to try them, right?

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20 must-try dishes when visiting Taiwan

1. Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is considered one of the top signature dishes that you must try when you visit Taiwan. It is said that this is a dish where the smell and taste are completely opposite. Let's skip the smell and let everyone experience it for themselves. However, there are many ways to enjoy it, such as fried, boiled, or grilled. It is said that each method has a different deliciousness. Try to get past the smell, and you might find that this dish is more delicious than you thought.

2. Gua bao

This menu is called Gua Bao, or some people simply call it a Taiwanese-style burger. The outer dough is soft, similar to a steamed bun cut in half, and then filled with various ingredients, most commonly pork belly and vegetables. Pickled cabbage is often used as the main vegetable. Imagine it's similar to eating pork leg with steamed buns, but it's more convenient to eat. In Taiwan, it's considered a snack, but you can still get full from it, so don't get carried away.

3.Bubble milk tea

It can be said that it is a menu that has shaken the Asian world. With bubble tea, which is now popular in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan, it can be said that there are many options to choose from in every corner you walk through in Taiwan. Some shops may be familiar because they have opened branches in Thailand. But in Taiwan, there are many different styles, flavors, and prices. Go to the original recipe and eat happily and forget about weight for a while!

4.Ba Wan

Some say this dish evokes the feeling of a large dumpling, while others simply call it a Taiwanese-style stuffed meatball. In reality, this dish is a snack that was invented to be delivered to people affected by floods during the Qing Dynasty. The outer dough is a mixture of corn starch, potato starch, and rice flour, which is then wrapped around a filling that varies depending on the region. However, the main ingredients are usually minced pork, bamboo shoots, eggs, or mushrooms. It is then steamed until the dough is soft and tender, before being served with a special sauce. Oh boy, let me tell you, it's really addictive! You

5. Iron Egg

Although the literal translation is more frightening than appetizing, "iron eggs" or "tea leaf eggs" as many people call them, are actually a dish of eggs that are boiled with various spices and seasonings before being dried and boiled again several times. This process results in the outer part of the egg becoming hard and almost black in color, allowing the various flavors to penetrate the inside. This dish is very easy to find in Taiwan at street stalls and convenience stores, and there are many different flavors to choose from. If you're an egg lover, you have to try it when you visit Taiwan.

6. Yu Yuan

If we were to call it by its appearance and taste, we could call this menu Taiwanese-style bualoy. However, the bualoy dough here is often mixed with taro, purple yam, or sweet potato. The dough is then shaped, usually into a cylindrical or square shape, and boiled until soft and chewy. When served, it is often accompanied by various toppings such as red beans, green beans, or tofu. Served with ginger water, which you can choose to be served hot or cold, it is another interesting dessert snack that is worth trying.

7. Braised Pork Rice

A simple and direct translation would be that this is a Taiwanese braised pork rice menu. Here, the rice is served in a bowl and topped with braised pork. Some restaurants cut the pork into large pieces, but it is more common to see it chopped or shredded and placed on top of the rice. It is often served with pickled vegetables or bamboo shoots. This dish is even better when paired with a hot bowl of clear soup to help it go down smoothly. If you ever visit Taiwan, be sure to give it a try. You won't regret it.

8. Aiyu Jelly / Wow Frog Egg

From the main course, let's move on to the dessert menu. This menu has a Thai name called "Nham Kai Khop", which actually has nothing to do with frogs. In fact, it's honey and lemon with clear jelly made from Aiyu seeds, which gives a similar feel to the "Oh Aew" that many people might have eaten when they went to Phuket. In addition, small tapioca pearls or mung beans are added, making it look like frog eggs in water. I think this is probably the origin of the name of this menu. Oh... how imaginative.

9. Ay - Chung Flour - Rice Noodle

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It has become a must-visit OTOP or highlight of the shopping district like Ximending. Ajong's noodles can be said to have customers queuing up every time they pass by. This menu is a thin noodle served in a thick soup similar to fish maw soup. It comes with chicken and a little offal. If you like spicy food, you can add more of the condiments they provide. But when you come to Taiwan, this restaurant is a must-try!

10. Oyster omelet

If you compare the mood to Thai food, this menu is probably similar to our oyster omelet. This is because it uses fresh oyster meat and fries it with potato starch, so you get both the sweetness of the oysters and the soft and chewy texture of the dough and eggs. However, most Taiwanese versions of this dish also include vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage or other vegetables, depending on the owner's mood. When eating, pour sauce over it to enhance the flavor. It is considered a dish that Thai people should be able to understand and adjust their mood to easily.

11. Pan-Fried Buns

This is a popular and easy-to-find menu item on almost every street corner. This menu is a deep-fried bun with various fillings. Most of the time in Taiwan, it is only deep-fried on one side to keep the heat inside. It is fried with both oil and soup. It is a menu that can be said to be familiar, but it is not strange. It is easy to eat and may even be liked by many people. You should try it.

12. Xiao Long Bao

This menu is believed to be familiar to most Thais. Because Xiao Long Bao is a menu that can be found both in our country and in many other countries with Chinese residents. Of course, in Taiwan, there are many delicious restaurants to choose from. The main highlights of Xiao Long Bao are usually the filling and the hot but flavorful soup. If you go to Taiwan, try looking for a delicious restaurant that you like and try it. You'll see how different it is from the ones sold in our country.

13. Beef Noodle

Taiwan is another paradise for meat lovers, especially for those who love to sip hot beef noodle soup. I guarantee you'll be happy, because there are many great restaurants to choose from. Beef noodle soup in Taiwan comes in both a rich, dark broth with a fragrant aroma of spices and a clear, refreshing broth. But one thing is for sure, almost every restaurant serves beef that has been stewed for a long time until it is tender and melts in your mouth. I'm sure you'll be happy with this menu.

14. Bitter Gourd Juice

I believe that the bitter melon juice menu in Taiwan must be a menu that many people turn away from immediately without even trying. But wait, don't turn away just yet. Many people have confirmed that the bitter melon smoothie here may not be as difficult to swallow as you think. Because they put honey in it and blend it with white bitter melon until it is smooth. When you take the first sip, the taste you get will be sweet at the end from the honey, but it will turn into the bitter taste of bitter melon at the end. If you are someone who likes to try new and strange things, I recommend it.

15. Hot – Star Fried Chicken

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I believe this is another menu that people of all ages can eat in a chill way. Especially if you are a deep-fried food lover, you will definitely enjoy it. And even though this restaurant is so famous that customers from many countries have to queue up to eat its jumbo-sized boneless fried chicken, which is easy to eat, boneless, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and comes with a perfect taste. But besides chicken, this restaurant also has many other fried menus for you to try. If you like this kind of food, I tell you, don't miss it.

16. Xian Dou Jiang ร้าน Fuhang Soy Milk

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Salty tofu pudding may be a dish that we are not very familiar with, but it is considered another menu that we would like to invite you to try when you visit Taiwan and visit Taipei. This shop is an old shop that has been with this city since 1958, with a variety of menus to choose from. Most of them are popular breakfast menus. But what is considered the hero of the shop must be the salty tofu pudding, which tastes similar to our homemade tofu pudding. In one cup, it comes with tofu foam, Chinese crullers, and small fish, sprinkled with coriander. The salty taste makes this cup feel more like a savory dish than a sweet one. This shop has a long queue, so be prepared to wait in line. But if you're in Taipei and have the chance, you might want to wake up early and give it a try.

17. Fried Giant Squid

Indulge your seafood cravings with this dish that will amaze you from the first glance. A giant whole squid, skewered and deep-fried to a golden crisp, tentacles and all. The squid is seasoned to perfection, so you barely need any dipping sauce. Don't let the size fool you; the meat is not tough or chewy. Instead, it's springy and firm, offering a satisfying bite without tiring your jaw. If you're in Taiwan, this is a must-try dish that will tantalize your taste buds.

18. Pineapple cake

Pineapple pie is another menu that is considered a popular OTOP menu from Taiwan. Almost everyone who goes there must bring it back as a souvenir for relatives and people in Thailand. There are many famous shops to choose from, buy and taste. The pineapple pie here comes in a simple rectangular shape, filled with pineapple filling. Which shop is delicious? You have to try it yourself. Because each person has a different taste. But I repeat again, if you go to Taiwan, you must try this menu!

19. A - Jou Peanut Ice Cream Roll

This is another menu that when you hear the name, you probably wouldn't think that these ingredients would go together. But in the end, it turns out that the menu with ingredients of ice cream, chopped nuts, and coriander wrapped in a thin sheet of dough similar to roti sai mai has become a delicious menu that is a favorite that many people must try. Especially when you stop by to walk in the ancient Jiu Fen Street, which is considered a highlight that everyone who goes to Taiwan must visit. Therefore, I can confirm that this is another menu that should not be missed to try in any way.

20. Sashimi

It is well known that many Taiwanese dishes are heavily influenced by Japan, and one of them is the popular raw fish dish, which is considered a must-try when visiting Taiwan. Raw fish in Taiwan, especially around the fish markets, is renowned for its unmatched quality and freshness. Moreover, compared to prices in Japan, the prices here are considerably lower. This makes it another dish that you should indulge in when visiting Taiwan. If you're a fan of raw fish, you're guaranteed to have a satisfying experience here. So, get ready to indulge and enjoy!

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As I mentioned earlier, Taiwan is a paradise for food lovers. The dishes I've introduced are just a small part of what's waiting for you to try. There are countless other delicious savory and sweet dishes in Taiwan. The best part is that Taiwan is easily accessible, with affordable flights and a currency that's close to ours. You can indulge in delicious food at reasonable prices without breaking the bank. With such great value, there's no need to wait any longer. Just come and eat! You won't regret it.

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